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2008 Virtual Tour Icons are HERE!

The 2008 virtual tour icons are in and ready for all of our virtual tour providers to begin linking your tours off of. This new set of virtual tour icons can be accessed from the support page of or you can take a look at them now by following the link below:

These new tour icons will allow your clients to not only advertise the presence of a virtual tour but also show that an entire inventory of 360 virtual tours exists.

We have also updated the Real Tour Vision default “Take the tour” icon with one of these new spiffy icons. Thanks again everyone and enjoy the new updates to our system.

Happy Holidays!


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Real Estate Virtual Tour Photographer

Baker B Solutions makes the BEST out of FREE PHOTO UPLOADS on local MLS:

Have you heard the recent announcement from the MRIS? Now you can add up to 30 photos to your MRIS listing FREE! FREE MRIS Photo Uploads! What does this mean for Baker B Solutions?

It means that all local Real Estate Agents can sit back and let us handle that for you. Remember that we offer photos for marketing for only $25 once your virtual tour is complete. Not only can you continue to use these images for your brochures and postcards, but now you can upload these images into the MRIS at no extra charge!

Call us today to order your listing shots for your MLS and your virtual tours!

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Virtual Tour Re-Linking Fees

About two years ago we made the decision to start charging clients for re-linking their tours to the local MLS system (the MRIS). As it turns out this was a good idea. We only charge $15 for the service, but if you think about it, it is a fair exchange for the service. After all, we have to spend time with the client talking about the change, then login into the system and actually make the change to the MLS number and submit that information to the MRIS. Finally we follow up with the client either by phone or email to let them know that the task is complete. All in all, this usually takes about 15 minutes adding all the components together.

So why was this a good idea? Well, a couple of weeks back we were flooded one day with Realtors that had pulled their listings from the MRIS and reloaded then to “freshen up” the listing. The result was half a day of work. Had we not charged the re-link fee, we would have worked half that day for free. And like most people in the world, our staff need to generate income to support our families. So half a day of income is pretty significant.

Another aspect of this is really that our Virtual Tour Services are provided at a fixed amount. This does not change if the work load of taking and integrating a few extra photographs increases on a specific property. In addition, as Virtual Tour Photographers, we don’t get paid unless we work. And if we are doing something for a client, we deserve to be compensated for our time (especially if the Virtual Tour has already been completed, and the order is closed). We are fortunate to have clients that understand this principle and have no problem with paying for additional services such as a small re-link fee. But there are few occasions when we have to provide the examples of why we charge what we charge. The key is to explain it to your client so they understand that you only get paid for the work you do – especially if the order has been completed and you are asked to revisit the tour.


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A Virtual Tour and Life Lesson Learned

I had a life lesson day today if I’ve ever had one.

I was called by a B&B owner to shoot a new virtual tour and photos for their website and print. In particular, they needed a new still image for a B&B publication, which had a due date of 7 days from the the day they called. They currently have a virtual tour on their site, but for whatever reason they wanted a new one. Who am I to argue?

I arrived at their house within 2 days of their phone call. It was about a 45 minute drive. I spent quite a bit of time with them discussing what they wanted in the way of stills, pricing for the tours and they signed an order form that lists the prices. I spent 3 1/2 hours shooting 8 spins and took over 65 still images and they shadowed me the entire time.

I came highly recommended to them by a realty office I deal with, and they seemed quite impressed with the amount of time I was spending on the shoot. When I asked them if they had been to my website to preview my work they said they hadn’t. I don’t understand why people don’t take that time when shopping for a virtual tour provider. I plan on insisting people do this prior to shooting, because let’s be honest, there are bound to be a few out there who won’t like my style of photography.

They called me later that night to request that I come back for an evening shoot. They wanted some sunset shots, as well as romantic candle lit bubble bath pictures. I went back the next night and spent another hour and a half. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a shootable sunset but we did get some good bath tub shots. I promptly edited the good ones and sent them off in an email the next morning. By this time I had also created the virtual tour, complete with hotspots and still images and sent a link to that as well. I eagerly awaited their call…..I waited, and waited and waited. I called them two days later to make sure they got the emails. They said they were busy with family issues and hadn’t had a chance to look at them. Okay. The next morning I emailed the couple and sent my well wishes and asked them to let me know if any changes needed to be done to the tour and if they had selected the images they wanted from the tub shoot.

I got this reply: “None of the shots that you took were of use to us for our brochure as it was the sunset we were after. We chose one of our own that we had taken. As we discussed earlier, this time of year, outside pictures and tours are not the best time for appeal. As I said on the phone to you, we were looking to improve on our pictures and virtual tour we already have on our web site. We could not use many of the Amethyst Suite bedroom pictures as there were items out of place, such as uneven curtains, Kleenex boxes, etc. that do not do the room justice. Our existing virtual tour is on our web site and it is functional.”

So….where does that leave me? Out about 8 hours worth of income and one tour credit. Did I get them to pay up front? NO. Did I get a deposit? NO. Have I learned from this? YES!

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Shreveport Virtual Tour Company Expands Services

As a Bossier City Louisiana area Virtual Tour Company, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours is constantly finding new ways to augment our virtual tour business. One area which we have expanded into is website design. A couple of years ago one of our customers asked us if we knew any web designers in our area. We recommended a company who we thought was the best in the Shreveport area. The following week she asked if we knew anybody else. Shocked we asked why. She said they were out of her price range. She asked if we could build her a website. Thus began the website design division of Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours.

We found that once our Realtors started using virtual tours, they realized the power of the internet for marketing and wanted a customized website that fulfilled their vision and marketing needs. The virtual tours and the website together, became a powerful tool for Realtors to reach a market that extends well beyond the reach of their Sunday paper.

Our dynamic websites are very user friendly and database driven. This means the customer only has to log into their secure section of the website and fill out forms and the information populates everywhere throughout the site. The customer does not have to be a web designer to update information on their website. We strive to make our websites as enjoyable and easy to use as Real Tour Vision has succeeded in making virtual tours fun and easy to use.

To see our work, visit us at

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