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Peachtree City Virtual Tour Provider Gets “Rookie of the Year” Award!

In April 2014, Accents Virtual Tours, a Peachtree City virtual tour provider, located in Georgia had the pleasure of attending their first RTV virtual tour software convention in Traverse City, Michigan.
During the evening of the awards dinner banquet, Brenda Stewart, Producer of Accents Virtual Tours, LLC received an award for “Rookie of the Year”.  I, personally was super excited and extremely gratified to have won the award.  It was a surprise!

Accents Virtual Tours became a provider with RTV in April 2013.  As a newbie, there was a lot to learn in photography, calling on prospective clients, learning the ins and outs of producing a virtual tour and so on.  The training, quality of tools and information that RTV has/had to offer was amazing.  From on-line step-by-step tools to create a virtual tour, to webinars, and every marketing aspect from photography, social net-working, blogging  and all the other tools they have available to make us virtual tour providers successful.  The support staff at RTV is impeccable.   Meeting so many new people that are providers from all around the states during convention and sharing ideas was priceless. 

RTV is unmatched anywhere and the level of positive energy, the level of encouragement and the awesome on-line property showcases they provide,  is worth more than anything to an inspiring new provider in virtual tour industry.

The hard work that Accents Virtual Tours put in the first year was well worth it. To see our client’s having an on-line interactive tour that showcases their property to the highest quality production is rewarding.  Accents Virtual Tours is looking forward to 2014 in growth and making new relationships in the Atlanta/Peachtree City Georgia.

Brenda Stewart
Peachtree City Virtual Tours
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Stay in Front With your Virtual Tour Business

If you want to successfully market your virtual tour business, it’s essential to take a broad view of marketing. You can launch a few campaigns here and there to get the word out about your virtual tour services—but if you’ve done this, you may have noticed a few spikes in business with no real, lasting effects.

The key to a thriving and profitable virtual tour business is to stay in front…of your customers, that is. Good marketing strategies increase your overall visibility and help your potential customers remember you when they decide to have a virtual tour created. An average customer will have seen your virtual tour business mentioned 3 to 7 times before they actually commit to a purchase.

Visibility and word of mouth
Another benefit to staying constantly in front of your customers is the additional business you can gain through repeat buyers and referrals. Continual marketing lets you build up the “know, like, and trust” factor for your virtual tour services. As customers get to know and experience your virtual tour business, they will not only come back for more—they’ll tell their friends, associates, and colleagues about you.

People are much more likely to make purchases from businesses that their friends recommend. Referrals through continued visibility are a highly effective strategy for your virtual tour company.

Methods for achieving top-of-mind with customers
How can you continually market your virtual tour services? There are many online methods you can turn to that help you generate higher visibility and (gently) remind potential customers that your business exists. Some of them include:

•    Social media: Maintaining at least one active social media channel gives your customers a place where they can always touch base with you, and find out what you’re up to with your virtual tour business.
•    Content sharing: This strategy goes hand-in-hand with social media. Rather than constantly plugging your business, provide your viewers with valuable content such as articles or videos through your social channel and website. This will keep them returning and help them remember your business when they make a buying decision.

•    Following up: When customers contact you via phone or email, it’s essential to follow up with them right away. reports that up to 50% of consumers buy from the companies that get back to them first—so simply returning your messages can help you stay visible and position you as the best choice for virtual tour services.

•    Email lists: Building an opt-in email marketing list will also help you remain top of mind. You can include the types of valuable content you would share on social media, and send out regular newsletters or short-form messages to stay in touch with your customers and leads.

Continuous marketing is a powerful strategy for growing your virtual tour business. What are you doing to stay in front of your customers?

Real Tour Vision
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Virtual Tour Provider Testimonial

Dear RTV,

I talked to you a couple of weeks ago on how to do my first virtual tour software presentation for a manufactured home sales company here in Florida. ( I took your advice and added in a couple of my ideas and managed to make it through the presentation. I had printed up a handout and paper clipped a business card to it and passed those out before the presentation started and then basically played one of the virtual tours I had done for them explaining all the amazing virtual tour software features as I went along .  I would like to think that it was my presentation that went over so well but it was the Fusion virtual tour system that got the applause at the end of the show.

As a result of the presentation the company is redesigning their webpage to accept virtual tours and also has me photographing all the communities that they sell homes in so they can have a slideshow running on the front of the newly designed website. They are also encouraging all their sales agents to use me by paying for half of the tours that I am starting to do for them.

I just wanted to say thanks for the help and thanks for having a great product , it makes my job easy !

Michael Murphy                                                                                                                                      MCMVirtual tours
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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Yesterday in Charleston, SC, the weather was beautiful!  It was warm and sunny with a great breeze.  Our agenda for the day was pretty simple — sleep in, go for a walk on the beach, go kayaking, go bike riding on the beach, take a nap, go out to dinner.  And the best part of the day was after my nap when I got a call from a new virtual tour client who is probably going to book us for a really big job photographing even more vacation rental virtual tours!

Of course I documented all of that on Facebook which often leads my friends to say they envy our lifestyle.

What I DIDN’T document quite so thoroughly was that for the past 30 days, we have worked from 7 am to 11 pm every single day (with the exception of our weekly Sabbath day of rest).  This is not unusual for us but we have had a particularly big vacation rental photography job this past month that kept us busier than we’ve ever been in such a short time.  We have worked non-stop every day and woke up exhausted to do it all over again…day after day after day.  Honestly, I haven’t had time to check Facebook much less post about our busy days.

Such is the roller coaster life of a virtual tour provider and entrepreneur.  We both laughed out loud today when a Congressman talking about the minimum wage said someone who works 40 hours a week should be guaranteed to make a decent living.  If we only worked 40 hours a week, our business would close!  Sure there are days when we take off and enjoy ourselves and sure we get to choose our own hours but all that means is that we choose to work until 10 or 11 pm instead of getting up at 5 or 6 am to put in the 14 hour days that it took for us to get this job done.

Don’t get me wrong – I love our national virtual tour business and the trade off of being able to travel and see the country makes it worth the long hours. But if you are envying our entrepreneurial lifestyle as you look at my posts from yesterday, don’t forget that it is those busy days that make yesterday possible

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Using Virtual Tours to Market Assisted Living Facilities

You know that your assisted living facility or nursing home is a great place for your residents to live—but does the rest of the world know? One of the best ways to showcase the qualities of your care facility is through professional assisted care photography and a high quality virtual tour.

A well-produced virtual tour is an excellent marketing tool for assisted living communities and senior homes. You’ll not only be able to let your website visitors experience your facility through stunning images and video, but you’ll also reach people who may not have found your website through other channels, such as YouTube.

The benefits of virtual tours and professional photography for assisted living facilities:

The decision to move to an assisted care community or nursing home is a major one for seniors and their families. Residents will be leaving their homes behind, and they’re looking for reassurance that your facility will be comfortable, inviting, and will meet their needs.

With a virtual tour, potential residents can view your nursing home or assisted living community from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, their families will be able to enjoy an interactive experience, and know that their loved ones will be in good hands with your facility.

What should your assisted living virtual tour include?

Of course, one of the most important areas that seniors and their families would like to view is your bedrooms or living suites. Professional photography within a virtual tour can highlight the best features of your residents’ private spaces where they’ll be most comfortable.

You should also include all of your facility’s community areas, such as the dining room or cafeteria, recreation areas, entertainment centers, and pools or other fitness areas. Be sure to show all of the amenities and conveniences that make your assisted living community or nursing home unique. With a series of 360-degree panoramas you can include your outdoor spaces and grounds as well.

A great virtual tour can use background music, text descriptions, and even audio commentary to enhance the presentation and make it a truly immerse experience for seniors and their families.

Want to showcase your senior facility and help potential residents discover all you have to offer? Contact RTV today to learn more about getting a high quality virtual tour for your assisted living facility or nursing home.

Jason LaVanture
VP / Founder
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