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How To Reach The Top In Photography….Literally

Exterior photographs are crucial for any virtual tour and real estate marketing campaign. Most photographers will agree that taking elevated shots of a property can make a huge improvement for their final presentations. Allowing viewers to get a feel for the neighborhood and surrounding area is very important and this can be shown with aerial style photography.

With all of the talk of remote controlled aircrafts being used for photography, I thought this would be a suitable topic. Aircrafts being used for professional photography are currently in the spotlight, under close scrutiny, by the government, and very expensive.  With all this being so you should not let it put a halt on aerial photography for your virtual tour business.

The total cost of equipment, time to practice operating, and insurance payments are options that not every photographer can afford. So if you are not going to purchase a remote controlled aircraft, you are left asking yourself “How can I get the best aerial shots for my customers?”. There are quite a few inexpensive ways to snap some great photos from up above. The ability to reach 10 to 15 feet and take amazing shots, is what we are going for. Let’s take a look!

•    Bring a fold up ladder with you. A fold up ladder will get you 10 to 12 feet in the air and can easily fit into the back of most vehicles. If you want to get that extra reach, you can always use the pole method while on the ladder. Make sure you are grounded safely and the ladder is mounted properly.

•    Use your tripod for more height. Folding up your tripod and holding it above your head, can make a huge difference.

•    Painters pole. There are lots of guides online on how to mount a camera to a painters pole and this is a very effective way to snap some great elevated shots.

•    Pixie Pole. has some really great kits that can be purchased directly from their website. These kids can give you up to 18 feet of height and will allow easy rotation.

Of course there are lots of other great DIY project guides you can follow by researching online, but the above methods are the most commonly used and work well within a tight budget. When running a virtual tour business, you want to be able to deliver high quality services while keeping your profits high, so saving money and managing a budget is important. I hope this gives you some new ideas and gets your creative juices flowing!

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Peachtree City Virtual Tour Provider Gets “Rookie of the Year” Award!

In April 2014, Accents Virtual Tours, a Peachtree City virtual tour provider, located in Georgia had the pleasure of attending their first RTV virtual tour software convention in Traverse City, Michigan.
During the evening of the awards dinner banquet, Brenda Stewart, Producer of Accents Virtual Tours, LLC received an award for “Rookie of the Year”.  I, personally was super excited and extremely gratified to have won the award.  It was a surprise!

Accents Virtual Tours became a provider with RTV in April 2013.  As a newbie, there was a lot to learn in photography, calling on prospective clients, learning the ins and outs of producing a virtual tour and so on.  The training, quality of tools and information that RTV has/had to offer was amazing.  From on-line step-by-step tools to create a virtual tour, to webinars, and every marketing aspect from photography, social net-working, blogging  and all the other tools they have available to make us virtual tour providers successful.  The support staff at RTV is impeccable.   Meeting so many new people that are providers from all around the states during convention and sharing ideas was priceless. 

RTV is unmatched anywhere and the level of positive energy, the level of encouragement and the awesome on-line property showcases they provide,  is worth more than anything to an inspiring new provider in virtual tour industry.

The hard work that Accents Virtual Tours put in the first year was well worth it. To see our client’s having an on-line interactive tour that showcases their property to the highest quality production is rewarding.  Accents Virtual Tours is looking forward to 2014 in growth and making new relationships in the Atlanta/Peachtree City Georgia.

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Stay in Front With your Virtual Tour Business

If you want to successfully market your virtual tour business, it’s essential to take a broad view of marketing. You can launch a few campaigns here and there to get the word out about your virtual tour services—but if you’ve done this, you may have noticed a few spikes in business with no real, lasting effects.

The key to a thriving and profitable virtual tour business is to stay in front…of your customers, that is. Good marketing strategies increase your overall visibility and help your potential customers remember you when they decide to have a virtual tour created. An average customer will have seen your virtual tour business mentioned 3 to 7 times before they actually commit to a purchase.

Visibility and word of mouth
Another benefit to staying constantly in front of your customers is the additional business you can gain through repeat buyers and referrals. Continual marketing lets you build up the “know, like, and trust” factor for your virtual tour services. As customers get to know and experience your virtual tour business, they will not only come back for more—they’ll tell their friends, associates, and colleagues about you.

People are much more likely to make purchases from businesses that their friends recommend. Referrals through continued visibility are a highly effective strategy for your virtual tour company.

Methods for achieving top-of-mind with customers
How can you continually market your virtual tour services? There are many online methods you can turn to that help you generate higher visibility and (gently) remind potential customers that your business exists. Some of them include:

•    Social media: Maintaining at least one active social media channel gives your customers a place where they can always touch base with you, and find out what you’re up to with your virtual tour business.
•    Content sharing: This strategy goes hand-in-hand with social media. Rather than constantly plugging your business, provide your viewers with valuable content such as articles or videos through your social channel and website. This will keep them returning and help them remember your business when they make a buying decision.

•    Following up: When customers contact you via phone or email, it’s essential to follow up with them right away. reports that up to 50% of consumers buy from the companies that get back to them first—so simply returning your messages can help you stay visible and position you as the best choice for virtual tour services.

•    Email lists: Building an opt-in email marketing list will also help you remain top of mind. You can include the types of valuable content you would share on social media, and send out regular newsletters or short-form messages to stay in touch with your customers and leads.

Continuous marketing is a powerful strategy for growing your virtual tour business. What are you doing to stay in front of your customers?

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Stay Positive And Great Things Happen!

Running your own virtual tour business can be very challenging. If you’re a virtual tour provider, you’ve probably had days when you were plagued with negativity. Maybe you’ve had thoughts like: My business is not going as I had planned, I’m never going to make this work. You might see slow sales, ineffective advertising, or any number of reasons that might make you want to give up. 

But did you know that you can improve your results, and your profits, just by thinking differently?
When you’re caught in a negativity loop, it can be so hard to escape that you may not even know there’s a way out. You’re only able to see the things that are wrong—and your mind amplifies those problems until you decide there’s nothing good you can focus on, and your business is irrevocably broken.

However, just beginning to think positively can turn things around for you fast. Remember how excited you were when you decided on which virtual tour software you were going to use? Remember how everything was falling into place when were were in the right frame of mind? Let’s explore for a moment what positive thinking does for you.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. When you decide that you’re going to be happy and positive, you tend to actually become that way.

You start focusing on the good things that are happening—you earned more last month than the month before, you have a new client lined up, someone just left you a great review on social media.

Those positive thoughts can build momentum for you, until you’re viewing problems as challenges to be conquered, rather than negativity that will sink your virtual tour business. Positive thinking has even been shown to have a beneficial placebo effect on some health-related problems—it’s that powerful!

Tips for turning your attitude around
•    Don’t judge yourself. You may have been seeing evidence of other people’s business success, and feel that you must not be good enough, if they can do it. It’s important to remember that there will always be people who are in better or worse positions than you—and to give yourself permission to find your own level of success with your virtual tour and professional photography business.

•    Visualize your success. Some people hold an almost mystical belief that simply visualizing where you want to be will get you there (see The Secret). You may not carry the belief that far, but there are many benefits to visualizing your own success—not the least of which is the ability to create and implement a concrete plan to achieve your goals. It also helps to keep you positive and focused.

•    Take risks. If you dwell in negativity, you’re unable to plan for the future—because you believe there isn’t one to look forward to. Stay positive by challenging yourself to try new things that will move you forward: take a business course, invest in a new camera accessory, or develop a plan to tap into a new customer demographic.

You can start realizing the benefits of being positive right now. Simply tell yourself that you’re ready to move away from negativity and look at the bright side, and you’ll find your virtual tour business looking more successful already!


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Game of Drones

Radio-controlled drones are revolutionizing the video industry but with great new technology, there are new obstacles. A drone is used to define an autonomous aircraft but now the word is slang for anything without a human pilot on board.

In reality these line of sight quadcopters are simply RC helicopter aircraft. The FAA refers to these as an unmanned aerial system or UAS and has recently lost their battle to prevent us virtual tour photographers from using these to compliment a virtual tour business

Up until recently, drones have not been able to carry cameras due to the size and weight but with technology expanding, the options are becoming endless. It is now practical to have a low-cost platform to shoot video and photographs from.  High quality cameras can be easily mounted directly to RC Quadcopters. While full scale “Drones” have been used around the world for many purposes such as inspecting areas, surveillance, search and rescue, and military use, their smaller and innocent RC counterparts Quadcopters are now making a HUGE splash in the world of virtual tours.

Quadcopters are becoming quite popular within the photography industry and especially for virtual tour businesses who want to offer aerial services for a reasonable fee.

So is it legal to use a drone to shoot photographs and video?  You bet it is!!

There are however many guidelines to flying an unmanned system but the basic rules are to never fly more than 400 feet above ground, do not fly close to airports, never fly near crowds of people, and never fly where you may cause damage to property. So basically, make the correct judgment calls and keep your Quadcopter within viewing distance.

Have fun out there RTV and you’ll be able to get your RC Quadcopter at a discounted rate at our up and coming virtual tour provider convention.  See you there!

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