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New From RPM Marketing – Green Up Service Postcard!

real estate photography marketingSpring has nearly sprung folks and the time is NOW to get in front of your virtual tour customers with a lovely “GREEN” piece to advertise your photography green up service.  Over at BlueLaVaMedia (Traverse City Virtual Tours) we have inched our green up pricing to $75 per session.  Check out our real estate virtual tour pricing on our site! 

If you’re not selling a green up service you’re missing out. Most RTV virtual tour providers offer this and you should too. It’s a brilliant way to put a KICK into your Spring sales. Every real estate listing that you have shot for your customers since Autumn that’s still active has a high percentage of ordering this service from you!

Login to your RPM dashboard TODAY and download this awesome and fully customizable piece.  As with most of our virtual tour marketing pieces as of late they are created using Adobe Photoshop giving you the ability to customize them with software you already use, and providing the most professional look in today’s demanding world.

Also RPM fans please keep an eye out for a triple video bonus series starring none other than Darryl Stringer a professional photographer from AU.  Darryl’s video will be available to all RPM subscription based users in a few days!!

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV


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Social Realty 12 – Your Internet Marketing Strategy

In today’s online marketplace simply owning a website is not enough, especially if you own a virtual tour company and need maximum reach!

There are hundreds if not thousands of sites for any service or product a person could possibly want. A website that is not properly optimized and marketed is equivalent to a business card in your pocket. It only will be seen if you give it out.

On the newest episode of Social Realty we will review how to create a comprehensive internet marketing strategy specifically geared towards virtual tour providers. We will review search engine optimization, discuss how to create engaging content utilizing keywords that people are actively searching for to find the services you offer, as well as how to how to employ online marketing tools such as Google Adwords and social media advertising.

Driving traffic to your site is just the beginning. I will also offer strategies to get the new traffic generated by these marketing strategies to contact you using conversion optimization, and how to keep your business name fresh in the mind of current and past clients. I look forward to seeing you on May 12th at 7:00 PM Eastern for “Social Realty 12 – Your Internet Marketing Strategy”

Register for this show NOW in your RTV virtual tour manager –


Jay Stringham
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Fusion 2.0 is Coming Soon – RTV Virtual Tour Software

RTV is soon to launch the second version of our powerful Fusion virtual tour software system.  The new system will have the same look and feel, the same layouts, and the same features that you have come to love, but will be built on a stronger and even faster platform.

The newly improved system is being built with server to server efficiency, unlimited growth potential, and extreme stability in mind.  Any feature that is currently not working as perfectly as it was intended to during Phase One and Two of our launch, will be improved once the new system is taken live.  Since October of 2013, we have been working on laying these new pieces of Fusion into place. 

Once the new virtual tour system is fully integrated, RTV will begin coding Phase Three of our Fusion development plan. Get ready virtual tour providers!!  The current system has been unbelievably successful. This Summer we have seen our customers literally double or triple their virtual tour and photography business using the Fusion platform.   We feel confident that the new system will deliver the same results, and insure sustainable growth for thousands of virtual tour providers and professional photographers worldwide.  

Phase Three of our development plan will include several new features, new templates and layouts to choose from, improved workflow, and the implementation of several new ideas and suggestions that we have acquired from our top producing virtual tour providers during private webinar sessions held throughout the long winter.

Since 1999 RTV has released five versions of our virtual tour software. We’ve brought on and trained thousands of professional photographers.  We continue to add new national accounts to feed the network every month, and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.  As mentioned during our 2014 Virtual Tour Provider Convention, we have incredible ‘momentum’ right now. RTV has always, and will continue to remain committed to you, our loyal followers, to keep our virtual tour technology at the forefront of the industry. We will never slow down.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our brand. 

Login to your Fusion account today and create the world’s finest interactive virtual media presentations –


Team RTV

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Last Chance to Attend the RTV Virtual Tour Provider Convention!

It’s your last chance to attend the RTV Virtual Tour Software Convention here in beautiful
downtown Traverse City, Michigan NEXT WEEK!

We MUST submit our final attendee number to the Park Place Hotel by Monday 9:00 AM.
This weekend will be your very last chance to purchase your convention tickets.

Click the link below to visit our registration page, see the show schedule, and we’ll see you next week team.


Team RTV
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Social Realty Episode 10 — Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business  – Get your Blog On!

Make Blogging Part or Your 2014 Marketing Strategy

Are you blogging? Blogging was at an all time low in 2013 for RTV providers. Did you know that you can receive a free tour credit with every 2 blogs you send to RTV?  Google loves a site that is updated often.  Blogging is a great way to regularly add fresh content to your website site boosting your position in the SERPs as well as building strong back links to your website from the RTV Blog.

Consider how many pages you have on your virtual tour website. Probably not a lot, right? Then think about how often you change or update those pages. Not that often, right?

Each time you write a new blog, it adds another page on your website to be indexed. And becomes a cue to Google that your website is updated regularly and they should be checking in to see what you’ve published.

Each new blog post (and indexed page) is another opportunity for your site to show up in search engines, and gain traffic through organic search.

Ten Benefits of Blogging For a Virtual Tour Company:

1) Blogging is a practical and powerful way to share relevant, useful information with your potential and existing virtual tour customers. 

2) A well planned blog with carefully chosen keywords will drive traffic to your landing pages.

3) Share your expertise and establish yourself as an authority.  (e.g. Hospital Photography)

4) Acquire more customers. 60% of businesses who regularly blog, win more business.

5) Grow your list – Your blog should inspire people to opt-in to your virtual tour newsletter or hot sheet (e.g. BlueLaVaMedia HotSheet AutoBlog)

6) Increase your reach. When shared your blog will reach new readers.

7) Increase focus – A blog forces you to consistently define who you are and who you are trying to reach.

8) You’ll become more strategic as you measure analytics and find what appeals to your audience.

9) Learn – You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

10) Every great blogger has fun.

Not sure what to blog about? Join me January 28th, I’ll hook you up and share a few secrets with you.

Register for this webinar now in your virtual tour software TMS –

See you there!

Team RTV

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