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HD Video Virtual Tours are Here!

Front Door Photos now offers 2 kinds of video virtual tours!

1414 Waukazoo - Holland | Andrea Crossman

Click the image above for a sneak peak at our latest and greatest visual marketing efforts. After a few weeks of hard work, I’m thrilled to start offering these video tours to realtors and builders looking to take their marketing to a whole new level! Having trouble viewing the video? Click HERE to view it on the website. Here are the 2 video virtual tour options:
1) HD video virtual tour with aerial videography, 360-degree panoramas and still photos

A 60-second video comprised of aerial video, 360-degree panoramas and still photos branded with your logo and contact information. The HD video is delivered as an MP4 file and comes ready to be loaded to to YouTube. (Price $199)
2) Full HD video tour with aerial videography and interior video work (no still photos or panoramas)

A 90-second video comprised of aerial video, hand-held walk through video, and other professional video shots also branded with your logo and contact information. Narration/voice-over services are available with this video type as well. This professional HD video is also delivered as an MP4 file and comes ready to be loaded to YouTube. (Price $399)

It is my goal to offer the very best visual marketing solutions so please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Finally, THANK YOU for your continued support of Front Door Photos!

Best Regards,

Taylor Blom
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Why Should You Add Video to Virtual Tours?

Watching videos online is a growing trend and this relates heavily to the online virtual tour business. Including video within your virtual tour is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention and provide a better experience for anyone looking at the property online.

Videos can show off the very fine details of a property and any location. They are great for showing the surrounding areas such as rivers, water fountains, wildlife, and other points of interest.

Another common use is to upload a video of a real estate agent introducing the property and giving a short summary of the home or business. This will give the interactive virtual tour a personal touch and make it seem like you are taking a tour with a real person helping you along the way.

The more rich features that you can include within your 360 virtual tour, the better the odds to sell a home. The Fusion virtual tour software allows 5 minutes of internal video that can be shown during a live virtual tour. This is usually plenty of time to talk about the home or show off the different selling points. Try to keep your videos short and to the point, while keeping the visitors attention so that they can become a potential buyer.

With the power of Fusion and including all of the rich media such as HD still photos, 360 panoramas, and 720p video you will provide some of the best looking online virtual tours to your clients. They will not be disappointed with the RTV system and video options!

Team RTV

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More YouTube Views For Virtual Tours

The more people you get to watch your virtual tour productions, the more successful your virtual tour business can be. YouTube can be a great channel to gain more exposure for your virtual tour videos—but with 100 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, the challenge becomes getting people to find and watch yours.

It goes without saying that just uploading a video to YouTube and hoping that people will find it won’t get you views. Here are some ways to get more eyeballs for your virtual tours, and grow your virtual tour business with YouTube.

Use labels and descriptions to make your virtual tours findable
YouTube is a video platform, but there are plenty of opportunities to include text that will help people find your video through searches on the site. RTV’s Fusion virtual tour system does most of this fore you, but you should still take the time to optimize / double check all of these items for every virtual tour you upload to YouTube:

•    Video file name. The actual content file that you upload is searchable. If you’re posting a virtual tour for a 3-bedroom bungalow in Honolulu—first of all, lucky you, because you probably live in Hawaii. Second, don’t name the file “listing0024.mp4”. Instead, call it “HOME-ADDRESS-bunglow-Honolulu.mp4”.  So many users search for specific addresses these days as they look for more information on specific homes they’re interested.  Remember that it’s highly unlikely that people will initially find your home on YouTube but as they search for more information on a specific home it will come up a second time for further exposure!  Fusion virtual tour software system automatically optimizes your YouTube name for you. The same will also go for the video title.  Make your video title match your video file name for best results. Again…RTV’s Fusion system does this for you automatically. 

•    Video description. Don’t skimp out on your descriptions!!! YouTube gives you around 2 to 3 paragraphs, and you should use it all to work keywords naturally into an interesting description of the video itself, as well as your virtual tour business. You can use the free YouTube keyword tool to find the most popular related keywords people are searching for. Don’t forget to include a link to the virtual tour itself right at the very top of your description. This will attract more visitors VS putting the link to your production at the bottom.  RTV recommends that you click on the Video Promotion button in your Fusion system and double check to make sure that you’re happy with the automatic description that Fusion adds before sending the production off to YouTube. 

•    Tags. Fusion will also automatically add relevant tags into your video production.  If you like you can customize the tags on any of your productions.  Be sure to choose interesting and relevant tags like “Honolulu” and “virtual tour” and “don’t you wish you lived in Hawaii” (okay, maybe not that one) for your videos.

Share everywhere
Remember, YouTube views count even when people view your virtual tours embedded on another website—and with more views, more people will be able to find it on YouTube. Have a plan to start sharing your videos as soon as they’re live on YouTube—through your social media, on your website, even with your family and friends.

With well-planned use of descriptive elements and a strong sharing strategy, you can get more YouTube views for your virtual tours and in turn your virtual tour business channel will become more popular.  Overall this means more exposure for your virtual tour business.


Team RTV

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Expand Your Marketing Strategy Using Video Marketing

Over half of all Americans own a smartphone, 34% own a tablet, and Neomobile predicts that by 2017, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. This presents you virtual tour company owners with a huge opportunity to start taking advantage of mobile video platforms like Instagram and Vine.

So how can you start implementing video marketing into your virtual tour company marketing strategy? You should follow the tips suggested below.

Tip #1: Limit the Self-Promotion
Of course the whole point of marketing is to market yourself, but too many promotional videos will turn people off. No one is interested in a video that simply shows a picture of your product with a voice over that describes it. We highly recommend that you use the Fusion virtual tour system and create an amazing interactive video presentation demonstrating your property marketing skills and features.  Here’s a very nice presentation that might give you some ideas to get you started:

Tip #2: Provide helpful, quality content
As with all content marketing, you want to promote your virtual tour company, but you also want to provide your customers and potential customers with something that will be genuinely helpful or interesting to them.

Tip #3: Build Suspense
There are some advantages to the short time constraints. One advantage is that you’re able to create suspenseful teasers that will build up excitement about an upcoming contest, product launch, or any other “big announcement” that you want your virtual tour customers to be excited about.

Tip #4: Host a Contest
People love entering contests! Host a contest asking your followers to show you how they use your product, or offer a video testimonial contest among your very best customers.

Tip #5: Give An Inside Look
People love going “behind the scenes.” It makes them feel as though they’re getting an exclusive inside look into the secret world behind a business or brand.  Think about creating a “Behind the Scenes” video of you processing images, building a virtual tour, or even showing your customers how you virtual tour company evaluates each shoot.

Tip #6: Just Get Creative!
Try out Instagram or Vine! These amazing sites constrain you to 15 seconds or less to send your message forcing you to be creative. Think outside of the advertising box and brainstorm different, unique ways to showcase your virtual tour products and professional photography services. Create a story, not a commercial.

Above all have fun RTV!

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV

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The IMAGE 45 – Lights, Camera, Action! – DSLR Video Settings

The IMAGE photography talkshowLights, Camera, Action!  Video is a powerful tool.  It touches the sense of sight in an exciting way by showing movement rather than insinuating it.  Full Motion Video is a great way to experience things in motion such as waterfalls, waves, Gates opening, interviews, Realtor introductions, and the list goes on.  So let’s delve into the world of Video. 

Many of you have DSLR cameras that have video capability.  In this virtual tour webinar we are going to discuss how to configure your camera settings for shooting great video.

We will talk about some basics if imaging, from the virtual tour photography perspective that you’re used to, and show how those apply to video.  Then we will discuss camera settings for capturing great quality video.  If we have time we will also touch on some equipment that will help you keep your camera stabilized when you are capturing video while walking around.

Join me June 18, 2013 at 7pm Eastern to learn how to create some of your on movie magic with an introductory course on shooting Video and the settings to use on your DSLR.
Register now in your TMS!

See you there!

Ben Knorr
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