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New Offerings for West Chester PA Virtual Tour Clients

Virtual Vista Virtual Tours Has some important announcements to make!!!

First of all, a big thanks goes out to the outstanding patronage of our loyal West Chester PA clientele.

Effective November 3, 2008, Virtual Vista virtual tours now offer:

You Tube Tour Conversions

Outstanding West Chester Virtual Tour Specials

Club Virtual Vista Memberships

Amazing Single Property Websites

Unbeatable Tour Bundles

We have expanded our horizons to offer you the YouTube world. When you see our Virtual Vista YouTube Tour, there will be no doubt that we offer more than the competition can offer.

Virtual Vista has added several incredible specials. We want our local West Chester virtual tour service area customers to know how committed to excellence we are, in the quality of our service, as well as, the quality of our product.

Virtual Vista has implemented Club Virtual Vista. Our members will receive rewards that will pay for themselves over and over and over again.

For those real estae agents looking to up their real estate property exposure to the next level, we offer our West Chester Single Property Websites (e.g., What we love about offering these sites is that they put a spotlight on any listing. Even if you are not located in West Chester PA, we can provide this service to you.

Finally, for real estate professionals that feel a virtual tour is important for every listing, we have better than economically priced West Chester Virtual Tour Bundles. As always, we go out of our way to make sure that our bundles give the client the opportunity to save significant dollar amounts. Whether you are looking to reduce your marketing costs or free-up and re appropriate funds to further expose your property on the internet, our bundles are definitely a win-win deal!!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions and comments that you may have. Feedback is always welcome. Contact your local West Chester virtual tour company today.


Brian Castro
Virtual Vista
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Building My Tampa Virtual Tour Company…For Free

I just started my Tampa virtual tour company about 2 years ago. Last year I cleared about two hundred and fifty virtual tours and this year is shaping up to be even better. Here is how I grew my virtual tour business and spent little to no money at all.

When I first got started in this I went all out and had some fancy flyers and high quality business cards printed. I spent quite a bit on those items as well as getting my website up and running. I knew image was everything on the web, in print and most of all…in person.

I want around to all of the local real estate offices, handed out business cards and flyers and introduced myself in person. That is really where it all began. I got a few orders from that campaign then I refined my process and stared the routine all over again.

After my second pass I realized that being a one person operation I was soon shooting virtual tours and did not have time for all of the sales anymore so I sat down and began working out a way to put my business on autopilot.

I already knew that most of my new business was coming from referrals. People loved my product, my deliver, prices and level of service so they naturally talked about me to other people. That’s when I decided to take that simple fact and make it work faster and faster for me…even while I was out in the field shooting virtual tours.

I immediately stopped printing the expensive flyers and dropped down to marketing with just the website and a nicer business card with an attractive panorama printed on it. To get the ball rolling I implemented a few basics that I had learned along the way and then simply amplified them. I was now ready to make word of mouth my primary form of advertising!

I had made it a habit to follow up with my customers weekly after each shoot that I did for them to make sure everything was in order. On this call I began asking for a referral. “Do you know anyone else in your office that may need a virtual tour?” “Have you visited any homes recently that do not have a virtual tour but could really use one?” Questions like these did not always “Pan Out” but on many occasions they did and I started landing more deals using less money and less time overall.

Next during my 360 virtual tour photo shoots I made sure to give my customers some extra business cards and told them that every new agent they sent off to me who gave me at least two virtual tour orders I would give them a free virtual tour in exchange for the referrals. That free single virtual tour that I gave away was well worth the twenty or thirty virtual tours that I would get from that new customer over the next year or two. After handing out my business cards to agents for a few months some of them actually started asking me for more cards from time to time. Why wouldn’t they? They were getting free virtual tours for simply handing out my cards to their peers and talking about my services from time to time.

Next I implemented a “Constant Contact” program into my business. (From one of the Ask Jack columns in an old RTV newsletter). My constant contact approach here meant that if I had not heard from a particular customer in three to four weeks I would call then and ask them how things were going. If they had placed a CD order with me I would drop those off at their office in person. Yes that’s right…I stopped mailing out my CD’s. It takes a bit more time to do the drop but it gets the gate keepers familiar with you at the front end of the office and it creates an amazing opportunity for you to meet the key players in the office. The more they see you around the better so long as you don’t become a distraction. The key to a successful drop off is to get in, make the delivery and get along your way. Keep in mind they are typically very busy but the fact that you hand deliver your goods shows a lot and will stay with them.

Finally I made a big focus on making my tour production as fast as I possibly could without sacrificing the quality. Turnaround time is key especially when other national companies take weeks to deliver the virtual tours. They all will remember you and talk about you more if you have fast turn around time.

Well everyone out there, I hope some of my ideas help you out and I wish you all the best.

Thank You
Chuck Small
Tampa Virtual Tours
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Dear team RTV,

I wanted to share with you how fantastic your team has been to me, I finally got my Virtual Tour Training completed and I have been working to get up and running. As you know, I bought my package over 2 years ago and because of my mother passing away I wasn’t able to train or even launch my virtual tour company in a timely manner. But last week I finally completed my training.

Ben has been a great asset and quick to respond as if I am the only person in the world. He is a true customer is #1 type employee. The other person was the gentleman that trained me , he understood every detail of the process and set the pace of the training to my needs , didn’t treat me like some noobie when he saw that I had some computer skills.

By the end of the conference call , I felt like I completely understood the process and he left no stone unturned . RTV is truly a leader in the marketing of anything related to housing, businesses or anything else that you can imagine.

You have a fantastic core team so far in every person I have had the pleasure of working with to date . I also do commercial real estate in the valley and will be adding this to the many marketing services that I provide for my clients.

Joe Plante

Groovygeeks – Virtual Tours
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The Power of Blogging

Last month I wrote an entry for the RTV Blog on the subject of Home and Business Inventory virtual tours using our virtual tour software. It was put out there to get a response from other providers in order to see if any of them were currently producing 360 virtual tours for this market sector. There were a few responses on the forum but the biggest surprise came from two people that weren’t providers (one is now). Both had found the blog through RSS Feeds keying in on home inventory services which they have been involved with for some time. We have traded info on how their format works compared to ours and are trying to come up with a system that will be efficient and worth the effort money wise.

I’ve also been in contact with RTV about this lucrative market and will continue to post info as we learn more. If there are any RTV providers that are currently serving this sector, your input is greatly appreciated. Step forward with any criteria or materials that may help us all.

Just another reason to post on this blog. Not only will it give your business better rankings in the search engines, but it can also lead you to entirely different markets that we have yet to tap into. One little suggestion from one person may give an ‘ah-ha’ to another that could break this wide open!


Rob Lenthe
Remote Global Viewing
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Visual Tours Gone Bad

You HAVE to click on the link and check this out!

When NOT to do a Virtual Tour

I received an email form one of my real estate agent clients. He was absolutely amazed that someone in his “farm area” had done a visual tour of one of his competing listings. It wasn’t so much that his competitor did the tour, because as we all know over 80% of home buyers go online to search for a home. It was that the condition of the property was so embarrassing that no pictures should have been taken AT ALL…well, maybe just a front shot.

He forwarded me the tour and I am now sharing this with you. And if you don’t believe that hiring a professional Virtual Tour provider is worth it, just take a look at how a “do-it-yourself” virtual tour solution can be used to hurt yourself.

The bottom line is that if you are a real estate agent, leave the photography and virtual tours to the professionals. Don’t make the same horrible mistake this agent made by actually posting a tour like the one shown here and listen to your property marketing specialists!! Give BakerB Solutions a call and let us do the job right!

BakerB Solutions provides full service Interactive Virtual Tours. We take high quality photos and build beautiful virtual tours with still images and 360 panoramic images integrated together in a full featured tour. Top quality results are what we deliver to clients in the Washington DC Metro region covering Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Contact us today for a PROFESSIONAL Interactive Virtual Tour

Alex Saenger
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