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Final Call For TxT Connect

Since the RTV TxT Connect officially went live with all wireless carriers in October, we have already started to see subscriptions start to roll in. I know all of the many providers that signed up were anxious to get started selling the TxT Connect promo to Realtors and although we took a little longer than expected, all systems go!

We have also made a few upgrades to the sites with the new icons, new “Try Now” bar on the homepage to enter a cell number and click send to get the demo (easier to use than the previous version), some new features within the account/listing area and if you click on the “How It Works” tab on the bottom orange bar, there is a nice illustration that can also be used as a marketing piece (here is an RTV provider site to see; We are also going to be rolling out a major upgrade shortly that will include a number of new features within the account area.

Our RTV TxT Connect promo ends shortly and although a ton of you have signed up, there is still room for the rest of you if you are now ready. Remember, at the end of the promo the price goes from the $250 annual fee and 50/50 revenue split up to $995 and 20%. Clearly, a no-brainer for anyone interested in making some excellent recurring/passive revenue! (you can all thank Jason once again for his persistence in us offering an extension of this deal!).

The sign up page is here; and look forward to seeing the rest of you join the TxT2Look/TxT Connect team!

Team TxT2Look

RTV TxT Connect Officially Live!!!

Attention RTV…Our all new TxT Connect Program is Officially Live!

To all of you that have already signed up to the TxT Connect text message service, we are now officially live on ALL USA mobile phone carriers. You can begin selling the service!! Wait though…there’s even more good news.

We’re going to extend the discounted sign up rate and 5 free plans promotion for this program until November 30th!!! We’ll be holding one more webinar on the TxT connect program next week so please be sure to look out for that announcement coming soon. This webinar will be open to the entire RTV network. If you’re not an RTV virtual tour provider yet and would like to offer this service you MUST sign up before this deadline to take advantage of this amazing new property marketing tool at the discounted startup cost.

For only $250, you can get your own white label (Private Labeled) website to resell the text service. You will then receive 50% commissions on all sales that go through your site! See a live example of this on Alan’s website here:

Remember that on December 1st this promotion will end, so be sure to attend our webinar next week and also be sure to start up your virtual tour company this month to get things moving on this exciting new technology. Remember that the typical sign up rate is $995 and if you sign up after November you won’t be able to lock in the 50% commission rate. If you sign up for this program after November your commissions will down to 20%!! Even though 20% is a very good rate you really need to snag this deal while it is hot.

For any of you that want to TRY A LIVE CODE NOW, Text prop123 (message) to 43766 (number) right now and check this out for yourself. You can reply to the second message with the word MORE to get a link to pictures as well.

Thanks for your patience on this and we look forward to seeing your custom site!

Sign up now in the left nav of your TMS!


Team RTV

RTV TxT Connect is Coming

txt.jpg (549×700)

We anticipated an extremely new way to use text messaging and created a marketing campaign around it. Just in case you missed last month’s announcement on our new Text Connect program here is the skinny on this amazing technology.

We have taken a fairly common technology and created and amazing marketing tool! Our text Connect program is about one week of being 100% ready to SELL!! RTV TXT Connect is an all new mobile marketing service that uses SMS (“text messaging”). This technology makes property information instantly available on mobile phones and yields lead generation for real estate agents. Now all RTV virtual tour providers, both In-House and Full Service, can use this exciting new technology. The cost is extremely low and the benefits endless. Check out our marketing campaign. It is polished and ready for you to brand with your company details. Welcome to the best marketing tool since the virtual tour!

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RTV TXT Connect Webinar Next Week

Attention all RTV providers:

Please join us on TUESDAY September 1st, 2009 at 7pm EST while Jason LaVanture and special guests John Gallinaugh & Brian Perry delve deeper into the new RTV TXT Connect program. We will show you several new live white label sites, how to link the site to your existing website, the rider sign ordering process, and how use and customize several new marketing pieces that the RTV marketing team has created for this exciting new product.

If you missed our last show you WON’T want to miss out on this one!! The RTV TXT Connect program makes property info instantly available on mobile phones and yields lead generation for real estate agents. YES I SAID LEAD GENERATION!!!

Find out how Daniel Lee, a fellow RTV provider has sold this technology to over 6000 real estate agents!

Find out how easy it is to apply ‘The Formula’ to your virtual tour business!

PS. The first 250 RTV providers to sign up for this new program will receive a $150.00 promotion on their purchase!

Register now in your TMS Left Navigation!

New marketing pieces now available in your marketing control panel:

* Post Card for Online Distribution
* Post Card for Local Print
* Flyer Handout
* Bookmark Handout (for lamination)
* PowerPoint Presentation and Show
– To Be Professionally Voiced Soon

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