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Virtual Tour Provider Convention 2014!

RTV is proud to officially announce our 2014 Virtual Tour Provider Convention – ‘Momentum’.  This event will be hosted here in our beautiful hometown of Traverse City, MI on April 24th – April 27th. We’re very excited host the event in our home town this year so our entire staff can take part in the activities. We’ve chosen late April so we’ll all be able to enjoy the amazing Spring weather here in Northern Michigan.  REGISTER HERE

This is a great time to travel and we are thrilled to be having this event at the Park Place Hotel once again. The Park Place Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Traverse City which is filled with great restaurants, shopping outlets, and entertainment.

Our Momentum Convention will be a great time for everyone to get hands on training, socialize, and get to know our virtual tour company a little better. We will cover the ins and outs of virtual tour creation, photography, and the components that are required to run a successful virtual tour business. While learning about RTV and meeting other professional photographers, you will also have time to enjoy dinners, drinks, festivities and get acquainted with several of our vendors that will be helping to sponsor this amazing once-a-year event.

If you have never attended the RTV provider Convention, make this your year! Get in person training, meet other providers, meet the staff, shop and chat with our vendors, and be part of all the excitement!

April is coming sooner than you may think, so don’t wait to get your attendance tickets!

Register before January 1st, 2014 and save $70.00!!!

We are now offering the Early Bird Special (Offer Ends January 1st 2014) for a great price of $179! This will cover your 4 day weekend with RTV at the Park Place Hotel. Each person attending classes will need to register as a convention attendee and your dinner ticket is included in that price.  If you’re bringing someone who will not be attending the classes but would like to come for the dinner you will want to purchase additional dinner tickets below. We have special room rates and rooms blocked out for attendees. There will also be an Awards Banquet after dinner on Saturday evening.

2013 was an AMAZING year for our company and from what we can see, yours too!! We couldn’t have done it without all of you and we’re looking forward to seeing the momentum continue right into 2014 and beyond. Don’t forget to spread the word and let’s make 2014 our biggest year yet!


Thanks for your continued support and we’ll see you soon!

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Getting My Virtual Tour Business Rolling

Hello RTV! I’ve only been here in Texas 1.5 years. Moved here for family and job. Well the job lasted about 12 months. As I mentioned in my last blog I’m a tire expert, however, this last job put the final nail into the coffin. In other words, six days/wk., 13hrs/day and drive distance of 44miles each way through Dallas from where I ended up with a beautiful house close to my in-laws. Why I didn’t shoot myself is beyond me! So after so many years messing with tire of all sizes, I gave in!

I’ve been a lover of photography and especially virtual tour photography for as long as I’ve been in the tire business. I Love Photography not tires. Tires put the bread on the table.

I’m not to far from retirement and decided to do the one thing I love more than anything else. What lead me into real estate was a friend that sold me my house here in Dallas. She suggested I look into real estate at Keller Williams, I thought this was a good Idea and thought I might combine Photography with Real Estate sales. I asked who provided their photography and that’s what got the ball rolling for me. I checked the various virtual tour software outfits, quality and virtual tour services offered. Long story short, I came across RTV more times than any of the other websites out there so I knocked on the RTV door and it was cheerfully answered.

Next, I spoke to a couple of their agents. Coming across RTV more times than the others was like shopping for a home, I had the same feeling when I walked into the right home, I knew this one is for me.

I found that RTV has much more to offer than just photography. RTV offers Powerful Virtual Tour Marketing tools, Business tools, Weekly Webinars, Leads, National Accounts, RTV is Web Savvy, RTV is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Savvy, RTV is Education, RTV is helpful & Friendly in all ways, RTV is EASY to use, YES RTV IS Photography,….and the list goes on. If this hasn’t convinced you, go to their web site and surf every nook and cranny as I did. I had to be 100% convinced.

Once I was convinced, I jumped in with both feet, I took on the complete virtual tour software program (FusionMax XS). This includes software, equipment, and all the tools I mentioned above (FusionMax XS).

As big as RTV is the thing I like most is they are your friends that can help you get your virtual tour business up and running and help keep you running. Once your comfortable shooting some practice virtual tours you can submit them to RTV for approval. Once approved by RTV your ready to receive leads and tour track jobs from their national accounts that come up in your local area. This means they provide to you the account you shoot it and send it to RTV who will then pay you for the virtual tour. Outside of that, you are your own real estate photography business and everything is 110% your brand. The RTV support/learning center will keep you up to date on all things from A to RTV!

Most virtual tour companies offering 360 virtual tours are not necessarily doing 360 degrees spherical /celling/floor virtual tours, this is where RTV and the others differ in their technology and approach to this market.  RTV offers full motion video, cylindrical panorama, spherical panorama, and of course still image tours.  It’s amazing!

Being a photographer, you most likely have most of the equipment needed. What you may not have are wide angle or fisheye lenses. For example; 8mm lens wide angle lens, 8-15mm zoom lens or 15mm fisheye lens.

Lastly, you will have to have a Virtual Tour Company website. Going through RTV,
 I got a special deal on a fantastic web site. See my website I can make all the changes and additions to suite my taste. Very cool.  Good luck to you all looking to startup a virtual tour business and I hope you choose the best virtual tour software company like I did!

See you out there!

Jack Dimaio
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Tips for Marketing Your Virtual Tours Locally

Local marketing is an essential part of your virtual tour business. You may do some of your local marketing in person, but there are plenty of things you can do online to improve your local presence and bring more potential customers to you.

Here are some things you can do to reach more people in your area while you strengthen your online marketing strategy.

Local social: Tapping into Facebook
Do you have a Facebook business page for your virtual tour services? Even if you use no other type of social media, having a Facebook presence can really help you out with local marketing. It’s easy for customers to find you by location on what is still the biggest social network in the world.

Remember, it’s not enough to just have a Facebook page. You need to attract fans and interact with them by posting your virtual tour videos, showing off the person behind the virtual tour business, and updating your status with interesting statements, resource links and, of course, your best virtual tours!  One great way to interact is by asking questions related to virtual tours.

The new yellow pages: Claim (or create) your local listings
Your virtual tour business may already be listed on several online directories. If you haven’t claimed your virtual tour business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to enhance or optimize your listing.

You can either claim an existing listing, or add your virtual tour business to these popular local directories. They include Google Places for Business, Bing Local, and Yahoo! Local.

What they’re saying: Local reviews
Online consumers are a new breed. Advertising doesn’t affect their decisions as much as it used to. More often, today’s online customers are swayed by reviews and recommendations. They can come from family, friends, co-workers, or complete strangers—as long as they don’t come from the company itself.

Whenever possible, ask for reviews and testimonials from your existing customers, and post them to your website or social media pages. You could even create a review page for your site that allows direct submissions from your customers.

Social proof is the most valuable currency in online marketing, and a great way to improve your local results for your local virtual tour business!

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Do you have what it takes to be a virtual tour photographer?

Are you looking to join a great virtual tour company while being in an exciting and upbeat industry? The virtual tour photography and real estate marketing business within RTV is full of great opportunities! We strive to be the best virtual tour software company and breed the highest caliber virtual tour photographers.  We prove that each year as we continue to grow and improve with the help of our customers.

With the professional assistance and guidance from RTV, you can become a well-established virtual tour provider in your area while starting a great career for yourself. This industry is not for every type of person but by looking over a few points below, you will be able to determine if becoming a virtual tour photographer is for you.

Have you had any previous photography experience? This is the most important question because a virtual tour requires professional photography in order to look good and impress clients. If you are a beginner with photography, this can also be a great way for you to gain experience and learn the skills needed to succeed within the virtual tour photography field.

360 degree panoramic photography is also a widely used format because this creates the full 360 virtual tour playback. Learning how to take these type of photos is a must and the team at RTV can assist you with finding your nodal point on your PanoHead and learning how to use the photo stitching software and camera advice.

Have you previously or do you currently run a small business? A virtual tour business is not just about the photography, but is also about managing clients and expenses, marketing, branding, and more. A business background can be a huge benefit when deciding to join RTV because you will have an upper hand when it comes to the competition in your area. If you have never ran a business, this can also be the perfect opportunity to learn how to do so. You will learn the entire business side of photography and real estate marketing by becoming a part of the fastest growing virtual tour company in this market.

Working full time may be a requirement, especially if things take off and your virtual tour business becomes successful right out of the gate.  Most RTV virtual tour providers however are able to work another job while getting the business off the ground during year one. Make sure that you have the time to dedicate or that you can manage a team to help you out.

Setting finances aside specifically for your new virtual tour business is also very important. Some investment will be required but the return is great and well worth it.

Are you a sociable and friendly type of person? RTV deals with both personal and business accounts and photographers must speak face to face with their clients. Sometimes this requires meeting up with a single property owner or even a large group of managers. It all depends on the job details. One thing to remember is that no matter what, you will always be handling business in person so you must be approachable and courteous. Making a great first impression is key and being comfortable around others will help you succeed.

These are some of the main topics to focus on and think about before starting up your own virtual tour business. Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere and we are dedicated to helping those who are experienced and new as well. The bigger the family at RTV, the better!

Get started today!
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The IMAGE 49 – Powerful & Quick Photo Edits

RTV WebinarsIf you run a virtual tour company then I’m sure at some point in time you’ve had to edit real estate photos. Why not find a way to do that quicker, faster, easier, and yield better results.      

As professional photographers we work to create the best looking photos we can for our customers to help them market their properties and local businesses. With every virtual tour shoot, we incur something that requires us to edit our photos later be it a setting we missed on our camera, a lighting issue, or some other environmental item that is beyond our control.  These blemishes make our photos less appealing.  The bottom line is that we have to edit our photos because we want to sell them and they MUST look great.

In this webinar I will be showing you part of a fantastic editing program called Adobe Lightroom.   Lightroom is not an expensive program but remains quite powerful.  We’ll cover a brief overview of the advantages to using Lightroom and then delve in to 5 powerful edits that are simple to perform and make your editing job quick and easy.

Join me on December 17th for the IMAGE Episode 49 – Powerful Quick Photo Edits.

Register now in your TMS –

Thanks for your support!

Team RTV

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