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RTV – The Italian Experience

Our experience in Italy where we have been present for two years now as a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider working the real estate market. We are still to the beginning in how much we are paying an old market from the point of view marketing is for the presence of network that they work in independent way is from realtor of old generation. We are trying to offer virtual tours in several companies near the Venice but e’ the fear that the same ones lose something, when we explain to it that the tours are a benefit for the company!

To date we are changing marketing: we are activating a website ( where we create Virtual tours also to owner in order stimulate the market real estate about Internet and to short we will go in advertising through traditional means of paper. In tourist field we have made goal! Italy optimal wants advancements in tourism field and our 360 virtual tours in the hotels and villas are accepted well! We look forward to many more years with Real Tour Vision and all of the great virtual tour software updates to expand to more languages.

Great day!

Michele Belmondo

Virtual Tour Provider Meets Southern Hospitality

As always the virtual tour photographer hopes for a beautiful sunny day for a shoot, but on occasion the rain sets in and makes the shoot more challenging. On this particular day I was hoping that the rain was going to hold off long enough for me to arrive and get the shoot done, but instead it started pouring down just as I pulled into the driveway.

Whenever I setup for a virtual tour shoot I typically park the farthest I can from the home so my car does not end up in every one of my online virtual tours. Reaching to get my umbrella and putting together my game plan on just how I was going to get my equipment out, juggle the umbrella and stay dry at the same time out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the owner had raised his garage door and motioned for me to pull inside. I was so grateful and surprised by the thoughtfulness of this individual. They didn’t know me except for a phone conversation to set up the shoot.

It all ended well, by the time I was finished inside, the rain had stopped long enough for me to take the virtual tour shots I needed outside. I feel doing this profession I have friends everywhere!

Lisa Matherly
Virtual Home FX

Virtual Tours Google Style

Great googley moogley I thought to myself the first time I saw the virtual tour camera in the article below. Leave it up to Google to get into virtual tours and utilize a $100,000.00 virtual tour camera! I recommend that everyone read the article below as it gives great insight to what we are all a part of and where this journey is taking us.

Each and every person involved in Real Tour Vision as a Full Service provider or an In-House provider is a part one of the biggest movements ever as we continue to make our entire world a virtual place to be explored and documented. While Google is using this for street mapping, Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers are able to take it one step further as they go inside of the homes, shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, and corner stores. It is truly great to see virtual tour technology and the benefits that go along with it become the status quo.

I remember years ago walking around in an online environment and the computer printed on the screen (Yes, in white letters only on a black background!) what was around you. The graphics were then left up to your imagination. Alas here we are 15 years later and on the brink of being able to go anywhere in the world with just a click of our mouse. It is great having so many members on the Real Tour Vision team all marching together as one in this movement. Thank you and enjoy the article.

Getting Google’s Street Views
Immersive Media is the Canadian outfit behind Google Maps’ new 360-degree images. What will its unusual cameras shoot next?

by Douglas MacMillan

Full Article is here

Maybe you’ve seen one cruising the streets in your city: A platinum gray Volkswagen Beetle with a camera that looks like a small disco ball fixed to the roof. They’ve been driving the streets in major cities across the country, snapping some 125 million images to be digitally woven into 360-degree views of everything from New York’s South Street Seaport to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

The fleet of VW (VOWG) Beetles is the brainchild of David McCutchen, a 56-year-old entrepreneur who has been trying to make the Web three-dimensional. He’s the co-founder and chief technology officer of Calgary (Alta.)-based Immersive Media (IMSVF), a company that may have a good shot at doing just that. For example, Street View, the popular new feature on Google (GOOG) Maps, is made possible through an exclusive license with Immersive.
When 10 Lenses Just Aren’t Enough

Welcome to the world of immersive imaging, a nascent technology still being perfected by a handful of patent-holders. Immersive Media is one of the pioneers in the field—it began developing digital 360-degree still images and videos in 1994. The technology is used in security and real estate applications, but may be ready for more extensive consumer tasks.

Immersive Media’s secret weapon is an 11-lens camera, called a Dodeca 2360. It takes 11 simultaneous video or still shots, which are seamlessly stitched together by a software program so that viewers can shift continuously from one perspective to the next. “There have been a lot of people trying to do this since the camera was invented, whether [with] a fish-eye lens or with a dozen cameras strapped together,” says Immersive Chief Executive Myles McGovern.

Immersive manufactures the Dodeca and holds numerous patents on the device. What makes it unique is its dodecahedron (12-sided) shape, which captures images consistently in every direction. Anyone can buy one for around $100,000, but only a handful have been sold—mostly to government agencies.

Video Tours Exposed

Recently I have noticed that a lot of companies (large and small) are desperately trying to take advantage of the nuance of the video tour ‘rave’ by offering slide shows disguised as ‘video tours’. It seems the Jack-in-the-box law is now in effect. ‘Virtual tour’ companies are popping up all over the place offering ‘video tours’ that are nothing more than glorified slide shows.

Here’s the deal. Pretty much anyone can start one of these supposed ‘video tour’ services using slide show software for next to nothing and charge whatever they want for it. That’s fine. This is America.. whatever… but why lie?

I am going to go out on a limb here and let the secret out. I may get sued, but I think it is worth it if I can save just one agent form the death grips of a video tour bait-switch deal. Here’s the secret that they DON’T want you to know…. If the image is static (no movement) it’s a still picture, not a video. So, if the trees aren’t moving and the dog stopped breathing, chances are you didn’t get a video. So, what do you get when you take a bunch of images and make them fade in and out and side-to-side? Ummm, I am not sure, but I believe that may be a slide show. You can fancy it up any which way, but it is still not a video.

I was sitting here writing an article about the differences between slide show tours, virtual tours and video tours when it dawned on me… I have never had a real estate agent ask me if they could link their video tour to MLS. So here’s my question…

Have any of you ever linked a video tour (not a slide show) to MLS and if so, have you ran into any problems with IDX rules?

With virtual tours and slide shows (depending on your virtual tour provider), you have the option of using a different link that automatically removes the branding and audio using the same tour. But with a video, this is not an option. It would seem to me that you would have to produce two separate videos (one with branding & audio and one without) in order to take advantage of full exposure for the listing. This would incur additional expense and time (even if you produced your own). Thoughts?

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours

Free Blogs for Realtors!

Blogging is not only a great way to keep a very large group of people up to date on your products and company it also drives mass amounts of traffic back to your website and business. If you are a Real Tour Vision provider and have a virtual tour company or, if you are an In-house virtual tour provider, you should all recognized the power behind the blog.

Be sure to encourage your customers to create blogs. If they do not know how to, take it upon yourself as the local online marketing experts to show them how. As an in-house provider you should be able to read the article below and sign up for your free blogging software and start writing today. Whether you are an in-house provider or a full-service provider or someone out there reading this who has not signed up with us yet please take a moment of your time to read the article below. Showing your expertise in your field by blogging is proven to work which is exactly why is offering it now for free. The more you write on as an expert in your field the more traffic will be driven to your site. Now…if there were only more time in our day.

Here is the article:


Friday, May 18, 2007

By Glenn Roberts Jr.
Inman News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Errol Samuelson today announced the availability of free blog sites for all Realtors and also announced several new and planned features for the popular property-search Web site, which is operated by Move Inc. and is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors trade group.

The retooled site, he said, is incorporating Web 2.0 principals such as consumer interaction, richer data and online video.

Realtors can sign up for a free blog at A planned section at the site will allow consumers to view an assortment of blog posts individually chosen by site editors for inclusion on a featured blogs page at the site. These blog posts can direct traffic back to the Web sites of participating bloggers.

The full article is here