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The FORMULA 90 – Automated Sales & Marketing Strategies | Sell While You Sleep

Happy New Year RTV Nation! To help jumpstart 2021 and make sure everyone gets off to a great start, we decided to hold a sales and marketing training event as …..Continue Reading

How to make a profit with Drones

Come to our next episode of The FORMULA and learn how to maximize profits with your drone. Please join us on Tuesday, September 15th at 8:00 PM Eastern while we …..Continue Reading

How to Add Property Lines and Call-Outs to Aerial Drone Footage

The FORMULA 87 – Call Outs, Property Lines & Droppers For Drone  Attention real estate photographers and drone pilots alike:  If you’re looking for a way to make your …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 85 – Hot Sheet, Google Analytics, & Facebook Pixel Integration

You’ve seen the RTV weekly virtual tour traffic reports  that we overhauled in 2019. While these reports provide a lot of significant useful data and make for a beneficial weekly …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 73 – Marketing with the Headshot Guy!

Please join us for a one hour webinar all about marketing a virtual tour company and rebranding oneself from one kind of professional photographer to another.  On Tuesday, May 19th …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 71 – Extreme Themes & Loader Screens

Are you getting the most out of Fusion virtual tour software? Do your customers know about the three styles that you offer; Fusion, Fusion Slim and FusionMax? Have you ever …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 70 – Nuts & Bolts of Reselling

Let’s talk about expanding your business plan to include residual income. That’s right, we’re talking about residual income. With a little practice and use of RTV’s aggressive reseller program, you …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 68 – Nuts & Bolts II

Hey everyone! Are you ready for Nuts & Bolts part 2? Have you created your email list complete with 50 new prospects? Have you downloaded Trellian WebPage designer? Have you …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 67 – Google Trusted Photographer

Have you been hearing all the hype about becoming a Google Trusted Photographer? Would you like to take your virtual tour business to the next level and snag more business …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 66 – Nuts & Bolts of Sales

Please join me Tuesday, November 13th at 7:00 PM Eastern as our special “Nuts & Bolts of Sales” series begins.  I’ll be talking with and interviewing guest host, Michael Thompson …..Continue Reading