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Do You Have the Bends?



I really enjoyed a recent Image webinar. For so long now I have had the bends….see sample 1 and 3 above. No I don’t go deep sea diving, I go picture taking of large buildings, tall buildings with condos, and I end up with the bends, until last night. I have all these software programs to drag horizontal and vertical lines to straighten my images, but it is too frustrating to stay with them to complete the task. I just want my walls straight….can it be soooooo difficult? Not anymore! Last night I heard the words “Shift N”. I pressed “Shift N” on my keyboard…nothing…nada. So I Googled it and voila! I downloaded the ShiftN program. Ten minutes later I had straightened the earth, straightened out my teenage son, the dog etc. Look at the difference in sample 2 and 4 and all done automatically. Thanks so much!

I have downloaded all the webinar episodes so far. What a wealth of information! I’ve gradually integrated it into my marketing; I did the 12 week SEO course in two hours and I will revisit each week again asap. And all this is free!

I Googled a local Broker, Barbara Kestel recently. I keep her Superlative web site updated with her listings and I do some virtual tours for her. Based on RTV’s SEO course she is listed on the first page 3 or 4 times, with a link to a virtual tour and my website, and I haven’t implemented all of your tips yet! I think this is awesome. I look forward so much now to the webinars, even though the timing isn’t great for me, I make it to most of them.

Again many thanks,

Jim Griffin
LaVelle Studios LLC

The FORMULA 35 | Effective Product Launching

Are you getting bogged down trying to keep your virtual tour company and customer base updated as technology changes and new technology becomes available? Launching new products and services can be a very challenging thing to coordinate especially if most of your day is eaten up by taking care of operations.

Websites need continual updating. Customers need to be informed. Marketing materials require updating and of course your press releases and blogs are commonplace when making announcements about your company. All this can become quite an overload especially when RTV is continually advancing the virtual tour software and making new strategic relationships with other companies.

Please join us on September 21st at 7:00 Eastern for a round table discussion on how to effectively launch new products and services for your property marketing company.

During the show we will be covering how to stay organized, write your press release, edit your website, blog
about your products, update your marketing materials, and notify your customer base.

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Yours Sincerely,


Virtual Tour Software
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The FORMULA 32 – The Making & Marketing of HD Slideshows

So you’ve been playing around with the new RTV HD Slideshow Module and now you’re ready to start pushing product out to your customer base.  Please join us on August 3rd at 7:00 Eastern for The FORMULA 32 – The Making and Marketing of RTV HD Slideshows. Register now in your TMS.

I will be accompanied by Torie Hermel, head of technical support here at RTV.  She will be kicking off the show and going through the HD Slideshow creation process step by step and pointing out power functions along the way.  During the second half of the show I will be talking about the ways in which you can market this exciting new product, how you might consider pricing a full service and self service slide show and more. 

Sample some HD Slideshows:

Finally, I’ll also be addressing RTV Slideshow pricing, terms and describe to you in full the difference between our RTV HD Slideshow and the new Standalone RTV Slideshow module which allows you to produce unlimited slideshows with unlimited scenes. Sign up now in your TMS.

See you on the show and be sure to bring your employees!



Virtual Tour Software

The FORMULA 31 – “Let it Slide” | Slideshow 2.0 Release

We all remember the very first RTV slide show 1.0 from five years ago.  It did the job, but hey, it’s 2010 and we are desperately ready for a new one.  We’ve taken your input and we’ve listened to your requests and now were ready to “Let it Slide!” 

The new RTV Slide Show will be released on Wednesday, June 30th so get ready to upload your HD images in a “provider friendly” drag and drop format.  The new slide show has some features we are planning to implement with the new tour building system.  That’s right!  We’re just around the corner from showing you a brand new Tour Builder AND end user experience unlike any before from RTV

Our new HD slide show will be a FREE ADD ON to any virtual tour that you create.  You will be able upload 30 additional scenes to your slide show, and best of all, the slide show will play panos from your 360 virtual tour too!  Please join me on Tuesday, July 6th at 7:00 Eastern for FORMULA 31 “Let it Slide”.  We will be discussing how this new technology release will open up additional revenue streams for you and your virtual tour company.  See you at the show!

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Jason LaVanture
Virtual Tour Guru
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The FORMULA 30 – Facebook 101 The Nancy Bain Story

 “No Games” Nancy Bain is coming to The FORMULA 30 so you better have your thinking cap on and your notepad out.  In this episode of The FORMULA Nancy is sharing her story on how she has built up her virtual tour & property marketing business in Nova Scotia where NOBODY had previously used virtual tours. With all odds stacked up against her, no market acceptance for her technology, and little to no experience on social media Nancy took the RTV plunge in late 2009.  

Fast forward to today and Nancy has been nominated by the Nova Scotia Chamber of Commerce for an Entrepreneurial award from the Lunenburg Queens Business Excellence Awards. Nancy teaches social media classes for local real estate agents and has become a master of Facebook marketing.  Finally, and most importantly, Nancy has started booking and shooting virtual tours on a regular basis as a direct result of her seminars. All of this started from her taking the RTV Social Ignition Course!

Please join myself and Nancy Bain on Tuesday June 15th at 7:00 Eastern as we learn how to penetrate a nearly impossible market by giving back to your community and peers by way of information, education and seminars.  Best of all, Facebook marketing is FREE!

See you on the show. Sign up now in your TMS!

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