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Private Label Your Virtual Tours

Can I Host My Own 360 Virtual Tours? Yes you can!
If you are currently a virtual tour business owner, then you know that creating your own brand and marketing is extremely important.

All 360 Virtual Tours created with the RTV virtual tour software system are hosted directly on our servers by default, but we do offer two very unique options that other virtual tour companies just don’t offer.

Remote Host – The RTV virtual tour software system was designed so you can always say “Yes!” when asked if your virtual tours can do something.  With our remote host solution you can literally host all of your virtual tour productions on your own server.  This will however require a bit of extra work on your part as you’ll need FTP access to your server and you’ll want to have a basic understanding of HTML and web design.  A Remote Host version of your virtual tour is alwasy available to you in your deliverables section of your virtual tour manager.  Be advised however that when offering a remote host version of the virtual tour the virtual tour owner will not receive weekly traffic reports and they will also not be able to make fast updates to the virtual tour production.

MyBrand – Something great that can help you personalize your virtual tours and still get all the bells and whistles is to use the RTV MyBrand feature. Using our MyBrand feature, users will have the ability to direct traffic to a designated website allowing you to promote your virtual tour business and website.

This useful feature is great for any virtual tour business who would like to create a gallery of their best work and host it on their own website, while using their brand name. So instead of having your tours played through the default fusion URL, you can customize to specifically match your own domain. Any webmaster can utilize this option by simply navigating to MyBrand section located in the Settings tab of your Fusion virtual tour manager account. Just follow the easy steps and make the correct changes within your web host dashboard.

To show you a great example of MyBrand, visit this BlueLavaMedia virtual tour –

As you can see, the virtual tour is private labeled to match the BlueLaVaMedia look and feel right down to the virtual tour URL. Focusing on the Internet to market your business is a huge part of what determines a successful virtual tour company. Do not overlook this great option that is available to you and take advantage of it today!

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Holiday Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces Released!

This month the team brings you some very powerful, customizable virtual tour marketing pieces that you can immediately download, customize and integrate into your marketing campaign.

First we start things off with the piece featured here to the left.  This is our all new virtual tour provider office handout.  This is a wonderful two page glossy flyer that bullet points your most powerful virtual tour software features available to you as an RTV virtual tour provider. 

This piece also lets you add some basic pricing information regarding your services and finally show off your coverage area on the bottom of page two! Simple yet very effective for letting people know why they should choose your virtual tour company over the others and give you a try.

Next up we have three unique pieces for you to choose from here for the holidays and Winter months. All three pieces allow for full customization and are professionally made to showcase your virtual tour window and highlight a winter or holiday special.

In the case of you can see they have elected to run a “Winter Warmer Six Pack”.  Feel free to get creative with these virtual tour marketing pieces and run your own specials.  Be sure to report back and let us know how these work out for you.

We’re currently working very hard to overhaul all of our old virtual tour marketing pieces.  Please be patient while we update the hundreds of items back in your marketing center.

Login to your account now to snag these new pieces!!

As always, let us know what you need, what you think you could use in
the field and what we can do for you to make your more successful.
Remember, we’re in this together!



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How to Market Your Virtual Tour Business

So you have all of the right photography gear, a great virtual tour business name, and have some happy clients, but how do you market properly to gain new customers?

Marketing is crucial for any type of business and is especially important when dealing with a virtual tour company that’s managed online. There are many ways to market your virtual tour business in both the online and offline world.

This blog post will cover the online marketing strategies. Let’s go through some of the most reliable and successful methods.

Online Marketing Methods
    When running a virtual tour business, the Internet can be your best friend because this is how everyone is viewing your information and virtual tours. Following the provided tips will help you take advantage of every angle within Internet marketing.

1.    Create solid performing 360 virtual tours and build up a great looking portfolio. Choosing the wrong virtual tour software from very start is very dangerous and could damage your reputation early on. Show your clients and visitors your best work so that you can gain positive interest. Amazing looking and sounding tours will ensure that your work is shared with others online creating an effective launch.

2.    Create a virtual tour business website/blog to market your business and brand name. Having your own personal image online will show that you are serious about the virtual tour business. Blogging and writing new articles frequently will keep your website fresh and full of rich content. This is great for search engines!  If you are quiet you will not be heard.

3.    Build an e-mail list. By allowing visitors to input their e-mail address and subscribe to your news and updates, you are growing your business and client list. This is a great way to share information, get feedback, and market your business to everyone in the list. The bigger, the better!

4.    Distribute press releases. Writing a press release is a great way to get information out to the public everywhere and also in your targeted area. There are lots of free press release websites that can be used for this marketing method. Try publishing one a month and see if it helps your virtual tour business.

5.    Learn from your competitors. Research online and see what your competition is up to. Get a feel for what is going on in your area and see how you can provide the areas BEST VIRTUAL TOUR SERVICE.

6.    Offer discounts and deals. Offering deals is a great way to drive up sales and find new customers for your business. Try running a promotion for a month and keep an eye on sales.

7.    Become active on social media. Social media is the largest growing online business and is very important to be a part of. Become a member of the top social media websites and share your business news, virtual tours, photography, and more with your fans and followers. This is a sure way to gain new interest in your business and connect with your audience.

8.    Try advertising campaigns. There are plenty of advertising campaigns online. Some include Google and Facebook, where you can set a budget and pay to have your ad displayed to a large range of people. You can specifically target the audience that sees your ad to achieve the best results. Try finding targeted real estate websites that offer advertising space because this can convert even better.

9.    Focus on your business website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where you can fine tune your website so that search engines can find it better. RTV has many amazing shows to help you get started at

10.    List your virtual tour business on popular directories such as Google Plus Local, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Your business can be added to most online directories for free and you may even find great paid services to help you become listed on all of the popular ones.

So as you can see, there are plenty of great ways to market your virtual tour business online. Now, next time you think “Just how to market my virtual tour business?” you will be on top of it and ready to go! Good luck and happy marketing!

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Team RTV “Wows” Michigan Realtors at Coldwell Banker Show in Lansing

On Thursday October 24th, team RTV took the opportunity to WOW nearly a thousand Coldwell Banker agents at the Michigan Coldwell Banker Expo in Lansing, MI. The show was made up of several vendors from across Michigan but without a doubt the RTV booth was most impressive and generated the largest crowds throughout the day.

Realtors from across Michigan saw for the first time the powerful Fusion RTV virtual tour software system and began setting up appointments on the spot with local RTV virtual tour providers.  There was an overwhelming response to ordering full service virtual tours VS the do-it-yourself solution also offered by RTV. Many brokers and agents expressed a strong desire to move away from trying to do all of their own marketing and let RTV virtual tour providers be there for them as a personal assistant on a per listing basis. 

The RTV’s high definition 720p full motion video playback stole the show along with the powerful virtual tour lead capture tools, AstroZoom space fly in, gorgeous printable flyers, and as stated above the guaranteed coverage of professional photography suppliers.

If you would like RTV to come to your next show just let us know!  We would love to bring the booth to your city and help you dominate in your local market.

See you there RTV!

Team RTV

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Don’t Major in the Minor

I saw a segment on a morning show this week where the panel talked about the best advice they had ever gotten and the one that really struck me was the advice to Not Major in the Minor.  Along the lines of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, this advice is something I have to remind myself of regularly.

We are a national virtual tour company so we have many details to juggle that the average real estate virtual tour photographer does not deal with.  We travel more than 50,000 miles per year and are on the road about 75% of the time.  Don’t get me wrong – with a virtual tour business like ours, we have to focus on the details…but the key to our success is to not get bogged down by the details.

For us the key to that has been to implement systems that allow us to automate the details and to set realistic expectations for ourselves.  In Part one of this blog, I will talk about three of the systems that allow us to focus on the big picture and automate the details.

RTV Virtual Tour Software — Choosing the right virtual tour software is mission critical for our Charleston virtual tour business.  Using a platform that is not only highly versatile but also easy to navigate through and create hundreds of virtual tours annually was our most important decision.

Quickbooks Online — One of the best investments we have ever made was moving to Quickbooks Online for our bookkeeping software.  This program allows us to have an easy overview of our finances no matter where we are.  Every morning, my husband gets online and updates our Quickbooks which means that from my computer, ipad or iphone, I can look at the status of all our accounts, who owes us and who we owe.  I can take a look at our Profit and Loss for the month or quarter or year.  I can see a balance sheet that shows us all of our liabilities and assets in real time.

SalesForce — I currently have over 32,000 messages in my “All Mail” folder of our email.  In addition to that, I have 1,200 individual prospects that I have entered into SalesForce.  We have photographed almost 1,000 virtual tours.  Want to talk about details?  I am a great strategist and big picture thinker but I am not known for my short term memory or attention to detail.  This means that I rely heavily on my contact management system to gather all these details into a manageable system.

Apple iCloud — We are a tried and true Apple family and for good reasons.  We each have our own MacBook laptop, iphone and ipad and AppleTV.  We love our Apple devices but we really love the fact that with the iCloud, all of our devices communicate with each other.  I can put an event on our calendar and immediately it shows up on all of our devices.  We can easily exchange documents and pictures and have the most updated versions of everything available to us.

These are just a few of the systems that we use to make our virtual tour business run smoothly.  Remember that systems are only as good as their users.  If we don’t keep the systems updated, then the details get lost.  The key is to integrate systems into our daily lives so that the systems work for us!

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