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The FORMULA 56 – Shifting Gears

There comes a time in the life of every virtual tour company that the owner must sit back and make the decision of how to take the next step. You are out there on the front lines shooting X 360 tours a month. Your overhead is low. It’s you, your laptop, and trusty car. Life is good money-wise and you are spending your days shooting virtual tours.

Wait!! What’s wrong with this picture? You stopped doing your sales calls that’s what! Remember in the beginning of your virtual tour business you would hustle all day long, doing a sales pitch here, and a cold call there. Now that you have taken the time, put in your hours, and sealed enough deals to get the engine running, you are stuck and unable to continue growing your company. You need to shift gears. Do it the wrong way however and your wallet will take a hit.

Bringing on a new hire means that you will have to start cutting into your profits and instead of all of them going to you, you will now have overhead. On the flip side, bringing on a virtual tour photographer will free you up with the much needed time enabling you to get back out there, hit the bricks and bring home some fresh clients.

If you play your cards right like you did the first time around, in no time at all you will find yourself in the field shooting virtual tours for most of your day. You have now just doubled your company and this folks is called shifting gears.

Please join myself and a panel of top RTV Virtual Tour Providers from all across the USA on Tuesday, August 16th at 7:00 PM Eastern as we discuss the right way to take your company to the next level.

We’re looking forward to having Graves Carey from, Alan Fon from, and Mike Thompson from on our show.

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The FORMULA 55 – The Elegant Art of Sales

It takes money to make money as they say and nobody knows that better than Jason and Jim from BlueLaVaMedia a Traverse City Drone company. Jason and Jim started out in the virtual tour business in 2007 the real estate market was at rock bottom. Struggling to get sales from Realtors in their area they turned to some very niche markets and used a unique sales approach which made them incredibly successful in a short amount of time.

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Jason & Team RTV

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The FORMULA 54 – Fast & Fabulous Flyers

On our last webinar we discussed the many power virtual tour add-ons that one can offer clients. One that seems to be a sticky point for many of our virtual tour providers is how to make a very attractive custom flyer in a short amount of time. The RTV marketing center has four custom flyer layouts for you to choose from, however the process is still quite manual and time consuming.

Please join myself and Donna Bigg from Challenging Designs Inc on Tuesday July 12th at 7:00 PM Eastern as we learn some of the secrets behind her simply breathtaking custom flyers. Most importantly, her flyers only take her a few minutes to create. She’ll be revealing to the RTV network the inexpensive flyer creation software that makes ANYONE look like a pro and cuts your flyer creation time in half! Sign up now in your TMS!
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The FORMULA 53 – Add-Ons – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So you’ve got the V-Tours and the V-Slides down.  You’re ready to add the next digital marketing tool onto your offering but which one to master first?  Which one will create the most excitement for your business? Which one has the highest return on investment? What do each of these add-ons cost and which ones should I save for last? 

These questions seem to be coming up more and more lately as RTV providers continue to expand their virtual tour businesses. Please join me on Tuesday June 21st as I review the many virtual tour add-ons you can offer to your clientele. I’ll be giving my personal opinions on each of these based on the experiences that I’ve had from  See you on the next FORMULA. Sign up now in your TMS!!

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