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New Virtual Tour Manager Delivers

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I am amazed at how easy the new virtual tour manager site works. I can publish a 360 tour now in under 20 minutes. The fact that virtual tour approvals is now an option that I can turn on or off means that us power users don’t have to wait an extra twenty or thirty minutes to get approval from Real Tour Vision. Let me tell you that is a great help!! In the beginning when I was getting started I liked having their input so I knew that I was not messing things up but once I got things down I did not want to have to wait any longer. Especially over the weekends. My clients rave about the fact that if we do a tour on Friday afternoon it gets posted that very day. I know that my virtual tour delivery time is much faster than that of the other national virtual tour companies like Circlepix and Obeo and at the end of the day that really makes me look great!

I especially like the fact that I can easily put all of the city and school information into the virtual tour as well as mapping to the directions to the listing. Putting slide shows together is also a breeze as well as adding audio to my virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very easy to use and to date I haven’t crashed a tour yet!

One other nice thing great thing that I have really come to love is the new partnership that Real Tour Vision made with Rock Pointe Marketing (A marketing company that offers its services exclusively to Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers.) I am an affiliate member of the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors and I was just nominated the Affiliate of the Month for July! I used the custom marketing materials from the Rock Pointe Marketing CD and let me tell you, my sales went nuts! All it took was for me to change a few words and put my company name on the flyer and it sold the agents that had still had doubts that virtual tours sell homes faster. Shortly after getting a new client on board with a virtual tour they ended up representing both the buyer and the seller. The month of August has been my best month so far and being that this is my first year as a virtual tour provider I am sure that it will continue to get better and better each year.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision I am having the time of my life. I enjoy making a living, who would of ever thought working could be so much fun.

Dave Kondracki
Dave Kondracki, LLC (Website Coming Soon!)
Outer Banks Virtual Tours
Phone: 410-926-0439

Happy Anniversay Mike and Candice Stolte!

Happy Nine Year Anniversary to Mike Stolte and his wonderful wife Candice. Mike and Candice have been a part of team RTV now for nearly two years offering virtual tours of Houston, TX.

Congrats Mike and Candice!!
Digital Tours and More
Houston Virtual Tour Company

Word of Mouth

I’ve done presentations, fliers, cards, emails; all the advertising out there, but the best and more efficient advertising is word of mouth. Word of mouth has been Perfect Images best advertising campaign. And what makes this work?, Being always on top of the game. Working with a company that is always up-to-date with the latest virtual tour software and offer the best customer service out there. In the last couple of months Perfect Images has received over 10 new orders from customers that have heard about our company and the efficiency with what we work, and they have been all recommended by other Realtors. This is only possible with the support of a company like Real Tour Vision.

I am very excited about all the new services Real Tour Vision is offering to us virtual tour providers so that we in return can offer to our customers. We can now offer floor plans with our tours and with the new TMS system. We can now offer a much faster 360 virtual tour turnover time here in the Treasure Coast and much more is on the way. All of this combined gives the Real Tour Vision provider the very best in virtual tour technology at a faster pace than ever before.

We get a lot of compliments for our tours, but the best part of it is that we work with a company that is always there for us and is always improving its technology so we can be the number one virtual tour company!

Best decision I have ever made! Real Tour Vision thank you for your support.

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Virtual Tours of the Treasure Coast

Improving the Virtual Tour Experience

Take the next step in the virtual tour experience and add an interactive aspect. Some virtual tour providers allow comments or recorded voice-overs to guide viewers through a non-interactive presentation. But, if you added an interactive aspect to it, you now get the complete package. So, why not add interactive hotspots on the tour and allow viewers to become immersed in their ‘own’ interactive tour of the home? With a simple point-and-click of a mouse, viewers can ‘walk’ from the kitchen to the family room.

Not only do you give potential buyers full control over their own ‘personal tour’ of the home, but you can also allow them to hear a professional pre-recorded informational message highlighting key features of the home. Want to see it? Just point-and-click!

The pivotal key to any business is the ability to bring in customers and keep them happy. Giving your potential clients the ability to not only view, but also ‘control’ their own tours gives you the ability to ‘personally’ introduce homes while allowing clients to ‘walk’ through the home at their leisure. Once they find their dream-home, the next step is to refer their friends! The question is, to whom will they refer them?

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours

The Impact of Virtual Tours on the Commercial Industry

Virtual Tours are a necessary investment in the world of travel. Think about it, If customers and potential vacationers could see what your hotels look like before planning their vacation it would make choosing your hotel much easier. On the majority of hotel websites, there are pictures of the rooms but they only show the sleeping area and not the rest of the room. If there were virtual tours of the rooms it would allow potential travelers to get a virtual in-person view of your accommodations.

Another profitable addition would be to add 360 virtual tours or still shots of the local area. Suppose that someone were to plan a vacation to the Caribbean and they have never been there before. Give them a sneak peak that could seal the deal over other hotels that opt to not provide virtual tours of the area. The hotel and tourism industry is always booming. This is one industry that will never die out. People will always take vacations but what would enhance the vacation process is to see a bit of where they would be staying as well as local virtual tours of the area. If you took a poll and asked 10 people if having seen a virtual tour before making reservations would make them reserve their vacation faster, 8 out of 10 would say yes. This only furthers the proof that virtual tours are becoming the norm in the commercial travel industry.

There are people who are going to plan a vacation regardless of what the accommodations look like, but if they had a choice to see a virtual online tour or while at the office of the travel agent they would, more often than not, opt for accommodations that have a virtual tour. It, obviously, would not entice anyone to change their destination, but it would increase the amount of travelers who have never thought to take a vacation in an unfamiliar (and not yet popular) vacation destination. Virtual tours are the wave of the future of commercial travel. Give us a call now and let an RTV virtual tour provider help you increase your revenue through the use of virtual tours!
Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours