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Thanks RTV Tour Track!

Shooting Tour Track jobs for RTV virtual tour company has never been more rewarding.  Last week I was sent an order to do a virtual tour and photograph South Texas Vet Specialist Hospital.  As some shooters may confess, “You really don’t get the details of the job until you arrive at the location.”  After stepping into the Lobby and taking a quick glance around I felt a cold rush of sadness.  It was evident that these ill pets and their owners were going through some difficult times. 

After meeting with my contact and discussing the details, I dropped the tripod down into place and began to explain to those in the lobby what was about to take place.  Now getting a few kids out of a hotel pool for an image is one thing, but convincing grieving pet owners they don’t want to be in a photo takes a little more finesse.  I then moved on to the v-tours behind the closed doors. Howling cats, barking dogs and veterinarians dashing in every direction made for an unusual shoot.  I never dreamed I would be in a veterinary operating room wearing scrubs and taking pictures.   Thanks Jacque and RTV! 

Texas Photographer Tim Rider

Monterey Bay Virtual Tours Loves Fusion

Dear RTV,

I just want to rave about Ben, the setup team, the training staff, and the rest of the RTV team for giving Monterey Bay Virtual Tours such an EASY and PROBLEM FREE virtual tour system to plug into! I had a little hardware glitch yesterday, called RTV and within 12 hours it was fixed and I was back up and running again.

I started this virtual tour business as a part time thing that I could easily do with my one year old son on my back, and it now has turned into a full blown business! I keep meaning to complete my status so that I can be a candidate for the Tour Track system and get jobs from RTV’s national accounts, but I haven’t had a slow moment yet! The Fusion virtual tours are selling themselves. It’s awesome!!! I am now in the process of hiring another virtual tour photographer to keep up! This work is enjoyable and hassle-free because of RTV and their dedication to their virtual tour providers.

Thank you guys so much!

Samantha Magenheim

Monterey Bay Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 831-595-9933

Get Photography Jobs With RTV

The RTV, Inc Tour Track program has paid professional photographers around the world millions of dollars over the years.  We want to make sure that you’re up to speed on the new fully integrated Fusion Tour Track.  Please watch our new Fusion Tour Track Orientation video below.

If you’re not setup on Fusion or on our Tour Track system, you’re most likely missing out on several thousand dollars of revenue each year.  With a variety of photography jobs that pay you anywhere from $100 to $700, being on your radar should be a top priority for you. Please visit our Tour Track orientation page to get setup on Fusion and start getting photography jobs today!
Team RTV
National Photography Services & Hotel Photography
Order a virtual tour: 866-947-8687

2012 & Beyond Tour Track Payment Policy

RTV is pleased to announce that effective immediately we will begin making payments to Tour Track photographers 30-35 days after the tour is marked complete.  We will be cutting checks each week and the longest you should have to wait for your check to be cut is 35 days. 

For example:
Tour Track virtual tour marked complete on 1/3/12
Due in 30 days = 2/2/12
We will pay every job due within that week – Sunday Jan 29th through Saturday Feb 4th on Friday, Feb 3rd.

Please allow processing and mailing time before inquiring about a status of a payment, if you haven’t received your check within 40 days feel free to drop us a note.  I want to thank all of you for your patience and commitment to our brand over the years. As our Tour Track program grew so quickly it’s been tough coordinating everything and this payout process has been something that we’ve been looking to fix for some time now.  I hope you’re all as excited as I am about our new Tour Track 2.0 system that’s built into the RealTour Fusion platform.  It will save you all SO MUCH TIME! Of course it will help me out too. Finally, I hope you all have a prosperous and happy new year!

Yours Truly,

Jacque Stevens-Burk
Director of National Accounts
Virtual Tour Software & Lots of Photography Jobs

PS. Don’t forget to send chocolate!

Tour Track Spring Cleaning

Order virtual tours from RTV virtual tour providersHey RTV…Some Updates Are Needed

RTV prides itself on offering full coverage virtual tours throughout the United States for our national clients. In order to cut down on mileage costs and provide faster service for our national accounts we are remapping coverage areas for our photographers. Any places where we see “holes” we are going to try and fill.

In order to get placed accurately on the new coverage map please email tourtrack((AT)) using the subject line My Coverage Area. I need to know how many miles you will travel before you charge RTV a fee. Specifically, how far would you travel, with no mileage fee, for a $100 payout? Please put in the round trip mileage and I will add that into your account.

With this new information RTV will be able to get our clients the quickest service possible while maintaining our low prices. I would like this info from everyone, even if you haven’t been sent a Tour Track order yet. We place new orders daily, all over the country, so I want the info ready when they come in!

Thanks Team!
Jacque the Tour Track Fairy
National Virtual Tour Service