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Spreading the Word – RTV Marketing Tip

Tips for marketing your virtual tours once an RTV virtual tour photographer has created your online production.

Once you’ve had an RTV virtual tour photographer put together a fantastic virtual tour for your business or property, the next step is getting people to view your virtual tour. Waiting around for your website visitors to find your business and virtual tour won’t get you many views, so it’s important to call attention to your new powerful online marketing tool through marketing.

Marketing your virtual tour doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are plenty of ways to get the word out and draw viewers to your virtual tour page. Most RTV virtual tour providers are trained in such a way they can help you with the several strategies listed below.

First of all you’ll want to make sure there is a prominent link to your virtual tour from every page of your website. Let’s take for example. Visit the site and notice how the business owner here has a visible link to the virtual tour off of every page of her site. Linking directly to your RTV interactive virtual tour off of your website is a GREAT way to get your tour indexed by the search engines too.  RTV virtual tours are programmed to gain rank in the search engine results when users google your business name.  It’s amazing!

Aside from the idea listed above Here are some additional ideas on engaging viewers with your interactive virtual tour.

E-brochures – More effective than a simple text-based message, a colorful e-brochure is an excellent way to attract viewers, compelling people to click through and learn more. If you have existing marketing lists, you should be sure that you talk to your RTV virtual tour provider about getting you an E-brochure of your virtual tour.  RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour software allows our providers to create for you a gorgeous E-brochure that is like an e-mailable version of your website.  And, best of all, it directs all uses right to your virtual tour.  Here’s an example of an E-brochure for a real estate virtual tour: you can send out an e-brochure announcing your virtual tour to any of your lists and they’re sure to impress! 

Real estate portals – For Realtors marketing virtual tours, a great place to start is popular real estate portals such as, Craigslist, YouTube, Trulia, Zillow, Frontdoor, Hot Pads, Dot Homes, and many more.  It’s a very wise idea to ask your RTV virtual tour provider about syndication. While this will typically cost a bit more, the traffic increase that you’ll see on your RTV weekly traffic reports will be well worth the extra money spent.  Here’s an RTV virtual tour traffic report:

Social media sharing – Posting a link to your virtual tour on your active social media pages, like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, is a good way to spread the word. While some RTV virtual tour providers will include this in their syndication as mentioned above, it’s still a good idea to open up your RTV virtual tour and click on the buttons on the right side to Facebook, Tweet, and Pinterest your tour to your sites too. This allows you to easily share the 360 tour with your friends and followers online.

Physical marketing – Don’t forget about advertising your virtual tour at your place of business! You can place signage, flyers, single property webiste, a Tiny Tour URL, and even QR codes in your store or office, so your existing customers can view your interactive virtual tour and of course share with their friends on social sites and more. By scanning a QR codes, they can view a mobile version on the spot. Finally, your RTV provider can also provide you with our new Kiosk tour that could run continually on LED or Plasma screen.  

RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour software includes so many digital marketing tools that let you automate marketing for your virtual tour, from the gorgeous printable flyers and E-Brochures to the syndication via Exposure Engine, which sends your tour information to dozens of popular real estate portals. Be sure you talk to your virtual tour provider and let them inform you with the many popular add-ons that go along so well with your interactive virtual tours. 

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New From RPM Marketing – Home Builder Email

RTV’s latest virtual tour marketing piece caters to home builders.  As many of you already know, new home construction is up.  With Fusion virtual tour software packed with many powerful marketing tools, this is a great time to start marketing to home builders.

Home builders will love your ability to fully integrate their existing floor plans directly into the online presentations and use the hot spots with directional radar.  Use the Cloud Recorder or AudioPal to showcase unique features the builder is proud of with every home.  Fusion’s powerful syndication and weekly traffic reports will amaze them.

Don’t know where to start?  Try starting out at your local home builders association.  Become a member of your local HBA and use the Fusion Power Point presentation in your marketing center to buzz through some of the virtual tour software features that will appeal to them most. You will want to start building a contact list of as many local home builders as you can find.  Use this powerful email marketing piece to reach out and make that initial connection.

This marketing piece is intended to be used in conjunction with  We highly recommend adjusting the top image and of course you must customize the text and links before sending.

Before sending out any email, be sure you send to your test group first.  RTV is more than happy to review your piece before you send.  Just put us on your list!

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December Marketing From RPM – HURRY!

Have you thanked your customers for another great year of support? If not here’s your chance to send them a little holiday cheer, give thanks, and hopefully fill those coffers a bit while doing so. 

The RTV marketing team has prepared a savvy holiday email for you to blast out to your customers with your very own personal message along with an end of year holiday special you might have in mind.

We’ve pre-populated this holiday mailer with our suggested text and specials, but feel free to edit this marketing piece any way you like. This virtual tour company marketing bundle also includes a video tutorial that will guide you step by step through the process of setting up your email program. Login to now, click on materials, then click on our new E-Mail campaign button. We plan on making many more of these easy to use email campaigns for you to use. Enjoy the new marketing materials and thanks for your continued support!

As always, let us know what you need, what you think you could use in the field and what we can do for you to make your more successful. Remember, we’re in this together!  

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November Marketing Pieces from RPM

We’re very excited to release version 1.0 of our Fusion virtual tour power point to you this month.  This amazing power point presentation is jam packed with 21 interactive and colorful slides to keep your audience’s interest peaked. 

We’ve also scripted out each slide for you and will be making several updates and work to have Version 2.0 professionally voiced for you.  Use the included script as a base to voice your own presentation for further customization.

We expect to have Version 2.0 of this presentation out to you in December. While you work to customize this presentation please be sure to use your own Fusion presentation screen shots so your presentation matches your geographical area and also so you’re not using anyone’s images. Thank you!

This month our marketing team is also releasing to you the “Agent Marketing Plan”. This was put together with the help of Mike Thompson from Real Vision Studio. The agent marketing plan is a nice document that you can give to your agent to use during their listing presentations.

Finally we’ve also included an updated version of the Agent Listing Brochure in this bundle. This update has many revisions on it and we recommend that you login now and get the updated version.

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to and remember to login to your account today and snag all these pieces!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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October Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces From RPM

Fall is here and it’s time to get cozy with past and potential new virtual tour customers.  Everyone breathes a little easier when the summer rush dies down – take advantage of this transition time to spread the word that –  Fusion is here and it is AMAZING!  We know that many of you have hundreds if not thousands of virtual tours sitting out there on the Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software system and we see those as opportunities waiting for you. It’s time to pick up the phone can start converting them over to Fusion!

Our first piece this month can be used for upgrading both real estate clients and business tour clients on over to the new Fusion platform. It’s great for any past customers who may have an older version virtual tour or v-slide with you.  This is a great flyer to email and let them know how easy it is to upgrade to a fusion tour. 

The next marketing pieces have the same basic content and layout but are geared towards Restaurant Virtual Tours, Bed and Breakfasts Tours and Church Virtual Tours. Remember we make these marketing pieces in Microsoft word so you can customize them as you see fit.  They are each 3 page documents.  You can personally decide to email all 3 pages out, print page 1 and 3 and mail it, use only page one or any combination you see fit.  Last of all, the new Fusion PowerPoint is in the final stages of editing and will be posted soon.   All of these will be posted on Rockpointe for you to access, customize and send out.  As always, let us know what YOU need, what YOU think and how we can better support YOUR marketing efforts.  We are in this together!  

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to jill(AT) and remember to login to your account today and snag all these pieces!!!

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