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New RTV Photography Director & Tour Track Policy Changes

In April of 2014 RTV recruited Elizabeth Tiffany (Liz) as RTV’s new
photography director. Liz comes to RTV with a professional photography
degree and seven years of experience in sales and business management. 
Over the last several months Liz has been overhauling and reorganizing
the Fusion Tour Track system to handle thousands of orders a month
versus hundreds of orders.  This includes the rewriting of all
photographer instructions and style guides for each RTV national account
in a much more logical manner, developing RTV’s new upper tier
professional photography program, and implementing new Tour Track
guidelines and policies.

As you can imagine this has been an
incredible undertaking for Liz and the entire Tour Track team. These are
all vital steps that Liz and her team are taking to make things easier
and more efficient for our virtual tour photographers and national accounts.

following are a few things that you will notice right away and should
be aware of as new Tour Track jobs are assigned to you:

First of
all you will notice that Tour Track instructions are broken down on a
per-package basis and can be found under the “View Notes” section of
your order.  Please make sure you check here for your updated

Next you will see in your instructions that we have
increased mileage payouts to .56 / Mile. If you require mileage in
ORDER. Mileage will NOT be paid out unless you ask for it BEFORE
accepting the order.  The RTV Tour Track team will always strive to
choose virtual tour providers that do not require mileage and qualify
for the shoot over those who qualify and ask for mileage so make sure
you’re staying competitive, or jobs will pass you by.

RTV has
made a new policy that will give you TWO (2) attempts to successfully
complete a Tour Track job.  If you do not successfully complete the job
after two attempts RTV will appoint another photographer and you will
not receive payment for that job. You will notice too that the Tour
Track team will be doing a MUCH better job detailing out comments as you
complete each job.  Training classes will be given to those that need
extra help by RTV’s on staff photography trainer.

immediately, you will begin to notice slightly higher payouts on some
accounts. As RTV’s Tour Track  contracts expire, the National Sales
department will begin stepping clients into higher priced virtual tour
and photography packages. Higher payout of course comes with more
expectations from our photographers such as an increased image quality, a
mandate on bracketed shots, no window blowout, and making sure all Tour
Track instructions are carefully followed.
On that note, we
will be announcing a fee schedule that will be included in our Tour
Track Guidelines PDF.  This is a fee schedule that RTV will use to
charge back to photographers should they not follow Tour Track
instructions. Often when Tour Track instructions are not followed, RTV
must put in extra time and effort to properly complete the job. Fees
will be charged on a variety of items including, but not limited to,
naming images, having to rebuild a virtual tour, image stitching, HDR
processing, organizing photos, and fixing overexposed windows.  Please
keep an eye out for the fee schedule in our up and coming Tour Track
Guidelines PDF.

Finally, and most importantly, Liz and the Tour
Track team would like you to take this opportunity to update your Tour
Track section in the  Pay close
attention to each switch on the Tour Track profile.  Be honest, and only
choose the switches that apply to your abilities and hardware.  Please
pay special attention to the mileage section.  The mileage here
indicates the round trip distance that you are willing to travel before
you would charge for mileage.  This section gives RTV a good idea as to
how far we can send you.  Remember that whenever possible RTV will use
the closest qualified virtual tour provider as to avoid paying out
mileage. When mileage is continually paid out in an area, that area
becomes a HOLE in the RTV network. That’s when we begin looking for a
provider to cover an area.

Don’t forget to update your virtual
tour gallery within your Fusion virtual tour software system!  Your virtual tour gallery posted on your tour track setup
page is our only way of knowing what you’re capable of.  Below are a
couple of sample virtual tour gallery tours that you can use as a model
to create your own.  Once your gallery tour has been completed you can
use a virtual tour credit and make the tour active for marketing
purposes, or you’re free to leave the gallery tour inactive and simply
used as a Tour Track Gallery Tour.

Thank you for your continued support!


Team RTV
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Contagious Selling

After months on the road for our national virtual tour company, we are finally getting to spend a week home and while we are here, we are going to have a chance to work with two new Realtors with our Quincy, IL virtual tour company.  I was just confirming details with one of them today and she explained why she chose us.  It seems that when we talked about working together, I told her that I was excited to be working with her.

If you know me, then that’s not a big surprise.  In fact, I don’t even remember saying it but it’s certainly true.  We have such a passion for what we do and I get giddy when I get to introduce our virtual tour services to someone new.  We love that we get to make a living doing something we love but we also honestly believe that what we do makes a huge impact on the lives of the people we serve.

So many of our clients are repeat customers that we’ve done business with for years and while we value and appreciate that business, dealing with a new client re-invigorates and re-energizes me.  As I get to tell someone new about what we do and how we do it, I sell myself all over again!  In addition to offering spectacular photography, we also get to provide marketing assistance.  We aren’t just in the home or business to take pictures for our virtual tour business but we are in the home to meet new people, make new connections and share our experience and insights.

So YES, I am excited about working with this new client to provide real estate virtual tours.  I am excited about getting to photograph a 7,500 square foot historic home in our beautiful home town of Quincy, IL.  I am excited that I get to work with my husband every single day.  I am excited that my mother in law does such a great job with our local real estate virtual tour business that we are able to travel all over the country doing what we love.

But mostly, I am excited that my passion for what we do is something that is contagious.  In fact, this client told me that the reason she referred me to a fellow realtor was because of that one statement, “I am excited to be working with you”.  She said that she is going to start telling her clients those words because after all, what could be more exciting than getting to do something you love!

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The IMAGE 51 – Methods to Maximize Your Profit

RTV WebinarsAs virtual tour photographers we make our living off of photography and virtual tours.  Like any business, when we sell our photography and virtual tours services, we need to make a profit.  I am sure that most of us would like to make as much profit as we can.  Well, don’t you?

There are several factors that contribute to our profitability.  We have photography equipment we need to maintain, computer equipment that we spend more time fixing than using, websites, internet services, business cards, forms, vehicles that need gas ($$$) and maintenance, our time, travel, and on and on the list goes.
But we are not going to focus on these things.

In this IMAGE webinar series “Methods to Maximize Your Profit” we are going to focus on photography methods that directly affect your profit margins.  Whether you shoot quick turn virtual tours for a lower price or you shoot high end property virtual tours and business virtual tours, we will address many different photography methods that will enhance everyone’s profitability through this IMAGE webinar series.

Dan Conklin, an RTV virtual tour photographer, will be our special guest in the first IMAGE webinar of this series, as we show you how many tips and tricks of the trade that allow you to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS. 

Join me, Ben Knorr, your IMAGE webinar host and our special guest, Dan Conklin of on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 for the IMAGE 51 the first IMAGE webinar in our new series – Methods to Maximize Your Profit. 

Register now in your TMS!

See you there!

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New From RPM Marketing – Fall in Love Series

Fall is officially upon us now and it’s time to let your customers “Fall in Love” with your virtual tour services all over again with some very special promotions.

This month we have four pieces for you to choose from to announce your special services and unique fall promotions.  From our one page leave behind, to a double sided flyer we’ve got you covered. Simply customize, print, and distribute!

Each of our pieces this month were created using Microsoft Publisher allowing for nicer looking marketing pieces, easier customization, and much more flexibility when doing your editing.

Moving forward we’ll be making all of our new marketing pieces using this format.  The pieces that we’ll be delivering to you will be much nicer than the ones that we’ve been able to make for you in the past due to the limitations of Microsoft Word.

Download these new pieces now at

Please don’t forget that you’ll need to download and install “Microsoft Publisher”.  We’re working very hard to keep new and fresh marketing pieces coming your way. 

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV

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A Unique Virtual Tour Lead

Who said that all 360 tours are of businesses or properties?  Recently our virtual tour software partner RTV,  sent us a lead for a from a guy who lives in the Santa Cruz Hills of Northern California.  He had a most unique virtual tour proposition.  He asked us to do a virtual tour of a spiritual vortex that he had designed using  very unique crystals called Andara Crystals.  These crystals are nearly as hard as diamonds and are beautiful, radiant colors.  Summarizing this part of the story, we made a unique virtual tour that resonates incredibly well with the Andara Crystal spiritual community.  We provided a link at the end of this blog for your review.

The Andara Crystals are only half the story though.  What really made this tour a fantastic experience was getting to know the designer of the Andara Spiral Vortex.  I know him as Magic Mickey. an incredible magician by trade.  Magic Mickey proved to be an incredible person with an incredible history also.  Magic Mickey started his Andara Crystal story after escaping from Mexican prison 20 years ago to Northern California where he met Lady Nellie, a Choctaw Indian medicine woman that introduced him to the crystals that were in and around a mine located on the Choctaw Indian reservation. 

Magic Mickey’s story goes that he sold $15000 worth of these crystals within 3 days and turned the whole amount over to Lady Nellie and their relationship was started.  This is the kind of person Magic Mickey is!  Today Magic Mickey has the largest (and maybe only) collection of Andara Crystals on this earth which he markets in partnership with the Choctaw Indians.  He markets largely to those that believe in the spirituality of Mother Earth and has some well grounded metaphysical explanations for the benefits of Andara Crystals.  

He has established several partners including a Hawaiian spiritualist, a jewelry maker and a variety of marketing partners.  Magic Mickey has had geologist in awe of these crystals and the US government has even taken some of them from the Choctaw Indians to study their unique properties.  As far as he knows, these crystals are only found in two places on this earth, on the Choctaw Indian reservation and in South African diamond mines. 

Take some time to view this fantastic tour of the Andara Spiral Vortex.
You can view his history on the Andara Crystal website at

Exposure Elements is a Silicon Valley virtual tour provider specializing in spectacular imaging that creates real estate, business and unique virtual tours in Northern California. 

Best Regards,

Stan Davis
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