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The IMAGE 52 – RTV 2014 Convention Recap

If you missed the 2014 RTV Virtual Tour Provider Convention this year make sure you attend this webinar! The theme for the 2014 RTV Convention was MOMENTUM and let me tell you that is exactly what we experienced.

Jason LaVanture, Vice President of RTV, Inc. and the MOMENTUM behind RTV, shared information about all the new up and coming opportunities for RTV virtual tour providers with new National Photography Service Accounts.

We will recap this information to make sure that you have the 411 on all the great new opportunities that will be available to you as an RTV Tour Provider.The RTV Convention offers classes focused exclusively on the Virtual Tour industry to help you with training you can’t get anywhere else on topics that will help you grow your virtual tour business.

Some of the classes this year presented some additional services you could use to increase your revenue. It is these additional services that we will focus on for the remainder of this webinar. For each of these additional services that were presented at the convention we will cover best practices for adding these services, tips and tricks to save you time and/or money, and how to be efficient with these additional services.

The bottom line is we will give you the information you need to plan ahead for new business opportunities from RTV and additional services that will help you make more money with your virtual tour business.

Join me, Ben Knorr, your IMAGE webinar host, Tuesday, July 22, 2014 for the IMAGE 53 – Convention Recap. You won’t want to miss it!

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Last Chance to Attend the RTV Virtual Tour Provider Convention!

It’s your last chance to attend the RTV Virtual Tour Software Convention here in beautiful
downtown Traverse City, Michigan NEXT WEEK!

We MUST submit our final attendee number to the Park Place Hotel by Monday 9:00 AM.
This weekend will be your very last chance to purchase your convention tickets.

Click the link below to visit our registration page, see the show schedule, and we’ll see you next week team.


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Calling All Virtual Tour Providers

Are you new to the RTV Virtual Tour Software system and eager to get started?  Do you feel a little limited by your handle on everything you need to do and skills you need to learn?  Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran of the old RTV System 1.0 or 2.0 and just aren’t sure how to get back into the virtual tour business.  Either way we have the answer for you.

The RTV National Conference 2014 has an entire day dedicated to getting you up to speed on the powerful Fusion virtual tour system, the sales, and the virtual tour creation process.

Learn side by side with RTV’s TOP VIRTUAL TOUR PROVIDERS and experts in the Fusion virtual tour system, virtual tour photography, and Sales. Come to the virtual tour provider and jump start your virtual tour business.

Those of you that have been with RTV for several years are encouraged to attend too.  There will be classes for everyone at every skill level. We promise that you’ll learn learn advanced techniques and so much more.  We recently posted our new class schedule which you can find below.

What are you waiting for RTV?? See you there.


Team RTV

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Virtual Tour Convention + Class List

If you have never attended the RTV virtual tour Convention, make this your year! Get in person training, meet other providers, meet the staff, shop and chat with our vendors, and be part of all the excitement!

Our Momentum Convention will be a great time for everyone to get hands
on training, socialize, and get to know our virtual tour company a
little better. We will cover the ins and outs of virtual tour creation,
professional photography, videography, and the components that are required to run a successful
virtual tour business. While learning about RTV and meeting other
professional photographers, you will also have time to enjoy dinners,
drinks, festivities and get acquainted with several of our vendors that
will be helping to sponsor this amazing once-a-year event.

April in Michigan is a great time to travel and we are thrilled to be having this
event at the Park Place Hotel once again. Some of RTV very best virtual tour providers will be attending this year and there’s always so much to learn.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your attendance tickets! Your ticket will cover all of your classes during the 4 day weekend with RTV at the Park Place Hotel. The Park Place Hotel is
located in the heart of downtown Traverse City which is filled with
great restaurants, shopping outlets, and entertainment. Each person attending classes will need to register as a convention attendee and your dinner ticket is included in that price. If you’re bringing someone who will not be attending the classes but would like to come for the dinner you will want to purchase additional dinner tickets below. We have special room rates and rooms blocked out for attendees. There will also be an Awards Banquet after dinner on Saturday evening.

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Here’s the Virtual Tour Convention Class Lineup –

Intro to Fusion – RTV Support Staff
Intro to Tour Track – RTV Tour Track
Photography I – Ben Knorr and Brett Weaver
Beyond Exposures: Bracketing and Lighting –Ben Knorr and Brett Weaver
Intro to Sales and Marketing – Jason LaVanture
Guerrilla Marketing
Branding Yourself

Intro to Light Room – Donna Big
Advanced Fusion Management – RTV Support Staff
Into to PTGui – RTV support Staff
HDR Photography with SNS Software – Jim Blue and Glen Farrell
Intro to Videography –Tony Gaffarri and JC Cherubini

Advanced Marketing –Jason LaVanture & Lisa Castro
Social Networking
Contact Management
Email Marketing
Presentations, Cold Calling and Small Group activities
Advanced Videography –JC and Tony Ghaffari
Advanced Light Room – Donna Bigg

Ask the Expert- Jason LaVanture hosts a Town Hall style Q&A with Allison Schuetzle, Jonathan Leuthe Lisa Freeman Castro James Hoback Ken McCasland

RC Quad-Coptor and Elevated shots (may change depending on weather) –Jason LaVanture
Wrap up – What’s next for RTV

See you there RTV!

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My thoughts on the Annual RTV Convention 2013

RTV I love the fact that you have an annual virtual tour provider convention for your FSD’s to attend. The first one that I attended was in Traverse City Michigan which was about 10 hours of driving for me.  This year it was located in Las Vegas Nevada which was a bonus.  I didn’t really have to think twice about going because Vegas is such a fun city, and it had been many years since I had been there.

Arriving a day early we had a chance to take in the Vegas strip. After many hours of walking it was time to meet up with some of the other Virtual Tour providers from around the world. Arrangements were made for us to meet for dinner. It was great to see familiar faces from last year’s convention and meet many of the Facebook group and finally get to put faces to names. 

The days started early with a variety of seminars for us to attend, by the end of the day our rear ends were numb and our heads were ready to explode.  The information was great however for those with ADD; shorter classes’ longer breaks would be a little easier to handle.

Early morning seminars in Vegas… who was the brain behind this?  Let it be known that most were able to make it in fine form, with the exception of a few (you all know who you are).

It was nice that there was an awards banquet to acknowledge the accomplishments of the high achieving Go-getters; you know the ones that should have been buying. Plus we mustn’t forget the efforts of Mr. Congeniality, Sir Party Animal and NOT to mention the hard work of RTV is a crime.  It was a fun filled evening of laughs, good food and great motivating speeches. 

The days were long but they were filled with useful informative seminars relating to the virtual tour industry. The nights were even longer, since “Vegas never Sleeps”.

Motivation and good memories are the greatest thing that I took back with me from this year’s virtual tour convention. I returned home motivated and pumped to make some money to pay for my spending in Vegas, and get me to next year’s convention.  I wonder where it will be and do hope to see you there!  

Carmen Joseph – Peel Region Virtual Tours
(and by no means a comedian)
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