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Exposure Elements Expanding Sales Force

Exposure Elements a San Francisco virtual tour company is hiring sales staff for business and commercial virtual tours. We have identified three great candidates, developed a sales model, done some preliminary training and they are ready to start selling business virtual tours within the next couple days. 

Based in the San Jose, CA area, we offer professional photography and digital marketing services you need to expose your property or business to the Bay Area and Northern California. Our specialty services includes virtual tour services, mobile marketing solutions, photography services and property related internet services. Through our network of business service partners, we are also able to offer marketing solutions and virtual tours that can scale to all of North America.

RTV is the BEST partner I could ever ask for. Fusion is simply the most amazing, intuitive, feature rich virtual tour system in the world! Thank you for helping us grow our Silicon Valley virtual tour company!

Best Regards,

Stan Davis
Exposure Elements
Order a virtual tour: 408-431-0461 (m)
text Stan to 43766 for contact info and text business card

Where Were You Five Years Ago?

I own a hospitality management company and I have been experimenting with several virtual tour technologies over the past five years until I found RTV virtual tour company. I had already invested around $4000.00 playing with photo vista, voyager one shots, image maker, visual tours, pano weaver, and the list goes on and on.  All in all they were all low virtual tour software solutions that too me forever to learn and initially they all claimed that they were simple and easy to use. 

About a month ago I was almost ready to give up when I finally discovered RTV’s popular Fusion virtual tour system.  The sales staff was very helpful and throughout the training process their skype support and technical support team were always there for me. Within about one week from nearly giving up everything I felt that I finally had not only a virtual tour system that really did what they claimed it would do, but also was stuffed with more bells and whistles to keep my clients and I more that satisfied.  The stuff is literally amazing!! Push one button for this. Push one button for that. RTV’s Fusion’s motto should just be, “Fusion, – One Button”.

Since I started I’m constantly seeing the team update their virtual tour software making the virtual tour building process faster and easier. I can now send out my photographer on a job and he will photograph, build, and upload a complete virtual tour with many panoramas, still images and even full motion video in under an hour.  I had no idea creating virtual tours could be this simple!

I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good virtual tour software product right from the start and not mess around like I did for five years trying to save a buck or two.  The RTV virtual tour system is not cheap, but everything is of the highest quality and they guarantee it for life too.  They don’t leave a piece of virtual tour building hardware out of their package like many companies do to make the initial start-up costs seem smaller. They are truly a top-notch virtual tour company to work with.  Thanks RTV!! 

Larry  Kohl

Another Smooth Virtual Tour Company Start up

My name is Kim Harrison.  I live in CA and I had discovered RTV online back in April before the new Fusion virtual tour system was officially released. I’m sure like many of you too out there sitting on the fence, I did not think I could build a success virtual tour business by myself.  There were so many options out there.  One shot lens technology, straight video tours, still image only tours with a pan and scan.  There were companies that were hosting only and looked to offer little to no support on the start up. There were companies that just sold software and you were completely on your own. Then there was RTV. Ahhhh…so refreshing. Finally a company that could work with you at any level of expertise, gave you the “Straight Talk” and helped get you going. The sales team was very gracious with their time and wished me well, no pressure. 

A few months later I met a young man, a website builder whom I contacted with some issues I was having with my sites.  One thing led to another, and we have become business partners.

One of the first things Dexter did was to caution me on my spending habits, in the sense that I wanted the best tools to grow our business, (marketing.)  One day I said, “Dexter, check out this virtual tour company.”  It was the RTV website and Fusion was live…and AMAZING!

Dexter was quiet, staring at the screen for a few minutes, flipping through the pages.  All he said was “We need this…NOW!”

I am telling you, we were pretty jazzed to see our virtual tour equipment arrive, especially the camera.  The people at the other end really walked us through the process.  Ben got the virtual tour software set up on my PC over the phone, then we were scheduled for our over the phone training.  In the meantime We did a ‘360 virtual tour’ of my living room.  The virtual tour looked better than my room does in person!  We were hooked.

Next was our training session. It was fun and our personal trainer made sure we weren’t going to mess up our work.  Cool.  And he worked with us late, on a Friday no less!! Seriously. WOW!

Before we knew it we received a phone call from Jacque in the RTV Tour Track department.  Apparently we had already ‘passed’ the Tour Track qualifications and we received our first virtual tour dispatch with a $250 payout! RTV said they would send us virtual tour jobs but they also told us not to expect them or count on them but here it was. Another WOW moment. 

Dexter did the photos, and I was ready to work on the virtual tour with him, figuring between us we would know what to do.  As luck would have it, Dexter had a family emergency.  After meeting an obstacle (which turned out to not be a big deal) and was quickly resolved by a phone call, I uploaded my first virtual tour all by myself.

I also want to say that I called in after hours (the 3 hour time difference), but even the operator knew how to help me!  Ok, so I can’t stop saying great things about this company. 

After we finished our Tour Track job RTV sent an email to us with congrats and a little note that they would certainly be using us on more of the jobs they get from their national accounts.  They said they had 35 when we signed up back then and I’m guessing have more now. 

There just has not been a bad experience with this virtual tour company; just the opposite.  Maybe I am a little biased, being from the Midwest myself, but I don’t think that’s it. RTV is simply a great company all around and if you have looked around the web at virtual tours, it’s pretty obvious that your search ends with RTV. TONS of features backed by great service, amazing startup team, marketing, leads, and the list goes on. Thanks RTV and best wishes to all of you.  Our website is next!


Kim Harrison and Dexter Salazar
Order a virtual tour:  831-625-0978

Tallahassee Nancy Addicted to Fusion

Dear RTV,

Things have been moving quickly with Sunlight Photo Creation’s Virtual Tour business.  After going through your extensive training program I now realize how far I have come since my virtual tour company start up this past July.  You know, I had realtors asking me for the service and I knew and that was a very big sign for me. I knew after that first I call I was going to offer virtual tours as a business and was ready to move forward…not knowing fully what to expect.

I jumped in with both feet and hands moving faster than my brain could keep up.  I was so excited with my first virtual tour and then excited when that home had 2 contracts on it with 48 hours of the virtual tour going out.  I thought I could get use to this!  Then the call came from a local real estate agent who handles property at one of lakes which is about a 3O minute drive for me.  She had 3 homes and wanted me to do all 3 real estate virtual tours in one day.  When I met her at the lake that morning she told me she actually had 5 and wanted me to do them ALL five virtual tours that day. 

I had no idea how long it would take and not sure I really knew enough yet to do everything correctly, but I did them. FIVE VIRTUAL TOURS IN ONE DAY!!! And I was new at this! The amazing Fusion virtual tour software system was changing faster than I thought I could keep up since I was working the virtual tours between studio appointments and other job. All five virtual tours turned out great, the home owner was happy and the realtor was happy. Next thing I know its October and I have completed dozens of virtual tours since my first Tallahassee virtual tour on August 12.  I am amazed at this virtual tour system and I am enjoying my work way too much at times. 

I had eye surgery last week so I had to go a whole week without taking photos and I realized by Friday that I was addicted to the Fusion system! I couldn’t wait to shoot another virtual tour so I could build it on Fusion.   As a Realtor myself, I know the importance of marketing and Fusion does it all!  I have spoken to groups of Realtors twice now and have two more office presentations lined up. I’ll tell you what, all the features packed in this puppy make for an an easy going and action packed fifteen minute presentation. I am so excited to be a part of team RTV and I am looking forward to being a part for years to come. I hope as the Realtors see and learn just what Fusion can do they will take advantage of the whole system.  I shot 2 commercial real estate virtual tours yesterday that will be for sale by owner and she is so excited about all the features. 

So after a few months of doing the virtual tours, coming to all of your extended education webinars, rummaging through the hundreds of amazing marketing pieces and setting up my profitable virtual tour business over the last two months, I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you do. Have a great day.

Nancy Conoly
Sunlight Photo, Inc
Tallahassee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 850-385-1185

Thanks for the leads RTV!

Dear RTV & Staff,

I would like to thank you for the referral to the DiSalle real estate group from Toledo!  That was my very first of many virtual tours to come from that office. Your team has that gift of nudging people to success and facing their fears.  🙂  At least you did in my case.  I would still be working on the paperwork side had you not pushed me by giving me this huge lead and making me jump in with both feet. They LOVE the Fusion virtual tour software system by the way. It’s amazing and easy to sell.

I appreciate everything you do for us and for having a staff that is willing to assist at any time.  Plus, Michael and Joyce Thompson (Detroit Virtual Tours)  have been such a big blessing and help to me.  They have showed me a lot of hands on stuff and have allowed me to go with them on various virtual tour shoots so that I can get the training.  They also have a way of calming my inner storm of nervousness.  They have been very kind, helpful and patient with me at all times!  I thank God for you all for being in my life during a major transition in my career. I am excited to see what the future holds.

Thanks again,

Mara Gongora
Toledo Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 419-307-4593