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Say Hello to My Little Friend!

RTV has released a cool new feature called “Tour Shredder” and it is here to help you clean up some of the clutter within your dashboard and give you free virtual tour credits at the same time. Yes you heard us correctly!  The new Tour Shredder will allow you to receive ONE FREE virtual tour credit once you delete twenty old unwanted virtual tours.

This is a great way to remove outdated virtual tours, and get free virtual tour credits at the same time. Our Tour Shredded also helps us keep our virtual tour credit (Hosting) costs to you down to a minimum so it’s truly a win win for everyone!

RTV is currently the only virtual tour software company in the industry doing this. Surely others will be forced to follow.  Imagine what this means to those of you doing a thousand tours or more a year!  That’s $500 or more right back into your pockets!

Receiving your free credit is simple.

You will now notice that there is a small square module on the right side of your virtual tour manager under the “FSD” tab showing how many virtual tours you need to delete before you can receive your free virtual tour credit. Just delete a tour, confirm by inputting the correct CAPTCHA text, and you will see that the number decrease by one each time. Once it hits zero, you will receive a free virtual tour credit. It’s seriously that easy!

Thank you for your continued support & happy tour shredding!

Team RTV

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Google Plus Basics – Social Media For a Virtual Tour Business

In a previous article, I talked about how your virtual tour business can benefit from the huge world of social media. There are plenty of websites to choose from when signing up for a social media account, but which ones will help you the most? In this article I will talk about Google Plus, how it is becoming one of the hottest websites on the Internet, and how it can help YOU!

Google Plus released just a couple of years ago and it is quickly becoming one of the most used social media networks online. This service is provided by Google and allows anyone to share content with friends, family, and targeted audiences. So how is this different than a website like Facebook?

Well Google Plus not only allows you to connect with friends and family, but you can also find others worldwide who share similar interests. These people are added within your “Circle” and you can create multiple Circles to manage your connections. So you could have circles called “Friends”, “Co-Workers”, “Real Estate”, etc. You can search for people within your targeted area that are interested in real estate, photography, virtual tours, business, and other topics. Add these people to your designated Circle to keep track of them.

Once you build up a fairly large amount of connections, you can share content directly with these people. Let’s say you have a Circle for people interested in real estate, you’ve created a virtual tour in Washington, and now you want to spread the word to the right people. Simply by sharing the virtual tour link with your Real Estate Circle, you will be promoting to a specific audience. Or if you want to share this virtual tour with everyone on Google Plus, you can add helpful hashtags so that they can find your post. Hashtags are used by placing the “#” symbol before a keyword that relates to your post. Users can search by these keywords and your post will be shown in the results page. So example, the virtual tour you have shared may display “Beautiful Washington Home For Sale – $500,000. #washington #washingtonhome #realestate #homeforsale”. The hashtags all relate to the topic and description of the virtual tour. Now your virtual tour will be shown throughout more search results.

Google Plus not only helps you receive traffic but is also a great tool for SEO! Google is the #1 search engine in the world and by adding content directly to its social media network, you are able to increase your page rank within their search results. With constant effort and building your list of connections, your virtual tour business will spread much quicker through the world wide web.

The basic and most important features of Google Plus are building up contacts, managing circles, optimizing hashtags, and using great descriptions and titles. If you are looking to take the next step within this network and would like to learn more, make sure you subscribe to our blog so that you will be notified when a new post is created!

Team RTV

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The Dilemma Behind Internet Marketing

Sometimes we are wondering:  How to increase the ROI on Internet marketing? To answer this question we need to think what do we do when we try to buy anything on the Internet? In reality when you do a search to buy any product on the internet you look for a product that has a set of specifications. If it is  a home it starts with location number of bedrooms and bathrooms backyard area and other commodities. Also you check if it is a closed community or if it has a home owners association. Of course you look for price and last you look at the photos that the realtor has placed on the Internet.

What happens when the photos do not appeal to you? You simply remove that home of the ones you are interested in and continue the search for other houses. Then the listing stalls and you cannot sell it. This first impression is extremely important to achieve the closing.

Also the more you expose the listing in different social sites you increase the possibilities you have to get the attention of a prospective client. With Virtual Florida Tours you can obtain all of it since all our still and 360 panoramas are high definition photos and you listing can be exposed on most of the Real Estate Websites through our Exposure engine.

You want it to appear in You-tube we will do it for you. You need help with your flyers we will design them for you. We can also help your customers picture the exact location of the property with our enhanced AstroZoom application.

Our interactive virtual tours are also viewable on smart phones and we can give you own QR and Tiny Tour URL unified reference link that can be placed on the yard sign to capture prospects passing by attention.

With virtual Florida Tours you can capture the prospects attention from day one.  The alternative is sitting around biting your nails and hoping that someone will bring you a client. When the property stays on the MLS for a long period of time prospects start think the property has some kind of problem. When this happens you will have to reduce the price of the property to attract customers. Ultimately the disappointed seller will lose part of their earnings and you the listing agent will lose part of your commission.

For your entire internet marketing needs do not hesitate to contact us right now!


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Is Cold Calling Dead??

I just visited a website that announced that cold calling is dead.  This self proclaimed sales guru promises that if I will read his book, then I will never have to make a cold call again.  That I can “generate an endless supply of qualified leads” just by following his simple formula.  Hallelujah!  I hate cold calling so this sounds wonderful….except I’ve been in sales for a long time and I’ve read enough books and articles just like his and I know that it’s not quite that easy.

Because our virtual tour business specializes in small business virtual tours and healthcare virtual tours (which are more transactional) versus real estate virtual tours (which generally involve repeat customers), our virtual tour business requires us to constantly be attracting new customers.  A person or company pays us to photograph a virtual tour for their business or facility and if we have done a good job, then they sit back and enjoy the rewards of having a 24/7 virtual open house to share information about their business with their prospective clients.  Unless something changes, there is no need for us to go back.  After four years of running our virtual tour company, we have a good client base and can count on some repeat business – especially from our vacation rental virtual tours and real estate virtual tours.

We are a small business ourselves and we operate a cash only business and do not use credit.  As with any transactional sales business, this means we wake up unemployed many mornings.  There are statistics galore that will tell you that traditional sales and marketing is becoming obsolete as social media and online marketing become the wave of the future.  If you believe these statistics and the accompaning hype, then those of us who hate making cold calls are going to be happy campers.

After all, “They” will tell you that a great website, online marketing campaign and search engine optimization are the keys to building your business…that if you have the right graphics and buttons and text that people will find you and choose to do business with you by filling out an order form on your website.  I certainly wish that it was as easy as that!!

Don’t get me wrong – I believe that a good website and strategic online marketing campaign are important but there is so much more involved in growing our virtual tour business than just having a good web presence.  My experience with our website is that it’s the place where people go to verify what I have told them in our face to face or phone conversation.  According to a recent graphic from, when it comes to trust in advertising, 92% of people said that they most trusted word of mouth recommendations versus 58% that said they most trusted a company’s website. 

A good website and social media campaign can certainly get us on someone’s short list of potential virtual tour photographers but unfortunately, 99.9% of our sales are still closed via good old fashioned conversations and emails and getting to know each other face to face.

As much as I wish it was otherwise – cold calling isn’t dead yet!

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Don’t Let This Happen To You

About a month ago I had just completed an Accents Virtual Tour for my mother as a sample 360 Tour for friends and Real Estate Agents. My mother had just purchased a condo that was totally renovated and had lived there less than six months.  The home inventory virtual tour did not take too long and was very good practice for me. About two weeks ago she returned home from work around 11:00 p.m. and opened her front door to six inches of standing and running water throughout her new renovated condo.  Needless to say she was frantic and upset and called the fire department.  They came and shut the water valve off.  Around 12:00 midnight, a water restoration company arrived and started extracting all the water. 

They set up about 20 fans and humidifiers to extract any moisture and remaining water.  After 5 days of running fans for 24 hours, all the flooring and baseboards had to be torn out and furniture had to be moved into a pod.  Needless to say, the condo was gutted out.  The cause of the water damage was a water hose that busted on the washing machine.  She didn’t have the washer running when she was at work.  A total fluke accident.

Lesson here is make sure you have enough home owners’ coverage for accidents like this AND be sure that you have a virtual tour done of your home’s contents.  In this case my mother was lucky enough that I had JUST done one a few weeks earlier.  Remember, this can happen anytime and spending a couple hundred dollars on having an insurance virtual tour or (Home Inventory Tour) done is money very well spent.  Give us a call today and find out what Accents Virtual Tours can do for you!

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