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High End Virtual Tours

We are really proud of our virtual tour company and our success in high end markets. I’d like to give a quick overview of our company history.

September 2005 – Started our little experiment, doing virtual tours, a little website work, and computer work. Had to do all three to make ends meet. Made $2000 gross first month. Quit a $60,000/year job. Wondered how smart I was.

November 2005 – Hired a professional photographer to help do the photo work, so I could sell more, and do just the back end virtual tour assembly.

2006 – Spent the year knocking on doors in Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride, and other markets, pretty much anywhere within two hours of our home base. Continued to sell to the higher end of the market, since most folks didn’t want to spend over $100. We developed a product that included awesome photos for print, web, and the virtual tour, and sold it for $400 or more. Did $100,000 in our first full year.

2007 – Our relentless pursuit of sales yielded the opportunity to gain contracts with several of the biggest brokerages in Aspen and Crested Butte and we partnered with a website company to extend our capability to do websites specifically for real estate agents. We ended up buying out that website company in September of 2007 on our second anniversary. We have up to four contract photographers. Did $200,000 our second full year.

2008 – We quit doing most of the computer work, kept chasing more website business and photography/virtual tour business, focusing on just those two things for our growth. Began working on developing a real estate video product for the Aspen market this spring, and put together a team of pros to help us do just that, We’ve done five already! Shot over 50 properties in June alone! And we’re on pace to do over $400,000 in total sales this year!

We have leveraged every little technical advantage that RTV has brought to the table over the last three years. They have continued to improve the stitching software, the online tour management system, the supporting materials (marketing, panoriders with single property websites, floorplans, etc.).

RTV’s commitment to continuous improvement of both product offerings and service for those of us on the front lines has been tremendous. They have enabled us to do in excess of 500 virtual tours since we started! Choosing RTV after a great deal of research three years ago was the best decision we made at the beginning of our adventure.

Commit yourself to the highest quality of product and service, and be determined to work through the slow times and never give up! We had our two biggest months ever in May and June, even in the ‘down market’!

Now get out there and be successful!

Marc Terrien, Owner/President
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Visual Tours Gone Bad

You HAVE to click on the link and check this out!

When NOT to do a Virtual Tour

I received an email form one of my real estate agent clients. He was absolutely amazed that someone in his “farm area” had done a visual tour of one of his competing listings. It wasn’t so much that his competitor did the tour, because as we all know over 80% of home buyers go online to search for a home. It was that the condition of the property was so embarrassing that no pictures should have been taken AT ALL…well, maybe just a front shot.

He forwarded me the tour and I am now sharing this with you. And if you don’t believe that hiring a professional Virtual Tour provider is worth it, just take a look at how a “do-it-yourself” virtual tour solution can be used to hurt yourself.

The bottom line is that if you are a real estate agent, leave the photography and virtual tours to the professionals. Don’t make the same horrible mistake this agent made by actually posting a tour like the one shown here and listen to your property marketing specialists!! Give BakerB Solutions a call and let us do the job right!

BakerB Solutions provides full service Interactive Virtual Tours. We take high quality photos and build beautiful virtual tours with still images and 360 panoramic images integrated together in a full featured tour. Top quality results are what we deliver to clients in the Washington DC Metro region covering Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Contact us today for a PROFESSIONAL Interactive Virtual Tour

Alex Saenger
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Home Inventory Services Gone Interactive!

There may be a huge market out there waiting to be tapped into that could multiply the amount of virtual tours we are currently producing. Sometimes the real estate market is relied on too much for our business when there is another residential/commercial segment that can utilize our interactive 360 virtual tours as well.

Not every home or business is for sale, but they do have insurance. Thus, every one of them is a target for the insurance documentation/home inventory sector that can have virtual tours created for them. There may be a bit more work involved in these types of tours but you can also charge more for your efforts. Some insurance companies will provide the paperwork required for the client to fill out so all you may need to do is provide the virtual tours and still photos for the record. Introduce your concept to your local insurance companies to get their feedback.

For all of you that live in regions of the world that are prone to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc) this could be a big boost to your bottom line since the insurance companies and clients would be more responsive to the need.

Also, don’t forget that there are always two parties to any real estate transaction – the buyer and the seller. If you created a virtual tour for a specific property that a buyer bought due to the tour, then you know they are sold on its effectiveness. But they bought the home with all the seller’s furnishings, etc and not theirs! So why not hit them up for an insurance documentation/home inventory virtual tour once they are moved in?

There are more details that we are looking into to see if this can be a simple market to enter. If any other providers are currently creating these types of tours, your input is greatly appreciated. All of us working together on an industry like this is a plus for everyone involved!

Rob Lenthe
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Virtual Tour Turn Around Time

Quick turn around is essential in keeping business from floating away. As a professional 360 virtual tour provider we expect to get paid on the day of photography and our customers are entitled to having their 360 virtual tours ready as soon as possible. I recently acquired an account from Obeo because according to the broker, time and time again they were late in delivering virtual tours to their customers. I snagged another account not too long ago from a company that delivers only video virtual tours . The agent thought they were using cutting edge technology but when the tour too forever and then some to publish and they saw the end result they consulted the other people in the office who use my services. Sorry guys….video is viral but after one look when it is used for home tours it is certainly not viable and my new clients agree!! 😉

As an independent virtual tour provider I cannot afford to lose any business so my work has to always be superb and on time. My customers are given my direct line, not a customer service line and can reach may whenever they like. The support staff and virtual tour software makes my tours ready as soon as they are uploaded to the server facility. To all of you out there in Real Tour Vision land knocking out the competition, 360realhometours is wishes you a great new year!!

Zivko Grcic
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Home Sellers Drive Your Virtual Tour Company

Over the last few months providing virtual tours in Bend central Oregon, I have gotten a few calls from realtors whom I call ‘reluctant customers’. Listening to their tone or what they are saying, you can tell they are reluctant to use virtual tours. “My seller wants me to do a virtual tour”. In many cases, the clients are the ones driving this which is GREAT. Often times, agents can’t see the forest for the trees: they are caught up in going to MLS meetings and broker opens; taking out that same advertisement in the Saturday paper, because it is what they and other brokers have done for years. Their clients however know how buyers find and look for homes: on the internet, viewing 360 virtual tours. In many cases, the clients are the ones responsible for bringing their agents (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century.

When I get one of these ‘reluctant agent’ calls, I talk about how we deliver a finished 360 tour, as easy to link to their MLS as updating a listing. Then I make the appointment. Getting this tour booked is pretty easy- I mean their seller is insisting on the tour, so they HAVE to get it done. Don’t make the mistake of talking about all the benefits of virtual tours during this conversation. Just get the booking and make sure they are the ones that meet you to let you in to the home. With no sellers present.

What many of these agents have in mind is getting this tour done, getting their client to shut up, and going right back to doing business the way they always have.

Don’t let them.

When shooting the tour, engage them in conversation. Find out exactly why they are reluctant to do virtual tours. Ask questions and LISTEN.

Often times these agents want to offer interactive 360 virtual tours and other services, but they lack the expertise. Or they don’t have the time. The Real Tour Vision provider can be their technological consultant. Discuss with them how easy it is to link the tour, to email the tour and how we can link the tour to Also remember that publishing the virtual tour to now places that 360 tour on over 90 websites!! Take a look for yourself:

If they are successful, comfortable with technology and busy, discuss with them how easy it is to call you and get the tour done. I like to use the analogy of going to Jiffy Lube for an oil change- just because I know how to change my oil does not mean I do. My time is worth too much.

If they indicate that are a little bit shy of new technology, talk to them in terms of being their technology consultant. Show them how easy it is to download the tour (or you can make them a CD Disk). Talk to them about how they can have this virtual tour available to show to their next prospect when they are making a listing presentation. Realtors use consultants all the time: CPAs, attorneys, home inspectors. They don’t have to know everything about the technology: they just have to know you-the RTV provider and local online marketing expert!

Andrew Wood
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