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Bay Area Virtual Tours Save the World

Okay, prove it!!!

I learned a long time ago to take life One Day at a Time… Well to use that same philosophy, we plan on saving the world one house, one seller, one buyer, one property at a time…

Well, we may be exaggerating a little bit, but hopefully we got your attention! If we all do our part and focus on small improvements (Kaizen), we can make a difference. So, how do we all market and promote real estate today? Traditional methods include:

• Local Newspaper
• Local Real Estate Guides and Magazines
• Real Estate Flyer’s (either mailed or hand delivered)
• Post Cards – Just Listed and Just Sold
• Online MLS Listing with a few agent produced digital pictures
• For Sale Sign in Yard
• Brokers Tour, Open House and of course networking…

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) we are on pace for existing homes sales of over SIX MILLION homes sold during 2009 in the United States, (helped by the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit). Every one of these homes used some form of property marketing.
If each buyer of these homes looked at 10 homes prior to making a buying decision and the buyers drove 10 miles to look at each house before narrowing their search to the 2 or 3 they were most interested in and then drove around to open houses for another 20 or 30 miles, they probably drove a minimum of 100 miles (conservative) before making a buying decision.

Staying on the conservative side, if we could cut this number in half, that would represent
Over 85% of home buyers last year say they used the Internet to search for homes. Bay Area Property Marketing Studios and virtual tours captures these home buyers and sellers and promotes a marketing program that reduces the need to drive around to every open house, and for real estate agents to reduce the number of newspaper ads, flyers and post cards that are polluting our environment, and SELL their properties FASTER!

And we haven’t even gotten into the flyers, post cards, real estate guides, newspapers, etc… Well save that for another article. The point is, we all need to do our part to GO GREEN! And here in the Bay Area, Property Marketing Studios is doing our small part to SAVE THE WORLD!
Property Marketing Studios and virtual tours are the green alternative to home buying and selling. Let’s take a look at some options home buyers and sellers in the San Francisco bay area and east bay can do to market, research, sell and buy real estate, both commercial and residential when they use Property Marketing Studios and our Super e-Distribution.

• We take professional, high-resolution still and 360 degree panorama photos of your property
• We produce a state-of-the-art virtual tour and slide show to highlight the properties features
• We include an online map and satellite view of the property
• We include a downloadable flyer, pictures and virtual tour
• We distribute your virtual tour and slide show to over the top real estate web sites, portals and search engines including Trulia, Zillow,, Homes, Backpage, Activerain, Google, Yahoo and so many more…
• Many of our tour packages include a YouTube production and a professional Craigslist Ad.
• We distribute your listing/virtual tour to over 500 local real estate agents and professionals.
• We include your property in blogs, Twitters and social networking distribution channels.

Property marketing is going green… are you? Visit our website, Property Marketing Studios and sign up to receive our trademark “Brokers Pajama Tour” email newsletter and see how you can save your buyers gas, your sellers time and money, promote yourself and your properties and at the same time… save the planet!

Tim Denbo
Property Marketing Studios
Bay Area Virtual Tours
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British Columbia Virtual Tours

Hello from the West Coast of Canada! Well this is Randy from Direct Virtual Galleries in southeastern British Columbia. My wife Sherry and I own Fate Photography and have been in the Photography Biz for over 10 years now. We have started with RTV in Oct 2009 so, considered the newbies we are learning everyday on how to become the best at this new product.

Because we are getting setup to produce Kootenays Virtual Tours and it’s a VERY rural area that we live in, it was a toss up on which way to take this. Some of the Realtors here use this type of product, but not alot. So, we have chosen to first do some tours and focus hospitality, businesses and smaller town city chambers and to pursue whole city virtual tours.

And we have some success with it as well already. Ya!! If you visit our site there are some of the local area Virtual Tours we’ve done. We have now picked up a few Realtors, and more will come as people talk here. The local papers and media have really embraced us doing many great articles for us.

Many great comments so far from clients and supporters. The Virtual Tour product here is very new to people but do believe this will be a great success and a wonderful assets to our community.

After a handful of technical issues, and the great support from Ben Knorr, Jason and all the staff at RTV we are off and running.

Well, That’s my first blog ever. I will get more into it as we continue to build our virtual tour business.

We are here to stay!!!!

Kootenays Virtual Tours

Happy New Year From BlueLaVaMedia

Greetings from team BlueLaVaMedia. Jim, Heather and I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

We are encouraged with the increasing number of our real estate client’s closings in the last quarter of 2009. Equally heartening is the feedback that we are receiving from our property management clients as 2009 was a great rental year for them. Looking back at 2009 we are proud to have been chosen by nearly 100 real estate agents as their property marketing partner.

2010 promises to be an outstanding year as an improving environment is projected to provide growth for our marketing savvy clients. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to build on our exciting powerful property marketing tools and programs to further increase the value of the services that we offer to you.

In 2010 we have several enhancements planned:
• We will be soon launching our new FULL SCREEN HD Virtual Tour
• Jim will be stopping by to meet with you about our new TxT Connect Program which allows for mobile phone marketing with lead capture built in
• We will be expanding our service area to the Mackinac Bridge by adding additional staff
• We plan on further investigating a new Digital Staging product
• We’re launching a new Interactive Floor Plan System
• And finally we will be soon announcing our new Agent Video Connector
Be on the lookout for Jim, our press releases and new technology announcements as we kick off the year. We will also be keeping your updated via our E-Newsletter.

In closing we understand that part of the value that we represent to you is that you can have confidence in us doing some of the heavy marketing lifting for you, enabling you to focus on your clients and prospects to further increase your sales. We appreciate your confidence and assure you that we will not be content as we strive to add growth in value with the services that we offer to you.

I hope that you have a great New Year, and thank you for choosing BlueLaVaMedia.

Jason LaVanture & Jim Blue
Traverse Virtual
Order a Virtual Tour Today: 877-941-8687

Photography Tips From the Pro

Well here I am reporting from beautiful Spokane Washington folks. I’m staring at another week’s virtual tour blog entry and thinking what could I write about this time. It seems to be quite a trick to come up with something on a regular basis. Especially when I’m so busy putting together my virtual tour company here in Spokane.

I had a newbie photographer ask me the other day, “how do you operate the exposure settings” he just could not get the light operating controls on his camera whether it be analog or digital. I pointed out that you have to think of it like a water faucet. The shutter on your camera lets light flow just like a water faucet lets water flow. The aperture is like the wheel handle on that water faucet and you control the amount of water pressure that flows through that faucet. It is the exact same thing for the aperture, you control the amount of flow. Together these two items give you the proper exposure for you shots. Try this next time your on a virtual tour shoot!

It seems to make sense to them when it is explained this way. Cameras have become increasingly automatic, often including automatic exposure and focus so that not too many people actually get to get creative with their cameras controls. Nevertheless, this Spokane virtual tour photographer prefers to use manual operation in order to make my own exposure and focusing decisions.

Whomever may be reading this, you might consider operating the camera manually for your first exposures to help you learn basic camera controls. Then once you have gotten the basics down, you can move on to become a better “artist at your craft” Most people want to know what to do after that to become a better photographer and my answer is always surprisingly consistent. “Take more pictures.” “Shoot, shoot, shoot.” “Persevere.” Just keep after it; you can’t help but improve if you do.”

I know this sounds kind of obvious but it is advice that has worked for me and others in the business. It’s not rocket science, no secrets or inside information. Just simply shooting a bunch is how I have improved my skills and I know that this will work for you too.

See if you can apply some of these techniques to your local virtual tour business. Good luck out there! Good luck all of you out there with your virtual tour business!

Steve Stephens
Spokane Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 509 868-4043

The FORMULA 18 – The Agent Video Channel

Please join FORMULA host Jason LaVanture and guest Tara Jones on Tuesday December 15th for an episode of The FORMULA you won’t want to miss! The FORMULA 18 is all about helping your real estate customers put video onto their website. Best of all anyone that is an active RTV provider will get a FREE video channel account to put onto their site! This show is open to the entire RTV Network.

What is the video channel?? As you already know, everyone wants video on their web site, but who can afford it? Especially video that is professionally scripted and filmed! Beside the expense and the expertise needed to create the video, who has the time to research and develop the material your clients are interested in learning about, much less keeping the content fresh each month?

The Agent’s Video Channel, a brand new and exciting technology that brings FRESH video content automatically to your website is the easiest way for you do this. Each month they will provide you with new and entertaining content fed direct to your web site. They literally take the burden off of you and allow you to do what you do best. Sell Virtual Tours and additional property marketing services to your ever growing customer base!!!

It’s as easy as copy and paste! Each RTV provider site will receive a unique code and a reseller promo code. All RTV virtual tour providers can place this code onto their site and each month new exciting (professionally made) real estate related videos will appear automatically.

Because of our special arrangement any active RTV providers will be able to resell this technology and receive 15% commissions or simply leave the product on your websites to keep people coming back for more month after month. It’s that easy!

See you on the show!

Best regards,


See how easy it is to apply “The FORMULA” to your business!

Title: The FORMULA 18 | Agent Video Channel
Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
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