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It Takes Two Baby!

I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was.  I had recently purchased the RTV virtual tour system, gone through their training program, studied all of the talk shows, prepared my marketing materials and even shot a few practice tours but the nervous feeling would not go away.  I’m a professional photographer who was constantly getting asked by several local real estate agents to start shooting virtual tours. I did not really know what I was getting into, and why on earth did I say “YES?? I do know that I felt like I was in very capable hands with RTV all along the way so when that day finally came and my customer called and asked me if I was ready I said “YES! Absolutely, I am ready!”

Any way, here I am, driving to my first customer, and boy oh boy, I had some pressure. The real estate agent already worked with Visual Tour and had a virtual tour done of the house, and he JUST wanted to compare it with my services. Did I mention it’s my first virtual tour? Still nervous, but ringing the doorbell, the show must go on. I get started and after 35 minutes, once I had taken the living room-dining room and kitchen area in all possible angles, my camera tells me: No memory card. Luckily, at that moment, the real estate agent is chatting, as he would have probably called 911 seeing the color of my face draining out.

I shook my camera a little bit, just to remove the bad spell, but no, the message is still there. So, I decided to turn off the camera, praying with all I got that it turns back on and miraculously, that this nasty message goes away. NO instead I got another one. “Memory card MAY BE defective”… another silent moment goes by. Then I hear some steps: “ Is everything all right Kate?” Another long silence goes by. “No” (At that point, he probably didn’t hear my answer). Bravely, I decided to remove the card, not really knowing what will happen, (Eh, everything could disappear), I put it back, still can’t get access to any picture taken earlier and can’t take another one either.

My mind is running: ok, where is the closest Best Buy/Target/Walmart, ANY store with a memory card…. I am thinking it will take at least 30 min back and forth … I am dead… just bury me now. Forget, I exist. But I didn’t have to do anything. My angel real estate agent turns to me, and says: “Why don’t you try my cameras memory card?”… It worked.

I went home, with sweating palms, praying (again), that my first 30 min of pictures are ok, and yes they were. I am missing one 120 pano, and of course the 12th picture of the kitchen-dining panorama… but not too bad. Could have been way way worse.

So bottom line, YES A MEMORY CARD can fail on your first virtual tour. And yes, I will always have two cards with me from now on. I still had a good time, and I am looking forward to do it again!

Kate Huchet
Lawrence Virtual Tour, LLC
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November Marketing Pieces from RPM

We’re very excited to release version 1.0 of our Fusion virtual tour power point to you this month.  This amazing power point presentation is jam packed with 21 interactive and colorful slides to keep your audience’s interest peaked. 

We’ve also scripted out each slide for you and will be making several updates and work to have Version 2.0 professionally voiced for you.  Use the included script as a base to voice your own presentation for further customization.

We expect to have Version 2.0 of this presentation out to you in December. While you work to customize this presentation please be sure to use your own Fusion presentation screen shots so your presentation matches your geographical area and also so you’re not using anyone’s images. Thank you!

This month our marketing team is also releasing to you the “Agent Marketing Plan”. This was put together with the help of Mike Thompson from Real Vision Studio. The agent marketing plan is a nice document that you can give to your agent to use during their listing presentations.

Finally we’ve also included an updated version of the Agent Listing Brochure in this bundle. This update has many revisions on it and we recommend that you login now and get the updated version.

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to and remember to login to your account today and snag all these pieces!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours Sincerely,

Jill Sill
RTV, Inc
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A Unique Virtual Tour Lead

Who said that all 360 tours are of businesses or properties?  Recently our virtual tour software partner RTV,  sent us a lead for a from a guy who lives in the Santa Cruz Hills of Northern California.  He had a most unique virtual tour proposition.  He asked us to do a virtual tour of a spiritual vortex that he had designed using  very unique crystals called Andara Crystals.  These crystals are nearly as hard as diamonds and are beautiful, radiant colors.  Summarizing this part of the story, we made a unique virtual tour that resonates incredibly well with the Andara Crystal spiritual community.  We provided a link at the end of this blog for your review.

The Andara Crystals are only half the story though.  What really made this tour a fantastic experience was getting to know the designer of the Andara Spiral Vortex.  I know him as Magic Mickey. an incredible magician by trade.  Magic Mickey proved to be an incredible person with an incredible history also.  Magic Mickey started his Andara Crystal story after escaping from Mexican prison 20 years ago to Northern California where he met Lady Nellie, a Choctaw Indian medicine woman that introduced him to the crystals that were in and around a mine located on the Choctaw Indian reservation. 

Magic Mickey’s story goes that he sold $15000 worth of these crystals within 3 days and turned the whole amount over to Lady Nellie and their relationship was started.  This is the kind of person Magic Mickey is!  Today Magic Mickey has the largest (and maybe only) collection of Andara Crystals on this earth which he markets in partnership with the Choctaw Indians.  He markets largely to those that believe in the spirituality of Mother Earth and has some well grounded metaphysical explanations for the benefits of Andara Crystals.  

He has established several partners including a Hawaiian spiritualist, a jewelry maker and a variety of marketing partners.  Magic Mickey has had geologist in awe of these crystals and the US government has even taken some of them from the Choctaw Indians to study their unique properties.  As far as he knows, these crystals are only found in two places on this earth, on the Choctaw Indian reservation and in South African diamond mines. 

Take some time to view this fantastic tour of the Andara Spiral Vortex.
You can view his history on the Andara Crystal website at

Exposure Elements is a Silicon Valley virtual tour provider specializing in spectacular imaging that creates real estate, business and unique virtual tours in Northern California. 

Best Regards,

Stan Davis
Exposure Elements
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The Vitals for Internet Business Owners

By implementing the following tips into your virtual tour business practices you are sure to increase your business revenue.

1. Payment acceptance options. It’s hard to believe but I still to this day see so many other virtual tour businesses out there that have only one option, and its usually the longest method. With the many options available to online business owners, try integrating one or more such as a virtual payment method or shopping cart.

2. Keeping it fresh. When was the last time you updated anything on your virtual tour site? Search engines like newly updated information and will come around more when they have something new to index. I update my site weekly, if not more. Don’t get left behind because you didn’t put in the time to keep your site up to date.  Fusion is hot – show everyone you use the world’s best virtual tour system!

3. Offer something more. You can establish a presence online and become a valuable go-to site  in the virtual tour industry when you share the wealth and add free helpful content and information to your visitors. I don’t know about you, but I am more inclined to buy from a site that offers something a little more than “2 for 1”.

4. The Internet has global reach. It is not uncommon for your virtual tour business to attract customers out of your area. From what I can see, it looks like most of the virtual tour providers out there are willing to sell their services as long as they can drive there. While some businesses are completely digital and can sell worldwide, our virtual tour business is tied to having physical items that need to be on site.

5. What was that catchy slogan again? For your virtual tour business to be a success, consumers must be able to remember your brand. Banana Panorama anyone? A great logo and slogan can go a long way. Make sure its present on all pages and in your communication such as through payment transactions, invoices and emails.

6. Learn from your competitors. Make a list of all of your virtual tour competitors. If they have also have websites, visit each one and gather as much information about their products and virtual tour services as you can, including rates/prices, customer service policies, delivery methods,warranties as well as their return policies. If some of your competitors do not have an online presence, it is perfectly legitimate to call the company and ask for the information from one of the customer service representatives. You may find that you are missing a lot pieces to the puzzle that may be stalling your visitors from clicking on that buy now button.

7. Trust matters. When you’re new in the virtual tour business and not very well known, its easy to lose customers to a brand that is. The one thing I see the most with lesser know businesses and brands is the lack of usage of ‘trusted digital certificates” and content that shows the buyer that its safe to purchase on your site. Use Paypal? Let them know by visibly adding the ‘Paypal verified’ logo. The bigger brands have earned the public’s trust, so now you must do the same.

8. Do respond to your email inquiries in a timely manner. You may be running your virtual tour business from home, raising a family or trying to balance your real job until your business takes off. This may very well be the case for you, but if you receive an email from a potential customer and not respond for days, guess what. They’ve already moved on. I try to respond within 12-24 hours with every email I get.  Even if they don’t wind up buying from you, they may just recommend you to someone else. It pays to respond quickly, and be very helpful. Set-up a couple of accounts to make sure you are organized, such as Sales@ …. Questions@ and so forth for your business email accounts. Don’t forget to add a nifty Contact Form on your site as well.

Just know that everyone’s experience selling online is going to be different based on their particular circumstances, customers needs and demands, their budget, products, and sales team. But by staying the course and implementing these vital tips to increasing your online profits you.

Duane Williams, President
Urban Design Studios, LLC
LA Virtual Tours
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Aurora Ontario Virtual Tours

As a Real Estate Agent, your most important is job is representing your client fully…but do you ever stop to wonder, who’s representing you?

Before you give your clients referrals to lawyers, painters or home inspectors, you do your homework. You know the quality of their work, price and dependability. Not only do you have to ensure your client is getting the best service, you also have to ensure your stellar reputation stays intact. You wouldn’t refer ‘Just Anyone’.

But when you book virtual tours…do you know who is in your client’s home, representing you? Did the company send ‘Just Anyone’? 

Would you recognize the face that represents your business if you passed them on the street?

Most likely, the answer is no. You don’t know who was with your clients, if they were home. Or who was alone in their home, if they were not.

As we create Aurora Ontario virtual tours much of the focus is on the quality of the virtual tour…none of the focus is on the service of the provider. That’s how we’re different.

In addition to having the highest quality of virtual tour available on the market, we understand that as your provider  we represent you in everything that we do – from our professional attire and demeanor, to respecting your client’s home by turning off the lights, locking up and not letting the cat out.

Our Mission Statement has always been:

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

We mention the service. It’s important. And we mean it.

When you choose PanaPix Virtual Tours as your virtual tour provider, not only are you choosing the highest quality of virtual tour available on the market, you are choosing the best possible service for yourself and your clients…and if you want to see the faces that will represent your business, visit our website…and if you’d like to meet us personally, please give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss your virtual tour needs.

PanaPix — Virtual Tours is a local Aurora Ontario based virtual tour company with a clear understanding of the real estate market, servicing York Region and the surrounding area.We are committed to providing the very best in service, quality and dependability while we create your real estate or business virtual tour.
As a virtual tour provider using Real Tour Vision technology, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality of interactive virtual tours available.

Our real estate virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by intelligent business owners who demand the best virtual tours to showcase their properties online.
Stand out from your competition….We do!

PanaPix Virtual Tours
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