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Virtual Tour of Vacation Rentals

Our virtual tour company recently created a virtual tour of a vacation rental. It has not opened its doors yet; the ribbon-cutting ceremony is a bit down the road.

However, the owner understands the value to the renter of experiencing what they’d “see out the windows.” Is there a bay view? (yes!) do all of the bedrooms have their own private bathrooms? (yes) .. laundry facilities?

Well-taken photos are essential, but a virtual tour “teleports” the renter inside the property.

They may email a link to the virtual tour directly to a loved one. They may also download it to create a CD version of the tour for an off line presentation. We give it all to you.

Dawn Shaffer

Virtual Tours Are A Great Tool For Vacation Rentals

Virtual tours are quickly gaining popularity among real estate agents across the country. Vacation rental managers should not overlook this valuable marketing tool. Virtual tours of your rentals will not only draw potential renters, but will help to insure they rent again.

Having a website with virtual tours will enable potential renters to view their unit before they visit. A good tour should include all benefits of the rental. Proximity to local attractions, and amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise facilities, and more should be included. This will enable your renters to to plan on visiting all you facility has to offer. Most importantly, this will get them excited about the vacation well in advance of arrival! Virtual tours can also be placed on rental websites for increased market visibility.

What about after the visit. Savvy rental managers can provide the renter with the tour on CD, or mailer invitation to view the tour on the website. The images will remind the renter of the great vacation, and all your rental had to offer. This will enable the renter to relive the vacation, and get excited about returning.

Joe Beane
RTV Virtual Tour Provider
360 Virtual Tours

The Best Virtual Tour Needs Great Stills

Quality is a must when it comes to a product like Real Tour Vision virtual tours. Good still pictures are just as important as taking good panoramic images. I have noticed some tour track orders (National Accounts for Real Tour Vision), as well other tours have fuzzy stills. I have a feeling that many virtual tour providers are shooting their stills by hand. This may be ok for vacations but when it comes to shooting as a professional you should offer top quality stills. First of all, you need to make sure the camera is in focus. If the camera auto focus is not focusing well on a particular shot then use the manual focus mode and make sure the picture looks great. Next make sure that the camera is still and not shaking when the shutter is pressed. Property re-shoots are expensive so make sure to capture the images correctly the first time. Many digital cameras have either digital or mechanical image stabilization to aid in shooting. Do not rely solely on these features to shoot great stills.

The lighting conditions for virtual tours often force the camera’s shutter to stay open longer than normal to capture adequate light and if you are not 100% stable when you take the picture then your shot will come out fuzzy. The clearest pictures are taken using a tripod. When your camera is mounted on the tripod it sits completely stable and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a clear picture as far as stabilization goes. For the widest angle still the camera should be mounted horizontally, not vertically like when panorama photos are taken. If a tripod is too cumbersome for you to carry around the shoot or you would like something that is lighter and quicker to setup for each still shot then I would strongly suggest that you invest in a monopod.

A monopod is a single support leg that has a quick release plate that attaches to the bottom of your camera. The plate with the camera attached to it then locks in place on top of the monopod. The monopod stabilizes your camera from moving up and down and doesn’t require as much setup time as tripod does. You can extend the monopod out to the desired shooting height and you are ready to go. It has a light and slender design that makes it easy to carry from shot to shot. If you are interested you can search online for monopods. There are many different brands available but most will have the features listed above and would work for camera stabilization. Good luck on the still images and keep the great looking virtual tours coming!

By Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision Lens Engineer

Virtual Tour Company at your Service

“I’m here to take pictures, not clean your house.” That’s what I’d like to say sometimes when I show up to an appointment and the house is a mess. Some virtual tours take me twice as long as they should because I’m either moving stuff out of each shot (dirty dishes, laundry baskets, babies) or the sellers realize they need to clean as soon as I start taking pictures. Which in our world can sometimes mean inconsistent photos.

It’s happened more than once when I’ve arrived back from a tour shoot, stitched a panoramic, only to realize that the seller was moving stuff around behind me and the photos don’t quite match up. I’m always sure to keep a smile and positive attitude no matter what, and if the seller apologizes for their place being messy or because they see me moving stuff around, I always say that “it happens all the time”… which unfortunately is true (maybe it’s because I work in a town populated mostly by college students).

Then I remembered something… Something from my days as a Realtor. One of the hardest things to do as a Realtor can be to break the news to your seller that their home is dirty, and if they want to sell it, they need to clean it first. With this in mind, I came up with a solution to solve the Realtor’s dilemma and my own. I wrote an article and published it on my website titled “Prepare your home for a Virtual Tour” (click link to view the full text). My customers send this to their sellers prior to our appointment. My customer’s love this article because it gives them an out when the time comes to tell the seller to clean up. I love it because it speeds up my tour shoots not to mention makes them look a lot better. It’s also a great marketing tool for me as yet another reason to use virtual tours. Realtors get to use that article I wrote, the sellers expect to get a virtual tour a result, everyone is happy.

Feel free to take a look at that text and play around with your own ideas for your own website. If you republish the article on your own site, I would appreciate a link back to my site. In my summers off in college, my best friend and I would drive to the Outer Banks and clean vacation homes and in return the real estate company we worked for paid for us to stay in our own house on the beach for the summer (this program still exists if anyone is interested). I learned how to thoroughly clean a large home rather quickly, and I use some of those techniques in this article.

Myles Lasco

Virtual Tour Adaptation

Today’s market in real estate has changed. Have you changed with it?

The above question could be a negative or positive question, depending on your outlook in life. We constantly hear people complain about market conditions, which anyone associated with real estate knows changes continually. The question really becomes, are you ready to make changes according to market conditions? If you are, then not only will your tour business stay strong, but your influence with Realtors you work with will be a very positive one, both for you, the virtual tour provider, and they, the agents.

We all know that when a market slows, the tendency is to cut back on advertising. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what should be done? When sales drop off, a seller needs to increase the size of their market. This will never happen if you don’t let people know you are out there. The same holds true for the real estate agent.

What better way to reach a larger target audience than with virtual tours? Internet exposure with complete information provided to the potential buyer. Now that’s adding value to a market that really needs it, and at the same time getting interest for both the client (real estate agent or seller) and your tour business. When things slow down, you need to speed up, working to get more exposure for yourself and ultimately, your clients. Don’t let the market control your success. Control your market. Sound impossible? Well, it really isn’t.

Real Tour Vision constantly provides their providers with new and updated virtual tour software and information on the market, along with a host of ideas for reaching a larger audience. They also provide lots of marketing information that providers can provide their clients, thereby helping the entire process. Name me another Virtual Tour Company that considers the entire market, not just the photographic processes. This is the reason I became a Real Tour Vision provider. After an experience with one of the biggest tour companies in the World, I discovered that no matter how big the company behind you is, if they don’t give service, information, and all around concern for the market and the people that represent them, it really doesn’t matter how large they are.

Service and information are key words at RTV. That simply means that any RTV provider is well armed with all the latest technology and… information for their clients. When an RTV provider steps into a home, they are as well armed with knowledge, expertise and information as you can get in our business. Their clients benefit as well, and together, your local market and the market of your clients benefit. Get out there and let the world know what you have to offer, and your market will increase, good times or bad!

Mike Willett
MW360 Tours