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Dallas Virtual Tours by Optimum Yield

Not long after becoming a virtual tour provider with RTV I felt privileged to be asked to do a Dallas virtual tour for the home of one of the prominent businessmen in my church. The tour was for a $1.5M luxury home on a 7-acre property which backed up to a golf course.

I provided him with a complete photo package including the high-res pans and stills for printed media as well as the smaller-size versions for use on the web. I was later happy to learn that the 360 tour was instrumental in helping with home’s sale. According to their Realtor, the lady who bought it just kept looking at the tour over and over again and basically fell in love with the home before she ever saw it in person.

During a Richardson, TX virtual tour shoot I had some trouble when one of the screws in my rotator slipped out. I instantly called RTV whose number I had in my cell phone and they immediately showed me how to reset my equipment so I could continue with the 360 home tour. I really appreciated all your willingness to help and tenacity in following up so I could complete what was a very important tour for me.

Thank you so much RTV!

Carol Barnes
Optimum Yield
Dallas Virtual Tours

Team BlueLaVa Hits the Show

On Wednesday, May 7th team BlueLaVa packed up and hit the local Traverse City Board of Realtors trade show entitled Strawberries and Toast. This show is an annual event that typically brings several hundred Traverse City real estate agents and many vendors from in and around the Grand Traverse region. We were fortunate enough to be the only Traverse City virtual tour company to attend the show this year.

With Jim being what many would call a local living photography legend here in Traverse City, the people continuously flocked around our booth to see what new and exciting powerful property marketing tools were now available. For the most part people really loved the concept of our single property websites and our PanoRiders™. The next big hit of the show was our cute business card sized CD’s, Night Shots and our Blue Bird’s-Eye elevated shot. Most of the attendees found that our offerings were priced very affordably and loved the fact that we are fully insured and have our lock box certification allowing Jim to move freely in and out of the homes during his virtual tour shoots.

Shooting Traverse City virtual tours is one thing, but being able to offer a real estate agent an entire marketing program is another. When we meet with a new customer for the first time we sit down and lay out all of our offerings that leave a lasting impression on a home seller and a shopper. We let the real estate agents embed our virtual tours and marketing tools right into their marketing pitch thus giving them the upper hand when it comes to leaving that lasting impression during a listing presentation.

Our unique offerings and beautiful interactive virtual tours are winning over new customers every day. Thanks to Jim Blue photography, the RTV virtual tour system, our powerful marketing tools and a little creativity BlueLaVaMedia is heading into what will be a great and profitable summer.

Until the next local trade show! Good luck out there everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
Traverse City Virtual Tours
Order TC Virtual Tours – 231-941-1360

Real Estate Flyers Galore!

RTV’s RPM will be releasing a battery of Real Estate Flyers to get everyone ready for the roll out of our new Auto Flyer Generator System. There will be a series of flyers published over the next several days so be on the lookout! Some will be free for all RPM members and others will be for Inner Circle Marketing members only. Just like the other marketing materials that we provide for you, Microsoft office or Adobe is needed to edit and manipulate these documents.

When we do release the new Auto Flyer we encourage all of you to continue offering custom-made flyers as a service to your customers as you will still be able to upload your custom flyer to you tour as you can do now.

Good luck out there!

Real Tour Vision
Traverse City Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour 866-947-8687

Team RTV Rocks!

I wasn’t surprised when I received an email from my salesperson at Real Tour Vision that yet another enterprising individual had applied to become a virtual tour provider here in my area.

The surprise is that she used to work for us!

I can’t think of a better testimonial to RTV. I like to think that RTV is alive, always growing, teeming with new ideas and energetic individuals. RTV is not an “out of the box” or “drop you on your head” virtual tour solution. If you are willing to work hard, you can’t fail.

If it’s a camera question, someone is setup has the answer. The technology is stellar, and technical support is always within reach. The provider network is massive, and we are always here to help each other. If it has happened in the field, one of us has probably already faced it and will spend time working through situations.

It’s pretty hard to fail when you’ve got this team behind you, and having former employees attempt to be your competition tells you that you must be doing something right!

Dawn Shaffer
Provider or Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Company Webinar – FREE

Rick Simons, President of Real Tour Vision will be announcing some VERY exciting news and welcoming everyone to RTV 2008 during next week’s free and open webinar. As many of you already know, RTV has been working diligently to bring you new virtual tour software and technology, innovative virtual tour company marketing and fresh ideas to build your virtual tour business. You will NOT want to miss this webinar.

Following the announcement from the President of Real Tour Vision, Jason LaVanture and Cheryl Waller will be revealing some great advertising and marketing secrets that are guaranteed to improve your website ranking and search engine results.

Join us on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7pm EST and get ready to increase your business cash flow!

Registration has been increased from 200 to 400 so register now while it’s fresh in your mind!!

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows(R) 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista

Macintosh(R)-based attendees
Required: Mac OS(R) X 10.3.9 (Panther(R)) or newer

Register now at

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