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Are You Setup to Sell Mobile Websites Yet?

Is your virtual tour & property marketing company setup to sell TXT Connect and Mobile Agent Websites yet? This is an amazing opportunity for RTV virtual tour providers to really connect with their Real Estate clients to offer a service that they will love, and, promote their virtual tours at the same time!

In an effort to continue to provide agents with the best tools and information available in the industry, we have introduced a new service that will improve an agent’s productivity, professionalism and relationships with buyers and sellers. Its important to note that access to real estate listing information while on-the-go has become mission critical to today’s active buyer. Mobile Websites for Realtors is an industry first that not only helps meet the ever increasing demands of mobile buyers but promotes the name and brand of the Realtor while saving them time and money.

Some of you may not be aware of this yet but accessing the internet on a mobile phone is like night and day vs. using a standard computer and website. Unless a website is specifically built to work on all operating systems and for each of the thousands of mobile phone handsets, it will be a horrible browsing experience for any user. The mobile phone is here to stay and as they get smarter and smarter, and people continue to access the mobile web, Realtors and all other businesses need a mobile formatted website to continue to capture users and promote their services.

RTV’s TxTConnect mobile solutions help real estate professionals win more listings, acquire more leads and close more sales, bottom line, make more money. Mobile Websites for Realtors is one of our most exciting property marketing tools available today next to our new HD Slideshow Module. It puts all of an agents listings in the hands of an active buyer and at a time when it is most advantageous. The built in GPS functionality will also identify the nearest properties available to where the buyer is at that time and show the next closest properties to them at that time. This added feature makes it so much more convenient for a buyer to view an agent’s other properties nearby for sale.

The mobile site is created automatically and gives buyers instant access to the agent’s bio, photo and contact info. In addition, the site promotes the virtual tour of every property listed by that agent.

So why should you purchase the Text Connect program for your virtual tour company and pitch Mobile Sites?

1. Mobile sites and TxT Connect is a GREAT way to promote your virtual tours
2. Any RTV provider reselling this service will make reoccurring 30% sales commissions
3. It is the most advanced tool on the market today to appeal to the mobile buyer
4. Every listing is displayed with a location map plotting all their listings, a video or virtual tour upload option, up to 10 photos, GPS activation, a full property description and “Click-to-call” links to contact the agent by SMS/Text, Email or Phone
5. It is all automatically created as they upload their listings and they are live within just a few minutes
6. Buyers access this mobile site either by using 1 single SMS/Text keyword or by an automatically generated QR barcode we create in each account.
7. They can then promote these in all their ads, signs, TV, radio, business cards, etc
8. Custom colors are available for the branding most of the major brokerages
9. This captures leads of all inquiries made to the mobile website
10.SMS technology and mobile sites raises the profile of the agent using the service

The time to get out there and start selling TxT Connect and Mobile Agent Websites is now! All of those looking to start offering this, along with the other TxT Connect 10 code plans, you can sign up right now at and start selling right away!

I’m Nancy Bain and I’m a Marketing Genius

There is nothing like a best friend you can count on to say just the right things, keep your secrets and believe in you. That’s why I called mine last night as I was obsessing about a presentation I had to give today to 20 Nova Scotia real estate agents.

I am currently taking a Toastmasters Leadership course to help me establish my confidence and public speaking skills, but this was to be my very first opportunity to speak in front of (what I call) a large crowd. Nervous was an understatement.

She told me (my BFF) just say to yourself, “I’M NANCY FREAKIN BAIN, AND I’M A MARKETING GENIUS” It seemed funny at the time (and I needed a good laugh) but it was my last thought before I went to sleep and my first thought this morning. I remember a teacher telling me once in high school, “Attitude is Altitude”

Armed with Attitude my strategy CHANGED the minute I stood before them during my virtual tour and property marketing presentation. I had planned to show 3 of my youtube marketing videos and allow time for questions. (a cop out – very little speaking on my part) But as I looked out at their faces, I realized: 1) I had a captive audience 2) They were anxious to hear what I had to say and 3) They were not two headed hairy monsters! And I thought to myself, “I’m Nancy freakin Bain, and I’m a marketing genius!”

And then it happened. I exploded with passion as I told them how my Nova Scotia virtual tours would save them time and money. (Home Buyers who used virtual tours as a significant portion of their home-buying experience spent an average of two weeks with a Realtor® looking at homes, compared to those who did not use the internet, who spent an average of seven weeks looking for their home. (2008 RIS Media)

I explained how our 360 virtual tours have an html template as opposed to a flash one which allows them to easily rank organically on google (because of our spider link technology) on address name, agent name or both. I bragged how our interactive virtual tours had social networking “built-in” to the virtual tour window enabling the viewer to upload them to some of the top authority social networking sites with a click of a button. I told them I would be soon be offering full screen high-definition virtual tours!

We discussed the FREE Social Ignition course offered at my site and the advantages of social media marketing, back linking, and blogging. I invited them all to submit their blogs to me and I would post them to a “pumper site” I have created with backlinking and anchor text to their site.

Text message marketing was a hot topic as we discussed lead generation and INSTANT information available to increasingly impatient and tech savvy buyers.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I could see that they “got it”.

Out of 20 attendees 14 are now signed up for my Social Ignition course, I sold a virtual tour and have a solid lead on another.  I call that success! I call that marketing genius! And I can’t wait to do it again!

Nancy Bain
Supernova Studios
Nova Scotia Virtual Tours

Island Digital Images Rocking TxT Connect Mobile Marketing

As a leader in the greater Corpus Christi area real estate market you have either started to use IDI TxT Connect as an integral part of your marketing plan or you will be signing up for the program in the near future.

As you are no doubt aware IDI TxT Connect is both an inexpensive marketing tool, (as low as $2.95 per month per property), and one that allows you to join in the expediential growth of mobile marketing.  As always if you have any questions on this or any other Island Digital Images virtual tours or property marketing products just let us know.

Some of the new features and benefits of the IDI TxT Connect product include:
“Lots” Added as a New Category
Within real estate, we now have Homes, Rental Properties, Commercial Properties and Lots.

“Text Business Card” Added as a New Category
Why not use one of your keywords for a Text Business Card! ie: Text Alan to 43766 for my contact details sent to your phone!

Agent Photo Upload
Your photo is now displayed in the new mobile website design!

Virtual Tour/Video Upload Link
You can now upload a video or provide buyers with a video URL link such as YouTube. This is another great use for the video version of your virtual tour. This video is included with our Turbo Media Exposure option.

MLS Auto Fill
Simply enter the MLS number and click auto fill. All of the property details, extra description and up to 10 photos are automatically populated into the listing fields. The more detailed property description and photos will appear on the mobile site. This is now a one step process! (keep an eye on this process to make sure it is your listing that is uploaded, if there is more than one listing in within the state of Texas it may select the wrong property. If the wrong property is selected just add your information and photos manually)

New Mobile Website (WAP)
For those with a mobile data plan that can access the internet, we have re-designed our mobile website design. Our new design takes a buyer directly to the photos as the landing page, they can access a map of the listing, click on a video or virtual tour if uploaded, see the agent and their photo, “click to SMS” (or call or email) the agent, etc.

Mapping Feature
Buyers can now click an icon in the mobile site to see the property on a map!

Photo Upload Enhancement
Photo size is now larger (4MB) and you can see the upload progress and photo itself after each photo upload.

Opt-In For Price Updates Through Mobile Site/Listing
Buyers are all looking for an edge! Now they can simply click a button if viewing the listing on their mobile phone and enter their number to “opt-in” to receive SMS broadcasts for property listing info and updates. Remember, we also make it easy for any buyer to also opt-in simply by replying YES to the second text message they receive.

You can now view a number of various stats on your property listing and filter by date.

Good luck out there with TxT Connect Everyone!

Alan Fon

Island Digital Images, LLC
Corpus Christi Virtual Tours

RTV providers Helping RTV providers

Greetings from Supernova Studios, Nova Scotia. My last blog; at Thanksgiving, I gave “thanks” to David Hall of Listing Solutions in St. Augustine Florida, for sharing his insight and sales success with the TxtConnect program. Since then I’ve connected with Buffy Crosby of Middleboro, MA, on facebook. Buffy is a newcomer and anxious to network with fellow RTV providers.

The RTV blog ( is a great way to stay connected with your fellow providers and get ideas on how to build your virtual tour company. Also I’ve found that if you’re blogging somewhere else and NOT posting to the RTV blog you’re really missing out on the google juice as they say. This is seriously the very BEST pumper site on the planet if you have a VT company. Anyway here in the blog you will find that other virtual tour providers from all over the World share their insight, words of wisdom, encouragement, tips & tricks and success stories.

If you aren’t reading RTV’s daily blogs you are not only missing out on some great information, but excellent networking opportunities. Go ahead and do a google search for “Nova Scotia virtual tour company”. The first two hits are my RTV blog. Third in line is my competitor. Were it not for the RTV blog this provider would be hard to find.

I made good of my plan to take advantage of the Txt Connect demo codes and contacted 8 top agents to email me listing information of a “high visibility” listing. I ordered 8 panoriders from a local sign company ($6 each) and chose generic company codes like “REMAX” and “EXIT. I contacted TxTConnect who were happy to provide me with a jpg image of the panorider shown on the how it works page. It was important to me that I be consistent when establishing my brand. (when ordering your signs, be in touch with TxTConnect – they will share the RGB values of the blue and orange colors used in the sign as well as the font)

Signs in hand and listing information entered, I tested each code and “proofed” the listings. Worked like a charm – it was time to visit the real estate companies! I brought my cell phone, the panoriders, my business cards and a brochure with “how it works” also pointing them to my website in case they “forgot” as soon as I walked out the door. Fellow agents – when entering the listing information for you demo codes be sure that you click on the little phone to confirm all relevant text is captured. There is a maximum amount of characters allowed and you may have to abbreviate some words.

Each of the agents told me they had seen my print advertising and were curious but unsure. Each of the agents LOVED the technology and were very excited about capturing a lead. The “lead” was my largest selling feature, causing a certain “sparkle” in the eye of the agents. I explained that the first code was a “variable” and could be changed. Example – EXIT could be their “own” name – Text John to 25665. (they loved that too) But the second code 25665 was constant. I explained that every time someone texted “John” to 25665 they would get a lead to their phone, email or both.

Shortly after returning to my office I had a call from one of the “keener” agents I had visited. They had been “playing” with the technology at his office and he was not getting the “lead” information to his cell phone? It was then that I realized that because I had set them up under my demo codes that the “lead” was coming to MY cell phone. Do not make the same mistake I did. When you teach/show the technology using your cell phone (with the listing information that YOU have entered and proofed) be sure to also show them (using your cell phone) what the lead will look like. When they activate their OWN account and make a purchase the lead will go to THEIR phone. In the meantime I have promised to email daily reports with the lead information.

One final observation I would like to share. Of the 8 agents I visited, 5 of them preferred to have ME enter the listing information. The other 3 agents were thrilled about having an opportunity to update their listing information on their own, as often as they wanted. When a client purchases a code for 30 days, that code is not necessarily “married” to a specific property. The agent COULD put the panorider on one property for two weeks (change the information to reflect a new property) and put the sign on an entirely new property for the remainder of the month. An excellent idea to showcase an upcoming open house. My point is this- you may want to consider offering the “service” of entering the listing information for your client. I will be.

I invite you to send me (Nancy Elizabeth Bain) a friend request on facebook. I’ll send you an invitation to my group “Supernova Studios” and you can see how I am marketing myself on there. We can learn from one another.

In the meantime tell all your friends, family and business associates in Nova Scotia to contact Supernova Studios for all their Nova Scotia virtual tour and text message marketing needs!

Book your Nova Scotia virtual tour today!

Supernova Studios
159 Alexandra Ave.
Bridgewater, NS B4V 1H6
Phone: 902-543-2185

RTV TXT Connect | Lead Capture Technology

RTV is proud to announce our new RTV TXT Connect program. RTV TXT Connect is an all new mobile marketing service that uses SMS (“text messaging”). This technology makes property information instantly available on mobile phones and yields lead generation for real estate agents. Now all RTV virtual tour providers, both In-House and Full Service, can use this exciting new technology.

“Text messaging” is the fastest growing form of communication and RTV is very excited to offer this unique and powerful marketing tool to you at a very low cost. The RTV TXT Connect mobile marketing service will be available 24/7 and works by instantly responding to requests for detailed property information from potential buyers. The agent simply adds a sign rider with a property identification code and a short code to their For Sale sign. The cell phone user sends a text message such as “prop123” to the advertised code “25665” (i.e.: sign rider would show – Text “prop123” to “25665”). Within seconds the RTV TXT Connect delivers detailed property information to their cell phone. The agent controls the information in the download. It can include prices, features, and direct web links to photos, as well as agent contact information.

RTV provider, Daniel Lee has already sold this technology to over 6000 real estate agents!

Be one of the first in your town to offer the most advanced marketing and lead generation technology available!

Sign up for RTV TXT Connect inside of your TMS today or ask your local RTV tour provider for more details!

RTV, Inc