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Expanding Virtual Tour Horizons

Learning a new tool is a process you must jump into!  We have seen the advantage of creating V-Slides as an appropriate virtual tour that enhances specific web-site and email distributions. See It Sell Studios, in Corinth, MS., has added this HD virtual tour technology to their tour choices.

First we had to see how to work with this type of virtual tour. What we did was begin a virtual tour that will actually be filmed in September. By loading some non-related pictures, we could see how to create the tour. Although we live in NE Mississippi, we love to vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. When we get to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we will be filming a condo and then remove/add pictures to feature this condo.

The owner of the condo will be able to email this visual to any inquiries they have as well as post it on VRBO (vacation rentals by owner).

Having our virtual tour company name on the tour allows us to get additional SEO exposure as well as additional business. We feel that rentals would especially benefit with this tour type because they are quick, at-a-glance, for someone looking at properties. The V-Slide is faster, easier for us to produce and thus a competitive, economical product can be easily marketed to prospective clients. Generally we will be doing only still shots but we love the feature that a pano or partial pano can be incorporated.

Set up your own “demo” to learn the V-Slide features. Use the demo to cold-call clients to visually show them how this can benefit their internet marketing! Take the plunge, you will love V-slides. NE Mississippi Virtual Tours is pleased to now be offering our client V-Tours.

Hugh Jordan
Corinth Virtual Tours
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V-Slides With V-Tours VS. Standalone V-Slides

I wanted to write you a quick message today and remind you about our show next week. Please take a moment to register here:
Secondly I would like to clear up a some recent confusion about our V-Slide and V-Tour system.
Several hundred of you have purchased our Standalone V-Slide Module on an UNLIMITED basis.  You can still produce unlimited V-Slides and are 100% unaffected by the recent update to the system.
Those of you who did not purchase this can now create V-Slides by logging into your and clicking on the Create HD V-Slide.  This will simply use one of your virtual tour credits. 
What’s the difference between a V-Slide connected to my V-Tour and a Standalone V-Slide?
A V-Tour costs 1 tour credit and can hold up to 30 images. You can also make a V-Slide when you create a V-Tour.  Your V-Slide can also hold up to 30 additional images.
·         The V-Slide you create with your V-Tour will connect itself to the V-Tour and make a button appear.
·         The V-Slide with the V-Tour DOES NOT have its own hit report.
·         The V-Slide with the V-Tour cannot be pushed to
A Standalone V-Slide costs 1 tour credit and can support unlimited images.
·         The V-Slide will have its own hit report.
·         The V-Slide can go to
·         The V-Slide will have a non branded version.
Enjoy the new technology everyone!
We’ll see you on the next show.
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Kid Dynamite’s 2010 Summary

Just the other day I was in the virtual tour TMS and looking at my virtual tour numbers for the year. I like to look at my current year and compare to previous years. As of right now, I am about 38% above last year’s on total number of virtual tours shot from 2009. I thought wow!! How can that be? I thought for awhile trying to figure out why this year is going so much better than last, and came up with a few thoughts.

This year, RTV virtual tour software company launched the new High Definition virtual tours. I tried them out and after a little time of getting them mastered, I started marketing them to my customers. The HD virtual tours were a big hit right away. My customers were very impressed. When the tours look good, the agents look good to their sellers.  None of my competition can compare to the quality, and the crystal clear full screen feature.

A few months ago, RTV rolled out their new HD V-Slide. I thought it looked really nice, but after being a tour provider for 8 years, I was a little apprehensive. I am used to doing 360 panoramic tours, not still image photography.  RTV promised me that it would attract a crowd of people that I have not yet been able to reach before so I purchased the unlimited HD Slideshow package and put my trust in them.

I had to figure out how I could make money off of this product. I watched a few episodes of The FORMULA that talked about marketing the V-Slides.  I watched an episode of The IMAGE which talked about getting creative with the still image photography. And finally like the HD tours, I played with the new technology for awhile to make sure I had the process down before I launched the product in my market.

What happened was truly amazing. This new system and product had a zing for impressing people. In fact, over the last month I’ve easily recovered my tiny investment and had the pleasure of knocking the socks off of many new prospects. I am promoting my V-Slides at a slightly lower price than my Rehoboth Beach Virtual Tours.

Many agents have started placing orders for V-Slides on properties that they wouldn’t have ordered virtual tours on. Maybe the homes were low priced or not furnished. So my new V-Slides are nicely filling a void for my business and attracting agents that in the past did not want to use 360 tours.  Here’s a couple recent V-Slides:

Now is the time to take a look at your business for the current year. Compare to previous years. How does it compare?  Please comment on this blog and let us know.  RTV tell me that most providers are up over last year.  That’s fantastic! Are you using the new products to their full advantage of them? If not, start making a marketing plan to implement them in 2011. Between all the new developments that RTV has planned for next year and the improving economy, I can guarantee that you’ll be up next year.

Good luck everyone and have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!!


Graves Carey

Graves Carey
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