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Appealing to the International Buyer

With the availability of online presence, agents in the U.S. can use their online marketing tools to appeal to buyers all over the United States and the WORLD. Our interactive virtual tours can be e-mailed and viewed anywhere in the world. They can also be posted to the MLS, your personal broker site,, and many other sites as well. Virtual tour syndication and distribution channels are key.

I created a virtual tour for a Real Estate agency here in Lane County for a United Country Real Estate site and it was seen by buyers in China. The buyers liked what they saw on the virtual tour and came and purchased the property after viewing it in person. With the interactive tours that we create, buyers can see and direct themselves from room to room and get a feel for the layout of the home. It is for this interaction that my clients choose my technology daily over any video virtual tours. Now is the time to use our interactive 360 virtual tours as a marketing tool to appeal to buyers all over the world. According to the Associated Press (AP), now is the first time since 1976 that the Canadian dollar is equal to the U.S. dollar. The AP also said that this could mean an influx of real estate buyers from Canada. Now is the time to use your online virtual tour to bring them your way.

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John Cobb Talks Virtual Tours

Interactive 360 Virtual Tours are a great way to enhance your real estate listings. We all know by now that homes with more pictures get more activity than those without pictures. Homes with 360 virtual tours get more activity then those with just still pictures. Letting the prospect and home shopper interact with your listings online keeps people coming back for more and stirs emotion. Even more so than simply looking at still images on the web or watching a real estate video virtual tour! It is that simple call to action a true interactive virtual tour employs such as moving around and clicking of the mouse is really makes the difference.

As far as pricing goes, most of my fellow agents out there already know that the average cost to buy a 360 virtual tour is about $100. One hundred for each listing can really add up, especially if the home doesn’t sell right away. I’m glad I started building my own interactive virtual tours with Real Tour Vision. It a great listing tool to be able to tell my sellers that I have my own equipment and do my own virtual tours on each and every listing.

I am really looking forward to using 360 virtual tours to help promote my builder and get more Pre-solds. The problem with using virtual tours in the past with Pre-solds is that they would expire after one year or when the home sold. The virtual tour I build myself with Real Tour Vision will be good for 2 years. The number of scenes is also greater with tours you build yourself – 30 scenes makes for an outstanding interactive end user experience!! I’ve built two virtual tours so far and the results are very professional.

I do spend a lot more time now producing each virtual tour rather than just picking up the phone and having someone else take care of it for me, but the time is well worth it. I created my own banner by using a program called Banner Maker Pro 7 and it is a free download that was very simple to use. I created the banner, edited my profile, and added two 360 tours for a very professional final product for my buyers and my sellers. Real Tour Vision virtual tour software keeps getting better and better all the time. Thanks RTV!

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2008 Virtual Tour Icons are HERE!

The 2008 virtual tour icons are in and ready for all of our virtual tour providers to begin linking your tours off of. This new set of virtual tour icons can be accessed from the support page of or you can take a look at them now by following the link below:

These new tour icons will allow your clients to not only advertise the presence of a virtual tour but also show that an entire inventory of 360 virtual tours exists.

We have also updated the Real Tour Vision default “Take the tour” icon with one of these new spiffy icons. Thanks again everyone and enjoy the new updates to our system.

Happy Holidays!


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Home Sellers Drive Your Virtual Tour Company

Over the last few months providing virtual tours in Bend central Oregon, I have gotten a few calls from realtors whom I call ‘reluctant customers’. Listening to their tone or what they are saying, you can tell they are reluctant to use virtual tours. “My seller wants me to do a virtual tour”. In many cases, the clients are the ones driving this which is GREAT. Often times, agents can’t see the forest for the trees: they are caught up in going to MLS meetings and broker opens; taking out that same advertisement in the Saturday paper, because it is what they and other brokers have done for years. Their clients however know how buyers find and look for homes: on the internet, viewing 360 virtual tours. In many cases, the clients are the ones responsible for bringing their agents (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century.

When I get one of these ‘reluctant agent’ calls, I talk about how we deliver a finished 360 tour, as easy to link to their MLS as updating a listing. Then I make the appointment. Getting this tour booked is pretty easy- I mean their seller is insisting on the tour, so they HAVE to get it done. Don’t make the mistake of talking about all the benefits of virtual tours during this conversation. Just get the booking and make sure they are the ones that meet you to let you in to the home. With no sellers present.

What many of these agents have in mind is getting this tour done, getting their client to shut up, and going right back to doing business the way they always have.

Don’t let them.

When shooting the tour, engage them in conversation. Find out exactly why they are reluctant to do virtual tours. Ask questions and LISTEN.

Often times these agents want to offer interactive 360 virtual tours and other services, but they lack the expertise. Or they don’t have the time. The Real Tour Vision provider can be their technological consultant. Discuss with them how easy it is to link the tour, to email the tour and how we can link the tour to Also remember that publishing the virtual tour to now places that 360 tour on over 90 websites!! Take a look for yourself:

If they are successful, comfortable with technology and busy, discuss with them how easy it is to call you and get the tour done. I like to use the analogy of going to Jiffy Lube for an oil change- just because I know how to change my oil does not mean I do. My time is worth too much.

If they indicate that are a little bit shy of new technology, talk to them in terms of being their technology consultant. Show them how easy it is to download the tour (or you can make them a CD Disk). Talk to them about how they can have this virtual tour available to show to their next prospect when they are making a listing presentation. Realtors use consultants all the time: CPAs, attorneys, home inspectors. They don’t have to know everything about the technology: they just have to know you-the RTV provider and local online marketing expert!

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Virtual Tour Lens Pitfalls

Have you given any thought to using a Virtual Tour Camera Lens? If you have you should do a bit more research!! Having shot both single-shot panoramas with the voyager 360 lens and stitched panoramas, it amazes me that any professional virtual tour business would offer a single-shot panorama to their clients. The quality produced from a virtual tour camera / single shot lens is far inferior – even at best – to a stitched panorama that was created from multiple images.

With a single-shot panorama, you have no light control since you have only one exposure setting for the entire 0-360 sweep – no flash is possible. Before you shoot a single-shot panorama, you have to set the camera’s timer and duck behind a couch or get out of the room before the timer goes off – this makes outside panoramas almost impossible unless you can crouch down below the lens’ field of vision. The resulting photo generated from a single-shot panorama lens requires special un-warping software that never completely removes the inherent distortion from this set-up and the end result panoramic images are NOT PRINTABLE!!!

Shooting through a normal quality lens, using several shots stitched to produce a panorama is the optimal set-up to provide a quality panorama. If you use a higher megapixel setting for your camera, your stitched panorama will allow maximum enlargement before pixelation is noticeable.

Single-shot panoramas are a novelty to play with, not a professional product to offer to clients. Your clients deserve the best you can give them.

Paul Deines
A Virtual Tour Provider