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How’s your Virtual Tour Software Provider?

I have been using RTV’s virtual tour software technology since 2008. My situation is unique in that my associate in BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour company, is Jason LaVanture founder of RTV. I have known Jason for around 15 years dating back to my days of 32 years of owning a camera store and photo lab. At that time RTV purchased equipment from me to provide to their virtual tour photographers. When I closed my store I began doing the virtual tours with RTV technology and Jason’s guidance.

To date, I have produced 1910 virtual tours with 722 being in the new Fusion virtual tour software system. The majority have been real estate virtual tours but we also do commercial virtual tours as well. My association with RTV has been nothing but great for the last 6 years ( my association with Jason aside) and speaking frankly.

The new fusion virtual tour system in my opinion lacks nothing with the ability to utilize 360 pans including spherical, stills, full motion video, voice-overs, flyers, e- brochures, tour distribution, traffic reports, social media posting and a great looking virtual tour viewer. We currently are dealing with around 140 realtors in our area of around 600 active realtors.

My clients love what we produce for them! We were so busy last summer we will probably need to bring on another virtual tour photographer to keep up this summer. RTV will also provide you with the necessary marketing materials to take your virtual tour business to the next level. The online creation of virtual tours is fast and efficient.  You won’t have any trouble getting up and running very soon.

RTV is dedicated to providing the best virtual tour software platform in the market and you will not find more dedicated individuals to doing just that. I have included the link to our website below and…. welcome to the RTV family!

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Jim Blue
Manager / 360 Tour Coordinator
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Why 10% Does Not Mean 1 in 10

A new virtual tour photographer asked me today if I could share the secrets of our successful virtual tour business.  The bottom line, I told her, is it boils down to is consistency and persistence in making new contacts.  Sure, it helps that Ben is a great virtual tour photographer and that RTV, Inc. virtual tour software company provides us with great virtual tour software. But all that really means is that the number of calls I have to make to close a single sale for a 360 degree virtual tour l is a lower than if I didn’t have those things.  Closing ratio means that x calls yields y sales.  The key is to figure out what your x and y are.

The great thing about sales is the understanding that once you know what your closing ratio is, you can easily extrapolate how many calls you need to make in order to close a set amount of business.  I have learned that I have to make about 100 calls to book 10 virtual tours.  If Ben was a less experienced virtual tour photographer, then I might have to make 200 calls to book those same 10 business virtual tours.  The formula remains the same – the only thing that changes is the x and the y.

To say that I have a 10% closing ratio DOES NOT mean that I win one out of ten times.  It means that if I make 100 contacts, I feel pretty confident that we will end up shooting 2 -3 virtual tours and if I make 1,000 contacts, we will eventually shoot 100 virtual tours.  Charles J. Givens, author of Wealth Without Risk puts it this way,  “Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort.”

I start a running tally every week knowing that I need to make a minimum of 100 calls if I want to maintain the growth of our Assisted Care Photography business.  I write everything in a notebook that I keep with me at all times and I write down the number beside each new call, email or face to face contact.  I know that I need to make 100 contacts every week to keep our business growing.  The challenge is not giving up on the 95th call.  I hear the word NO more than most people because I keep calling.  That’s the secret of our successful virtual tour business.