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Going Green Screen – Video 5 of the 2015 RTV Convention Series Now in RPM!

Virtual Tour Video Add On

Are you looking for new products you can add to your marketing repertoire? Green screen video is a great way to increase your service offering, and the best part is, you likely have most of the equipment to produce full HD video already. Realtors and business owners love the level of professionalism a custom video adds to their virtual tours, websites and social media profiles. Once the initial recording is done, the video clip can be superimposed over photos of any listing creating a repeating revenue opportunity for your business.

Meg Paxton and Josh Beechraft of BlueLaVaMedia join Derek Conrad in the fifth installment of the 2015 Virtual Tour Convention series, to discuss the equipment, software and techniques you will need to know to begin offering this unique service. Creating your own green screen videos is easier than you think. Meg and Josh share their experience in what works and what doesn’t work for creating these videos as well as how to maximize the profitability of this service.

The 2015 Convention series is part of a large library of recorded webinars covering photography techniques, equipment, marketing tools, and much more, available to Rockpointe Marketing subscribers. If you aren’t currently a member we highly suggest you consider joining. In addition to the webinars, you will also have access to powerful marketing pieces, presentations and much more that are completely customizable for your business. 

We hope you enjoy this webinar, and if you choose to offer green screen video your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. Keep your eyes out for our final video of the 2015 RTV Virtual Tour Provider Convention Series coming soon!



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Getting Leads Before Your Trained

RTV not only dispatches hundreds of virtual tour orders each month for our national accounts, but we also receive several hundred leads for virtual tour service requests each month.

In this situation I took a phone call in the virtual tour sales department and it happened to be a lead for this guy. One problem…He’s not been trained!

I’m trying to buy him some time but the FSBO wants their virtual tour and this provider works full time! Because of his job he MUST find a photographer to work for him, get that person trained and FAST!!!

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Can You Rock The Shoot?

I know that it really looks like I’m beginning to cry here but I’m really excited about this new program that the Tour Track Fairies came up with while I was away.  Do a great job on an RTV Tour Track deal and we will bonus you a free virtual tour credit.  How nice of a deal is that?  Keep up the great work out there team. We love you!

Jason LaVanture
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Social Bookmarking has Changed!

I received a call today from Dave Hall from Dave had some questions about whether or not you were actually building back links by using social bookmarking. In this little snippet I talk about the correct procedure you should go through to build back links using follow sites. Check it out! (Yes, I’m sitting on a body ball.)

If you’re already an RTV provider who has taken our Social Ignition program in the past you need to know that it has DRASTICALLY changed. You can retake the course by logging into your RTV marketing account at and sign up for that again. No membership is required and it’s 100% FREE…just for being an RTV virtual tour provider. We love ya!

-“Stay Social”

Jason LaVanture

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