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The FORMULA 73 – Marketing with the Headshot Guy!

Please join us for a one hour webinar all about marketing a virtual tour company and rebranding oneself from one kind of professional photographer to another.  On Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 PM Eastern we will be talking with Jamie Koster from and dive into some of his best marketing strategies. Jamie came to RTV about a year ago with no real estate customers whatsoever and has since shot over 100 virtual tours and climbing.  He continues to increase his tour numbers each month and loves building his business one customers at a time though routine and simple marketing efforts that you can learn too.

Jamie recently sent in this testimonial which inspired us to have him on the show:

“Greetings from sunny South Florida.  I cannot express my gratitude to the folks at RTV virtual tour software company.  At my age, and at this time in my life, I needed change in my photography career.  Jumping on airplanes with huge amounts of equipment for giant corporations and never knowing what country or city I was in was starting to wear this 53 year old out. The thought of shooting nervous brides and they’re twitching mother was not an option and I needed a local market that was easy to market to.  After doing lots of research I decided that real estate photography was the perfect niche market.  Who is easier to market to than people who are already advertising themselves? Plus they are licensed by the state and you can easily find them all! My theory is that if you treat a realtor right, you will have repeat business and a customer for life.  You make them look their best online and they are more than happy to refer you to all of their associates.” – Jamie Koster

On the show Jamie and I will discuss his story of rebranding himself and some very simple and easy to use marketing strategies that keep him busy doing virtual tours and real estate photography all day long. 

Please join us on Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 PM for The FORMLUA 73 – Marketing with The Headshot Guy!

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The FORMULA 71 – Extreme Themes & Loader Screens

TheFormula_orangeAre you getting the most out of Fusion virtual tour software? Do your customers know about the three styles that you offer; Fusion, Fusion Slim and FusionMax? Have you ever tried adding a custom theme or loader to make make your Fusion tours really stand out?  Ever try overriding the custom theme with a front of home image and use a transparent loader?  We didn’t think so…

Not only can custom themes and loaders help you earn extra money when setting up a new client, but by tweaking the settings slightly you can make your virtual tours tour load with more or less options. Using Fusion or FusionMax with the right custom theme and loader can also make your presentation load in half the time and often makes for an amazing showpiece when done right. It’s all possible with the Fusion virtual tour system.

RTV has been setting up many new accounts over the last several months and Gabe Clark has been in charge of making custom loaders and themes for these clients.

Please join us on September 17th at 7:00 PM as Gabe shares with you his vast knowledge in making extreme themes and loader screens.

See you there!

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The FORMULA 70 – Nuts & Bolts of Reselling

Let’s talk about expanding your business plan to include residual income. That’s right, we’re talking about residual income. With a little practice and use of RTV’s aggressive reseller program, you can do a little work and get paid for it on a regular basis. RTV is paying HUGE sales commissions and offering lifetime income opportunity for customers that you help bring to close.

On this show we’ll be discussing the different ways you can resell RTV’s systems and services to FSD, IHD and NAC accounts, and get paid for it. Find out how to get started down the road of reselling, how much you’ll make on each account, and how to spot potential customers.

• IHD – We’ll show you when you should or should not approach a brokerage with RTV’s DIY application. We’ll show you how RTV promotes your company in DIY accounts and how easy it is for them to order full service from you even after they’re setup as a DIY. We’ll be discussing how to price out the systems based on agent count and monthly plan.

• FSD – How can you attract other Full Service providers and help RTV fill in any holes in the network. How can you find out if an area is open? How do you find a good potential FSD that you’ll start generating revenue from right away.

• NAC – We’ll talk about how you can spot a potential national account for RTV and how RTV pays out on these national shoots. We’ll discuss how you should approach them, and once you have their attention, reel them in using the all-powerful “FORM”.

With our integrated reseller’s dashboard that’s built into the Fusion system, it’s easier than ever to create your custom reseller links, embed code and keep tabs on all the people that you’ve referred to RTV, who’s purchased under you, and finally how much RTV owes you in sales commissions.

Now more than ever is the time to sell what RTV has built for you. Don’t let any opportunities pass you by this year! Please join myself and Mike (The Machine Gun) Thompson on Tuesday, March 19th at 7:00

Eastern while we discuss how the reseller program will work for YOU! See you on the FORMULA 70 RTV!

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The FORMULA 68 – Nuts & Bolts II

Hey everyone! Are you ready for Nuts & Bolts part 2? Have you created your email list complete with 50 new prospects? Have you downloaded Trellian WebPage designer? Have you download and installed Email Director? Please join me and special guest Michael Thompson on January 15th 2013, as he continues our FORMULA Mini Series “Nuts & Bolts” to virtual tour sales.

On this episode Mike Thompson will show us how to setup your email director software and import emails.  He’ll go into great detail with how to create an HTML email that you can send out for your marketing campaigns. If you have been trying to get your virtual tour business going, or simply grow your business, this is the show you do not want to miss. I hope to see you on show!!

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The FORMULA 67 – Google Trusted Photographer

The FORMULA Virtual Tour TalkshowHave you been hearing all the hype about becoming a Google Trusted
Photographer? Would you like to take your virtual tour business to the
next level and snag more business virtual tours and photography shoots?

Team RTV has been following the Google Trusted Photographer program
very closely for the last six months and we’re ready to show you how you
can establish your virtual tour company now as a Google Trusted Photographer before others in your market snag that position.

Please join us on Tuesday January 8th as I interview several RTV
virtual tour providers who have already taken the steps to become a
“Google Trusted Photographer”.

On the show we’ll show you where you need to go to sign up, what
hardware and software you will need to complete the tasks, and how to use this new
source of leads to further your virtual tour business.

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