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Marketing With 360 Virtual Tours

Marketing With Virtual Tours For Rental Managers

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Time to gear up you marketing programs for next season. 360 Virtual tours can be a cost effective way to market to past and potential clients.

A minimal investment can go a long way with adding 360 virtual tours to your website. Display a tour of the amenities your property has to offer. Include pools, lobby exercise facilities, beach access, nearby attractions, etc. Having an interactive virtual tour on your website gives clients a tool to explore your property in an enjoyable manor from the comfort of their home. Include tours of the types of rooms offered. Being able to view in advance what the client will be receiving boosts confidence in your establishment.

Take things a step further. Email your guests a link and invitation to view the virtual tour of the room they will be staying in a couple of weeks before they are due for arrival. This will get them excited in anticipation of their stay. Further, send them the link again a month after departure and recommend re-booking for next year!

View a resort virtual tour HERE

Joe Beane

Round The Room virtual tours and photography

Renters Means RUN

For the most part, renters are not motivated to clean up..after all, if the house sells, they will have to move.

We were called in to do a 360 virtual tour of a home occupied by renters. It was trashed. I recommended a slide show because a 360 would be unacceptable of any area of the house.

I helped my client schlep tables and trash from room to room so I could take photos of the house.

The house looked great in the slide show.

That glow I felt from helping someone out dissipated when another agent from the same office called and wanted me to work miracles on another house occupied by renters.

Live and learn.

Anonymous Virtual Tour Provider

A Little “Bread” and Breakfast

Recently , while searching for additional business clients, I decided to do a free 360 Tour for a local Bed and Breakfast establishment. The 360 tour was time consuming, as I had to return another day and shoot some pictures of a wedding to include in the virtual tour. The extra time was definitely worth it; as I found out to my surprise, that the owner is also a Board member with Virginia’s Bed & Breakfast Association.

He liked the tour so much Click Here To View Tour that he agreed to email other owners in the region and also try and get a link of my Virtual Tour Business added to the associations website!

Besides all the free advertising I received from this one tour, the owner also said I had two nights all-inclusive stay for 2 any time!……Now, ….if I can just find that second part of the equation?!

If you are a certified virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision log into the forum as I have posted some secret tips on how to secure a LOT of Bed and Breakfast virtual tours in your area all at once. All virtual tour providers should know about this!! A Little “Bread” and a whole lot of free breakfast.

James Rector
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The Virtual Tour Outlet

The other week I had someone call me from Florida I was wondering how did they come across a Las Vegas virtual tour company website. They stated they have a friend here in Las Vegas that just rented a house & saw it by Virtual Tour & now wanted her to see what home he rented & that she could view it from our website at One more reason to use a virtual tour it can be viewed all over the country & even a rental property can benefit from this marketing!

Angeline Olsen
Virtual Tour Outlet Las Vegas.

More Buyers with 360 Virtual Tours

In a vacation and retirement destination such as the Florida Panhandle, many potential buyers will be from outside the local area. Lifelong vacationers, retirees, military, and even overseas investors may decide to purchase here. As a virtual tour provider, I am always preaching the benefit of on-line advertising of real estate. It is always good when a client confirms my worth. I’ve been told of several instances when a 360 virtual tour I did helped sell a home.

I have also been told of a couple of times when a virtual tour was the deciding factor in the selling of a home. There are instances when a buyer’s circumstances merit them deciding on a property to purchase before they can physically visit the area. I have found no better tool to help in that decision than, a good Realtor, and of course, an exceptional virtual tour.

Joe Beane
Round the Room Virtual Tours