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Buyers Market is GREAT for Virtual Tours

I’ve been working with a Realtor that loves my virtual tour company’s work. She asked me to make a 360 tour on one of her listings, in the 10 million dollar range. This house was going to be furnished in a couple of weeks. Needless to say she could not wait for the home to be furnished she called me and decided that I do a virtual tour of the home unfurnished and later do one with the home furnished. A Buyers market is the best market for Virtual Tours. Realtors need to sell their listings and show the seller all their efforts for the selling of the property.

All the Realtors I deal with tell me how great our Virtual Tours are and love how I get back to them the next day. All this is because we work with the BEST Virtual Tour Company out there. Real Tour Vision helps us providers achieve the best customer service and quality of work, so our customers are satisfied and happy about the money they are investing in order to expose and sell their listings. I hear is all the time, and I’m glad I decided to go with Real Tour Vision.

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images

Robo on Tours

Once again, yet another amazing opportunity falling into my lap due to being a virtual tour provider within the Real Tour Vision movement!

I’m traveling across the U.S.A. for the second summer in a row from vacation destination to vacation destination. I am stopping all along the way to shoot 360 virtual tours. Some of my virtual tours are just scenic tours for my own personal use while many of the others are sold on the spot when I arrive on location. So far I’ve made it across the Rockies to the islands of Lake Erie for a few tours. One of them was actually for a kayak rental company that you can view at

The 360 tour is short, but that’s due to the fact that it was shot using what I call the free style hand pan while aboard a ‘pontoon bike’ out on the lake. The Real Tour Vision virtual tour software is solid enough to give me the flexibility to do hand pans from time to time and not sacrifice a fantastic virtual tour scene just because I can’t get my gear there. Hand pans are a little more time consuming but can make for some really cool panoramic scenes. Just another way you can create tours that impress the client and viewers as well!

Rob Lenthe

Remote Global Viewing

Rake N Take

I have been in the situation where I have been taking pictures for a virtual tour in an unfurnished house that is painted pretty much beige from ceiling to floor. Of course my digital camera can’t auto focus on a blank wall under these circumstances and manual focus is a crapshoot.

What I have found that works is to take a leaf rake along with me. Put the rake against the wall with the tines facing up and in the center of the area of focus for the camera lens. Fortunately, a leaf rake is just about perfect height for this. I let the camera auto focus on the rake tines and then switch it to manual from there to freeze the focus. Remove the rake and take your shot. Rake-N-Take works every time with no fuzzy pictures!

Wayne Hobin
1st Choice Realty, Keowee Key

RTV – The Italian Experience

Our experience in Italy where we have been present for two years now as a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider working the real estate market. We are still to the beginning in how much we are paying an old market from the point of view marketing is for the presence of network that they work in independent way is from realtor of old generation. We are trying to offer virtual tours in several companies near the Venice but e’ the fear that the same ones lose something, when we explain to it that the tours are a benefit for the company!

To date we are changing marketing: we are activating a website ( where we create Virtual tours also to owner in order stimulate the market real estate about Internet and to short we will go in advertising through traditional means of paper. In tourist field we have made goal! Italy optimal wants advancements in tourism field and our 360 virtual tours in the hotels and villas are accepted well! We look forward to many more years with Real Tour Vision and all of the great virtual tour software updates to expand to more languages.

Great day!

Michele Belmondo

Office Assistant Vs Virtual Tour Provider

I arrived at the shoot at just before 10 a.m., at the same time as the Realtor and her assistant. Her assistant was clearly not impressed that the Realtor had hired a professional virtual tour photographer to come in. The assistant approached the house, centered herself directly in front of the front door, snapped a few photos with her disposable camera, and headed for the front door. I looked at my watch, smiled, and followed her inside the house without taking any photos.

I assured the real estate agent that she would be able to download our still photos the same day, so she would be able to use them to list the property.

The assistant and I crossed paths a few times during the shoot. At a difficult bathroom shot, she stood in the middle of the doorway and took a photo. By this time, the Realtor had been watching us for awhile, and she asked her assistant to try and get the shot without showing herself standing in the doorway.

The assistant turned and said, “It is what it is.” “It’s just digital so if I don’t like it, I’ll just delete it.”

I smiled. Attitudes like this are what keeps my phone ringing all day long!!

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