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Cheers to RTV Technical Support Team

Dear RTV Team,

All too often people don’t recognize or verbalize the appreciation they have for the help they receive when running their virtual tour business.  Today I was once again reminded of just how strong the support from RTV really is, and especially from Ben Knorr.  He is extremely well prepared, and always, and I mean always, makes sure to answer, follow up and find any answer you need.  He is always very pleasant to talk with and one of the most knowledgeable support people I have ever run into.  I also love all of his talk shows that he does for RTV, The IMAGE.

I want to extend my deep gratitude for the entire staff you have put together, my appreciation also extends to you all. In this day and age the team at RTV is a real stand out!  Keep up the great work, my friends, and thanks from the bottom of my heart! Loving Fusion and working hard to be the

All the best,

Mike Willett
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Using the finest virtual tour software

Northern New Jersey Virtual Tours

Hello everyone! I just came on board in June and the timing could not have been better! I jumped right in using the new FUSION virtual tour system, and I have to say that because the RTV Fusion virtual tour software is so intuitive and well designed that I am having a blast showing my virtual tours to agents knowing that I am knocking their socks off. And it just keeps on getting better. I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who are putting together the best marketing material I have ever seen. I now have a great package put together so I can walk into any agency, do my dog and pony show and know that I have the material to showcase all the great features of the FUSION system. I also want to thank Jason and Ben for their help when I needed it. NEVER before have I been able to dial the phone and actually talk to the top dog. Knowing that I have the most sophisticated virtual tour system available here in Northern New Jersey, the sky is the limit. It is a great opportunity for me to use my photography and computer skills and the years of experience at RTV to be successful in this venture. Keep those updates coming guys and gals!! 

At iVision, a Waldwick virtual tour company, we offer 360° virtual tour solutions in the Northern New Jersey area. iVision 360 Tours is an authorized RTV Inc (RealTourVision) provider.

With so many virtual tour shooters/photographers just doing cheaper “slideshows”  it’s increasingly harder to find the “right” custom tour to help you sell that prime piece of real estate for your business online and gain new and valuable customers, so…you just find it’s just not worth it and find yourself going in circles only to wind up snapping the perfect shots yourself..right? Well, slides can look great, but only when done right and  applied with HDR Slides or in 360° Virtual Tours for full screen viewing.  Call us today and order your Northern New Jersey virtual tour!

i Vision 360 Tours, LLC
John Mischler
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Best Business Decision of 2012!

Normally I write tons of things in these review boxes but I genuinely can’t think of anything to write other than 10/10. Choosing RTV, Inc to drive the virtual tour software for my Florida Real Estate company was by FAR the best investment we have made as a company this year. Thank you so much team RTV….we’re ecstatic…..

Your Fusion virtual tour system is complete, easy to use, packed with TONS OF FEATURES and we did not have to send hours learning how to use it.  Keep the great features rolling and we love your webinars.  RTV is GREAT!

Alistair W Powell
Phone: 352.450.4505

Fusion is Reeling Them in!


Hi Team RTV!  Just wanted to let you know that the new Fusion virtual tour system is making a big difference in how our local Realtors are considering using virtual tours in the Telluride, Colorado market. In the past old opinions were making it hard to get clients to use virtual tours, But FUSION is opening up new doors as we’re really able to market this product as something far beyond virtual tours. The Interactive Virtual Media Presentations are stealing the show here in Telluride. Thanks so much for giving my virtual tour business such a HUGE boost.

Please take a minute and check out my Fusion virtual tour:

Gerry Efinger
Gerry Efinger Photography
Telluride Virtual Tours
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Kudos to RTV Support

I wanted to take a minute and shoot the team a quick letter to let you know about my experience with your customer support team this afternoon. I wanted to move some credits from the old virtual tour system to new Fusion virtual tour system and I had a question about video formats for the new tour system. Ben Knorr moved the credits for me and instead of telling me the acceptable video formats he actually took the time to show me how to fish! He made me go to the Learning Center. (Keep in mind this is the first I am seeing of some of this, as my Partner has been handling the virtual tours).

We have not done a good job of promoting the new system so far but will real soon. We’re in the process of setting up some sales meeting presentations to correct that. I asked Ben “What are the 3 Game Changers of the new system” and he proceeded to go down the list which was actually much longer than three! During the conversation, he mentioned the Interactive Media Presentations VS just virtual tours. What heck? Literally over night RTV trumps everyone out there and poof. Virtual tours are gone and interactive virtual media takes the stand as the new best thing. That could be a Guinness Commercial…It’s BRILLIANT! He talked to me about Fusion logos, icons and webinars that are in the new Marketing System and needless to say, I can’t wait to dig into the RPM center and snag as much Fusion assets as possible!

Anyway, I wanted to take the time to all of you know what a great job you all did on the new Fusion virtual tour system and how amazing Ben was today helping me see all the bells and whistles you guys have packed into this thing.  He even got me jazzed up about the virtual tour conference next year! You guys were extremely instrumental in helping us build our St Augustine virtual tour company and continue to help keep us relevant. I really appreciate you guys!

Thanks for everything,

Dave Hall,
Vice President of Marketing
Listing Solutions
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