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Preparing for a virtual home tour

Over the past seven years our virtual tour and photography products have continued to get better and better. We can really show off a well prepared home. Our photos can be absolutely stunning and really attract attention from those who are interested in your property. Our virtual tour photographers specialize in advance real estate photography techniques and really do a great job of capturing the essence of a home.

We are often asked to provide a list of things that should be done prior to the photographer arriving to take your marketing photos and to construct photos for your virtual home tour. We appreciate our clients being proactive in readying a property for photos and have seen over time the huge difference between a prepared home vs. a home that was not properly readied prior to our photographer’s arrival. This video has some suggestions that if followed will result in much better marketing photos.

If you would like a PDF document that contains many of these preparation steps for yourself and your customers simply email

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Alan Fon
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Selling Real Estate to Generation C

Our friends at Google have defined Gen C not so much by its age as by the actions and interests of its members.  They prefer to think of Gen C as a culture. It describes “people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. It’s not an age group; it’s an attitude and mindset.”

Why is this important to anyone trying to market real estate? Because the folks at Google are pretty smart – remember, they have, with all due respect to MicroSoft and Apple, pretty much managed to take over the digital world. And those folks at Google have given Gen C a subtitle:  “The YouTube Generation”.

According to Google, here are some defining characteristics of this group:
* Fully 80 percent of Gen C is also a part of Gen Y, meaning they were born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s. And this is YouTube’s core audience.

* This group uses YouTube as a major source of both information and social interaction. I was stunned to learn that the number two search engine in the world is not Bing or Yahoo, but YouTube. And it’s because there is now a video on almost every topic in the world.

* Gen C is constantly connected: they eat, sleep and breathe the internet, across many devices. My suspicion is that most of you fall into this category. Here is the defining stat: literally 91 per cent of this group sleeps next to a smartphone.

* Gen C relies on YouTube across all your screens, especially mobile devices, and in particular, their cell phones. I got a new smartphone the other day – I was amazed to sit there and watch a beautiful virtual home tour while driving around the perimeter. And the quality was remarkable. Add in falling prices for data plans and rising network speeds, and we find that mobile video is exploding.

So what does all this mean if you are trying to sell a house?

It all boils down to buyer behavior. Buyers want video, and for the most part, sellers and agents aren’t giving it to them. I know that some agents are heavy into virtual tours and full motion video, but they are among the few. And I believe that video and virtual tours are the wave of the future when it comes to selling or renting a home or an apartment.

As I have reminded you before, fully 88 percent of buyers begin their search for their next home on the internet, taking virtual tours, gathering financial information, and generally learning all the facts.
The bottom line here is that the eyeballs you want to grab are already focused on the internet, and those most likely to buy a house are already focused squarely on YouTube. And if you aren’t creating some form of video content for the marketing of your real estate, you are missing a huge opportunity to gain market share.

Brenda Stewart
Accents Virtual Tours
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Home Tours with Floor Plans!

Floor Plans SoftwareI have been a real estate agent in Northern, NJ since 1996 where I have seen many changes in
technology. I remember our office sharing one computer which aged back to Windows 3.1. I
was one of the first agents in the area who bought and utilized a digital camera, when others
were still running to Fotomat to have prints made. Technology has been a blessing for many,
while being problematic for others.

About a year ago, I came across an app in the Apple Store known as Magic Plan and I was immediately hooked. To start, I find a great deal of joy in the “techie” aspects of marketing real estate, which is why I focus my business on representing sellers and their homes. I have produced floor plans in the past, however the time it would take utilizing CAD software was very consuming. Not to mention, laser measuring devices of past were not as accurate, so I relied on the good old tape

While apps like Magic Plan still require calibration, they make the process much easier and fun at the same time. Soon after playing with Magic Plan, I discovered that they had affiliations with other software developers, so I decided to dive in and check out them as well. One is 3D Floorplaner, which allows you to take your 2D floor plans from Magic Plan and transform them into a complete 3D model. Like the latest versions of Magic Plan, 3D Floorplanner also allows you to add in furniture, utilities, colors, carpets, etc. Soon after, I explored their affiliation with RTV Virtual Home Tours. I was immediately impressed with the integration and ease of use, giving real estate agents the ability to produce their own home tours.

Magic Plan, 3D Floor planner and RTV Tours work together to make the life of a Real Estate
Agent easier and more productive. The development of these software products gives agents
the ability to offer services to clients that would in the past, cost substantial amounts of money,
not to mention, time. When it comes to pricing, all three are very reasonable, which allows an
agent to do more.

I have received positive reviews from sellers and buyers alike, who find the floor plans and interactive virtual tours very helpful. Integrating them into your home tours takes your marketing to a new level. I would highly suggest to any agent to give these services a try for yourself and see just how easy and fun it is to provide these marketing tools to your clients and listings.

Scott Breyer

Taking Fusion to New Heights

Hello all you RTV virtual tour provider.  We’ll Digital Imageries LLC is proud to announce the addition of aerial photography to its many property marketing services.  Our Spokane virtual tour company uses state-of-the-art Quadcopters as a flying platform, we are able to take amazing pictures of your property, project or business.

Quadcopters are the ideal platform for taking pictures or videos from a height where details can be emphasized making it ideal for real estate, farm land, and aerial surveys. Stop on by our website today and check out some of our amazing Fusion virtual tour presentations. 

Digital Imageries uses the best photographic and 360 panorama technology to make your property or services shine!  Using the power of Real Tour Vision’s Fusion technology, Digital Imageries’ Virtual Tours will get your property or service noticed, resulting in more customers and incresed interest in what you have to offer

In addition to providing the best in 360 panoramas, we now include, video, social media integration, floor plans,narration and aerial photograpy in your virtual tours at a reasonable and cost effective price.  Check out the amazing features and order your tour today!

Bob Peterson
Spokane Virtual Tours
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