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New June 2014 Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces

This June our virtual tour company marketing team has created two very special pieces for you to snag just in time to run a promotion and to also arm your real estate agents with a brand new home seller preparation sheet. 

Our Summer Lovin’ Flyer is a single page double sided flyer and can be sent to your current customers or prospects via email or printed and dropped off.  We’ve added a new customer coupon in the lower right corner on the first page to grab their attention.  The back side of the flyer recaps some of your most powerful marketing tools and virtual tour offerings. 

Next you’re going to love giving your home seller prep sheet to your existing real estate customers so they can use during listing presentations and hand out to their home sellers.  This detailed prep sheet is sure to make your job easier when you arrive on-site on the day of the virtual tour shoot. 

Both marketing pieces have been made using Microsoft Publisher and are ready for you to customize to your liking. Enjoy the new marketing pieces and please be sure to send us your blog postings to showcase your Summer success with your virtual tour business

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Add Stunning Night Shots to Virtual Tours

Night shots can be stunning additions to a virtual tour, especially if you’re creating 360 virtual tours for businesses like hotels, restaurants, lodges, or cruise ships (yes, even cruise ships can benefit from a virtual tour!).  Check out this amazing virtual tour production that includes night shots:

If you’ve tried taking pictures at night the same way you take them during the day, you might find that you get nothing but a black frame with a few points of light.

How do you take great pictures at night? These tips will help you enhance your virtual tour with stunning night photos.

Have a good camera and tripod
Most digital cameras today are pretty high quality, but in order to take great night pictures, you might need a little something extra. You won’t have to invest in a “specialty” night camera, but you will need one that allows you to control the settings for exposures and apertures (the size of the lens opening, which is measured in F-stop). In addition to a good camera, you’ll also need a tripod to take the best night shots.

Scout your location
Many businesses that look great at night are somewhat isolated, and don’t have enough “city glow” for a photo taken normally to turn out clearly at night. It’s a good idea to visit the area and figure out where you’ll take your pictures from during the day, so you know where you’re headed once it gets dark. This is also advisable for safety purposes.

Choose the right time
While it’s possible to take great night shots during full dark, your pictures can also look great if you take them at dawn or dusk—either just before the sun rises, or just after it sets. This is a very short time frame, so it can benefit you to visit the location in advance and decide exactly which shots you’ll want during that time.

Use long exposures
Setting your digital camera exposure for several seconds allows you to bring more light into the picture, even when it’s dark. For this reason, a tripod is an essential piece of equipment for great night photography, since it prevents the camera from shaking during the exposure.

Adjust the aperture accordingly
 Finally, use aperture size to capture great night shots. Opt for a smaller aperture when you’re taking a photo with a long exposure, and use a larger aperture for short exposure pictures taken when there’s a bit more light, such as at dusk or dawn.

Adding great night photography to your virtual tours can help you create stunning presentations that will impress your virtual tour clients—and their customers.

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Front Door Photos Taking Off

1) Front Door Photos is taking to the sky

I’m thrilled to announce that our brand new Phantom 2 Vision quad copter arrived this past weekend! At 14 megapixels, this virtual tour camera will be able to shoot 1080p HD video and take dynamic still aerial photos as well. I’m pouring over the flying manual and will have a test video for you to check out shortly!

     **Please let me know if you are interested in pricing information or have any questions
2) Our professional real estate photography and virtual tour team is growing!!!

I’m also excited to let you know that our team is growing. Matt joins team FDP with 5+ years of professional photography experience and he will be out shooting full virtual tours of listings this summer. Toby is FDP’s new marketing intern from Hope College and he will be handling the floor plan building and social media support. Be sure to say hello if you see them out and about!
3) As always…Thank you!

Front Door Photos wouldn’t exist without you and it’s been so great working with each and every one of you. It’s my goal to provide you with the absolute best visual marketing support so please let me know if there is anything else I can do to better assist you.

     **Remember, every realtor you send my way for professional photos gets you 20% off your next shoot (and 20% off their first shoot as well)! Be sure to let me know who you refer.

Best Regards,

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How To Reach The Top In Photography….Literally

Exterior photographs are crucial for any virtual tour and real estate marketing campaign. Most photographers will agree that taking elevated shots of a property can make a huge improvement for their final presentations. Allowing viewers to get a feel for the neighborhood and surrounding area is very important and this can be shown with aerial style photography.

With all of the talk of remote controlled aircrafts being used for photography, I thought this would be a suitable topic. Aircrafts being used for professional photography are currently in the spotlight, under close scrutiny, by the government, and very expensive.  With all this being so you should not let it put a halt on aerial photography for your virtual tour business.

The total cost of equipment, time to practice operating, and insurance payments are options that not every photographer can afford. So if you are not going to purchase a remote controlled aircraft, you are left asking yourself “How can I get the best aerial shots for my customers?”. There are quite a few inexpensive ways to snap some great photos from up above. The ability to reach 10 to 15 feet and take amazing shots, is what we are going for. Let’s take a look!

•    Bring a fold up ladder with you. A fold up ladder will get you 10 to 12 feet in the air and can easily fit into the back of most vehicles. If you want to get that extra reach, you can always use the pole method while on the ladder. Make sure you are grounded safely and the ladder is mounted properly.

•    Use your tripod for more height. Folding up your tripod and holding it above your head, can make a huge difference.

•    Painters pole. There are lots of guides online on how to mount a camera to a painters pole and this is a very effective way to snap some great elevated shots.

•    Pixie Pole. has some really great kits that can be purchased directly from their website. These kids can give you up to 18 feet of height and will allow easy rotation.

Of course there are lots of other great DIY project guides you can follow by researching online, but the above methods are the most commonly used and work well within a tight budget. When running a virtual tour business, you want to be able to deliver high quality services while keeping your profits high, so saving money and managing a budget is important. I hope this gives you some new ideas and gets your creative juices flowing!

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What NOT to Include in a Virtual Tour

High quality virtual tours are a great way to showcase your business, or to let potential buyers experience a property and entice them to take the next step. Of course, a virtual tour should create a visually stunning view of your business or property, which means you need to include all of the main areas—and often some exterior shots that show the grounds, as well.

But is there anything you shouldn’t include in a virtual tour? Here are some suggestions for things that don’t need to make the final cut in order to create an appealing and engaging virtual tour.

Repeated images of similar areas
If you’re creating a virtual tour keep in mind that it will be viewed in a similar way as a video. It’s usually a good idea to keep the running time short. People viewing videos online often don’t want to sit through more than one or two minutes (unless it’s a movie or television show)—much longer, and you’ll lose their attention as they start looking for something else to watch.

Streamline your virtual tours by including just one or two images when you have similar areas. For example, if you’re creating a virtual tour for a hotel, you don’t need photos or video of every room. Showcase one of each room style for the best effect.

Image overload
For slideshow-style virtual tours, it can be tempting to include dozens and dozens of shots, just to make sure the viewers see everything. But again, most people won’t be interested in clicking through a myriad of images.

If you’re providing tons of images and video for a virtual tour, make sure you use your virtual tour software and build a thumbnail gallery into the presentation, to make it easy for viewers to find just what they’re looking for, quickly.

Back rooms or staff-only areas
Virtual tours are a great way to promote your virtual tour business, but avoid including images or video of areas your customers aren’t going to use. Even if you have good intentions, such as offering a “behind-the-scenes” look at your business, you may inadvertently raise concerns for potential customers. You may also run into some privacy issues for your staff.

360 Panorama views
A good 360 panoramic shot is actually a great thing to include in a virtual tour. What you should not include is a poorly made panorama—if these shots are done wrong, improperly stitched, taken without the use of a panohead, or made to the wrong size, they will load slowly in your virtual tour and give end users a bad experience.

If you’re going to feature panoramic views in your virtual tour, make sure you have a good quality camera and lens, as well as virtual tour software that gives you seamless “stitching” to create high quality panoramas.  RTV highly recommends photo stitching software.


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