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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Tour Provider

Often times Realtors(r) don’t attend the shoots for virtual tours because they trust our judgment. This is perfectly fine with us if the owner is home. Homeowners (99% of the time) cooperate by following our “tour preparation tips” and staying out of view of the camera. They are curious about the virtual tour process and share any concerns they may have (will you make sure to show THIS?)

Recently a homeowner explained they are moving out of the area shortly. They had found a stager to investigate the cost. It was extremely expensive, and they were disappointed this would not be an option.

I asked if they had been offered partial staging, and the homeowner explained they were told “all or nothing.” I’ve seen partial staging so I know it can be done, and I supplied them with contact information of 4 stagers in our greater metro area.

At the next virtual tour appointment, the homeowner had followed our “tips” and the house was spotless. We recommended rearranging the living room furniture somewhat to make it feel more open, suggested moving a couple of items out of the way which would have distracted the viewer, and adjusting blinds so that they were at the best angle. Homeowners seem to appreciate that we are not in-and-out “in a heartbeat” want the home to look its best.

We are all about creating masterpiece virtual tours which will help sell your listings because like you, we want to develop long-lasting, repeat business relationships.

Dawn Shaffer
Virtual Tours

A Little “Bread” and Breakfast

Recently , while searching for additional business clients, I decided to do a free 360 Tour for a local Bed and Breakfast establishment. The 360 tour was time consuming, as I had to return another day and shoot some pictures of a wedding to include in the virtual tour. The extra time was definitely worth it; as I found out to my surprise, that the owner is also a Board member with Virginia’s Bed & Breakfast Association.

He liked the tour so much Click Here To View Tour that he agreed to email other owners in the region and also try and get a link of my Virtual Tour Business added to the associations website!

Besides all the free advertising I received from this one tour, the owner also said I had two nights all-inclusive stay for 2 any time!……Now, ….if I can just find that second part of the equation?!

If you are a certified virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision log into the forum as I have posted some secret tips on how to secure a LOT of Bed and Breakfast virtual tours in your area all at once. All virtual tour providers should know about this!! A Little “Bread” and a whole lot of free breakfast.

James Rector
Image 360 Virtual Tours

Real Tour Vision Summer Video Contest!

Calling all directors, actors and video editors! Let your creative juices flow and get your video cameras out because this is the BIGGEST contest that Real Tour Vision has ever held. The grand prize of this contest is a 30 pack of virtual tour credits that will be awarded to the Real Tour Vision provider who submits the best 30 second commercial. With human expression via video becoming so popular on websites like YouTube and Google Video we just had to reach out to the network and see just what you’ve got. We will be letting our entire provider network take part in voting for the best video. The winning video will be displayed on the Real Tour Vision corporate website for the entire world to see.

The rules are quite simple. Keep it clean and about Real Tour Vision virtual tours, its providers, opportunity, or end user experience. You may take on any angle that you desire and humor is encouraged here. Try not to make your video too long and by all means feel free to include anyone that would like to be in your commercial. Email your video clips to as you complete them and we will begin publishing them in our newsletters. Please be sure to get signoffs from people that you may not know in the video. The deadline for your video clip is September 1st and all video clips must be submitted via YouTube link or Google video link. For additional questions regarding this contest please email Good Luck!

Lifestyle Photos on 360 Tours

As an agent in the Florida Keys I find that most of our properties are sold as vacation homes. To entice potential buyers from out of the area, I started adding lifestyle photos to some of my 360 virtual tours.

A good example is: HERE .

At the end of this tour are several photos of kayaking, boating, beautiful water, a sunrise and a colorful sunset.

Sharon Nyman
Century 21 Prestige Realty Group

The Virtual Tour Outlet

The other week I had someone call me from Florida I was wondering how did they come across a Las Vegas virtual tour company website. They stated they have a friend here in Las Vegas that just rented a house & saw it by Virtual Tour & now wanted her to see what home he rented & that she could view it from our website at One more reason to use a virtual tour it can be viewed all over the country & even a rental property can benefit from this marketing!

Angeline Olsen
Virtual Tour Outlet Las Vegas.