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Florida Virtual Tour’s Informative Virtual Tour

With RTV’s new Fusion Tour Track program RTV has asked us to create a sample of our work that would showcase not only the quality of our stills and panoramas but also demonstrate other services that we’re capable of offering. We were recently asked to photograph and shoot several Tour Track jobs for RTV but first they wanted to see our “Gallery” tour or what we’re calling our informative virtual tour.  This is what we sent off to RTV for acceptance into the Tour Track program: We would like to encourage those of you out there who have not put together a sample to like this to do so right away and link it to your Tour Track setup area in your TMS.

We immediately heard back that we did an exceptional job demonstrating and highlighting the features of the “Fusion Tour System” and our photography skills.

This tour demonstrates the use of voice over’s, and high definition still and panoramic images, background music, applying syndication, lead generation, and how Fusion’s HTML 5 virtual tours are gyro enabled on I pads and Android devices. It also explains how Fusion tracks world wide web access and  the tools menu, and is equipped with advanced feature sets that include the generation of fliers for print and use on Craigs List classified system to name just a few.

Jacque from RTV says “Hey Everyone! I want you to take a look at this great use of Fusion to promote your virtual tour business!”

Thanks Jacque, we appreciate all the help you have given and for the accolades you bestowed.

Jim Denise
Barefoot Bay Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: (772)933-6571

A Fusion Success Story

In the San Francisco Bay Area realtor teams are becoming more and more prevalent.  This approach is being driven by the power to market the team of agents with one more manageable cost. 

Exposure Elements has a situation where we work with two realtors that share marketing cost and are creating one of these marketing groups.  Both agents want to share the advantages of the “my page” map that plots their virtual tours but both work independently of the other.  Through an application of the RTV Fusion Co-Agent feature I was able to accommodate the independent nature of both virtual tours while providing the branding and shared marketing benefits of combining their “my page” listings.

Here is what we did.  We created an fictional agent with the team branding and two separate agents with individual branding.   Each time one of the agents in the team has a listing we build the listing under the team branding and add the listing agent as the co-agent.   For the team listing we used an image of the “Realtor” logo so when the tour loads it alternates between the “realtor” logo and the agent.  This is a link to the San Jose virtual tour:

Each agent now has a separate group of listings should the marketing partnership dissolve and the team also has a group of listings that empowers the agents to leverage the marketing benefits to new listings. 

Through the power our Fusion virtual tour software, Exposure Elements has been able to solve challenges that face realtors by enabling our clients with marketing advantages.  The result is
satisfied recurring business clients that are less likely to wonder off to competitive virtual tours.
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Fusion Virtual Tour System is a Huge Time Saver!

Hey RTV, I’ve gotta tell you that I am completely amazed at how easy your new RealTour Fusion site is to work. I can publish an interactive virtual tour in under 20 minutes now after I get home from taking the photos. The fact that I have tons of amazing new (and powerful) features just a mouse click away and now there are not so many hoops to jump through to get a virtual tour competed just saves us so much time on the production end.

We love you RTV, you’re a great. My clients also really love the fact that their virtual tours are reporting back to them with better hit reports than ever before and also our when turned on ( I charge for it) the system sends them a steady stream of leads as people view the virtual tour and email them to each other. This really makes me look great! I especially like the fact that Fusion now lets me put a custom URL and PDF file on the tools section.  I had been waiting for that feature for awhile now. Thank you again and again! With the old system I could mess up a virtual tour in a heart beat!!!  I’ve yet to mess things up on the new system yet.  Everything is just faster and smoother overall.

Thanks to RTV I’m having the time of my life. I enjoy making a living in the digital world, who would of ever thought working a virtual tour business could be so much fun??

Dave Kondracki

Dave Kondracki, LLC
Order a virtual tour: 410-926-0439

The Right Decision

The decision to become a Real Estate Photographer and virtual tour provider didn’t take too long.  The process of finding the right virtual tour software took a little longer.  After researching on and off for approximately a year my search for the right virtual tour software company kept on leading me back to RTV. 

I did my research and comparisons online, literally checked out everyone else out there and decided that RTV would be the right fit.  They offered the equipment, amazing virtual tour software, ongoing support and had the very best looking virtual tours on the web.  I called them because I wanted to make sure that the virtual tour company was legitimate and had good customer service.

I spoke to a sales representative who was very professional and extremely enthusiastic about RTV;   I immediately felt comfortable talking with RTV. He answered all of my questions and was very respectful when I told him that I had to think about it.  I did say that he could call me back in a few months.  He called me back when he said he would and what he didn’t know was that he had already sold me on the virtual tour company during our first conversation.

Whenever you make a decision you want to make sure that it’s the right decision, just as I have in finding a great virtual tour company like RTV to power my virtual tours. 

When it comes to Virtual Tour providers you want to make sure that you are being backed by a company that is professional, reliable and customer service oriented.  You should choose a provider that also uses professional equipment, powerful software and will provide you with a visually pleasing virtual tour that has high quality images and customizable to suit you and your clients needs. 

Look no further you will find this with Virtually Tours, a Caledon virtual tour company providing 360° virtual tours and professional photography for real estate and commercial businesses.


Virtually Tours ~ photography & design
Transform your online presence ~ do a complete 360° Tour.
Caledon Virtual Tours
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Dear Team RTV,

I want to thank RTV for their attention to amazingly high quality and the unique ability to customize these crazy good virtual tours. I’m so glad I chose to purchase my virtual tour system from your company.

I am a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Miami, FL and we were tired of paying for awful low quality tours or choppy dizzying video walk-throughs.  Finally a company that did video, panoramas, still right!  And the lead capture. WOW! That’s a huge plus for our Miami Commercial Real Estate Group. Having been a  photographer I wanted something better for my clients and I found the RTV and Fusion virtual tour system.

The images are crisp and clear. If you use their image capture advice you’ll have perfect window shots.  The end results just look wonderful – better than any other virtual tour out there. I love the full motion video capabilities but I think the hot spots on the interactive floor plans are my favorite because they make a virtual tour user friendly and the customer curious to see where they go to.

Thanks RTV!! You will allow us brokers to service our commercial real estate clients with higher quality virtual tours and better service.

Thanks for a wonderful product!

Sherri Beregovoy
Senior Commercial Associate
Office: 305-477-3300