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The FORMULA 67 – Google Trusted Photographer

The FORMULA Virtual Tour TalkshowHave you been hearing all the hype about becoming a Google Trusted
Photographer? Would you like to take your virtual tour business to the
next level and snag more business virtual tours and photography shoots?

Team RTV has been following the Google Trusted Photographer program
very closely for the last six months and we’re ready to show you how you
can establish your virtual tour company now as a Google Trusted Photographer before others in your market snag that position.

Please join us on Tuesday January 8th as I interview several RTV
virtual tour providers who have already taken the steps to become a
“Google Trusted Photographer”.

On the show we’ll show you where you need to go to sign up, what
hardware and software you will need to complete the tasks, and how to use this new
source of leads to further your virtual tour business.

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The FORMULA 66 – Nuts & Bolts of Sales

Please join me Tuesday, November 13th at 7:00 PM Eastern as our special “Nuts & Bolts of Sales” series begins.  I’ll be talking with and interviewing guest host, Michael Thompson from Metro Detroit, co owner of Real Vision Studio. Michael manages multiple virtual tour photographers in Metro Detroit and also travels throughout the USA shooting business virtual tours.  He and his wife Joyce have been running a successful and highly profitable virtual tour business now for nearly ten years.

On the show we will dive into the Nuts & Bolts of your sales and marketing strategy for your virtual tour company.  If you have a desire to make money you don’t want to miss out on this show.  We’ll talk about the special tactics that are used to maximize revenue for your real estate photography shoots as well as using what precious time is left to go after those high dollar business productions.

On the show Mike and I will share, step by step, the do’s and don’ts of marketing and sales. From where to find clients, to building a clean data base, and creating marketing pieces, to setting up email campaigns and making cold calls followed up by good old fashion belly to belly sales.  Come to this FORMULA mini-series if you’re ready to start overcoming “NO”.  Fusion is HOT and not is the time to start closing those deals!
If you want to learn how to grow your business, expand out with your existing business or just plain get the ball rolling this is the show you have been waiting for. Please join me on Tuesday, November 6th at 7:00 and let’s learn how to make it happen on any level. See you on the show.

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The FORMULA 63 – Fusion Exposure Engine

Please join me Tuesday August 14th at 7:00 PM Eastern for a full review of the built in Syndication Tools found under the hood of the powerful Fusion virtual tour system. RTV is establishing new Syndication partners every couple of weeks who are eager to pull data from the several thousand virtual tours and interactive virtual media presentations that RTV is pumping out each month. During the show we’ll cover how to setup your YouTube feed, how auto labels, tags, tour link and video description works on the Fusion system. We’ll take a closer look at the Craigslist Widget and how to further customize your Craigslist ads. Finally we’ll discuss in detail how to setup your Fusion Exposure Engine and what you might charge your clients for this ongoing added exposure and listing maintenance.

Home sellers are demanding syndication to as many sites as possible and it’s your job to educate your customers on value of “Good” syndication VS “Bad” syndication. Bad syndication is pushing listings out there that have been sold or send out listing with incorrect pricing and worst of all having all of your listings out there on syndication sites without your customers branding on them.  RTV has setup a formula and process for our virtual tour providers to follow that establishes a foundation for practicing “Good” syndication.  We’ll be covering this in detail on the show.  See you there RTV. Don’t forget your notepad and Ginko.  

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6000 Virtual Tours and Beyond!

San Antonio Virtual ToursHave you ever wondered what it would feel like to shoot a thousand virtual tours over the course of a year or two? How about six thousand virtual tour shoots over several years? Meet Jerry Mumme, veteran virtual tour provider who has shot over six thousand virtual tours, burned many shutters and cooked a flash or two in his life. This is not a story however about a guy about to retire from running a successful virtual tour business. In fact, Jerry is fairly new to running his own virtual tour business, setting his own pricing, stitching his own photos, scheduling his own shoots, and running things his way.
According to Jerry, he’s just getting warmed up!

Jerry is so busy with his daily virtual tour shoots that his wife Trish is now taking an active role in Jerry’s virtual tour business by helping out with the books, scheduling his virtual tour shoots and working out virtual tour details in his virtual tour management system.

Jerry’s got one heck of a story to tell and a message to send out to the RTV providers as he continues to grow his business under his rule and fights off other national competitors in his area like Obeo, Circlepix, and VisualTours.
Please join me on October 11th as I interview Jerry Mumme and extract some very helpful hints and insight that will someday assist you in rounding the corner on your six thousandth virtual tour.

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The FORMULA 57 – The Secret Congrats Tool

If you’re like most RTV providers out there you’re always keeping your eyes peeled for great marketing ideas that will drive more business through your doors. By now you’ve probably already heard our Secret Congrats Tool that has providers making LOTS OF MONEY!!! In fact 70% of all RTV providers who have started using this method have seen a direct increase in business, so it’s about time we have a show on it!

Please join myself, Jim Blue, Mike Thompson, and possibly one other guest whose yet to be named on September 13th at 7:00 PM Eastern for a full overview of “The Secret Congrats Tool”.

Whether you’re already using this amazing business canvassing tool or have been just thinking about it, we’re strongly urge you to attend this event. This single marketing tool has lead to 9 new repeat customers for us here at BlueLaVaMedia this year and chances are it will do the same for you too. Sign up now in your TMS

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