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How’s your Virtual Tour Software Provider?

I have been using RTV’s virtual tour software technology since 2008. My situation is unique in that my associate in BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour company, is Jason LaVanture founder of RTV. I have known Jason for around 15 years dating back to my days of 32 years of owning a camera store and photo lab. At that time RTV purchased equipment from me to provide to their virtual tour photographers. When I closed my store I began doing the virtual tours with RTV technology and Jason’s guidance.

To date, I have produced 1910 virtual tours with 722 being in the new Fusion virtual tour software system. The majority have been real estate virtual tours but we also do commercial virtual tours as well. My association with RTV has been nothing but great for the last 6 years ( my association with Jason aside) and speaking frankly.

The new fusion virtual tour system in my opinion lacks nothing with the ability to utilize 360 pans including spherical, stills, full motion video, voice-overs, flyers, e- brochures, tour distribution, traffic reports, social media posting and a great looking virtual tour viewer. We currently are dealing with around 140 realtors in our area of around 600 active realtors.

My clients love what we produce for them! We were so busy last summer we will probably need to bring on another virtual tour photographer to keep up this summer. RTV will also provide you with the necessary marketing materials to take your virtual tour business to the next level. The online creation of virtual tours is fast and efficient.  You won’t have any trouble getting up and running very soon.

RTV is dedicated to providing the best virtual tour software platform in the market and you will not find more dedicated individuals to doing just that. I have included the link to our website below and…. welcome to the RTV family!

Best Regards

Jim Blue
Manager / 360 Tour Coordinator
Mobile: 231-357-4803
Local: 231-946-1360
Your Property Marketing Experts!

Getting My Virtual Tour Business Rolling

Hello RTV! I’ve only been here in Texas 1.5 years. Moved here for family and job. Well the job lasted about 12 months. As I mentioned in my last blog I’m a tire expert, however, this last job put the final nail into the coffin. In other words, six days/wk., 13hrs/day and drive distance of 44miles each way through Dallas from where I ended up with a beautiful house close to my in-laws. Why I didn’t shoot myself is beyond me! So after so many years messing with tire of all sizes, I gave in!

I’ve been a lover of photography and especially virtual tour photography for as long as I’ve been in the tire business. I Love Photography not tires. Tires put the bread on the table.

I’m not to far from retirement and decided to do the one thing I love more than anything else. What lead me into real estate was a friend that sold me my house here in Dallas. She suggested I look into real estate at Keller Williams, I thought this was a good Idea and thought I might combine Photography with Real Estate sales. I asked who provided their photography and that’s what got the ball rolling for me. I checked the various virtual tour software outfits, quality and virtual tour services offered. Long story short, I came across RTV more times than any of the other websites out there so I knocked on the RTV door and it was cheerfully answered.

Next, I spoke to a couple of their agents. Coming across RTV more times than the others was like shopping for a home, I had the same feeling when I walked into the right home, I knew this one is for me.

I found that RTV has much more to offer than just photography. RTV offers Powerful Virtual Tour Marketing tools, Business tools, Weekly Webinars, Leads, National Accounts, RTV is Web Savvy, RTV is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Savvy, RTV is Education, RTV is helpful & Friendly in all ways, RTV is EASY to use, YES RTV IS Photography,….and the list goes on. If this hasn’t convinced you, go to their web site and surf every nook and cranny as I did. I had to be 100% convinced.

Once I was convinced, I jumped in with both feet, I took on the complete virtual tour software program (FusionMax XS). This includes software, equipment, and all the tools I mentioned above (FusionMax XS).

As big as RTV is the thing I like most is they are your friends that can help you get your virtual tour business up and running and help keep you running. Once your comfortable shooting some practice virtual tours you can submit them to RTV for approval. Once approved by RTV your ready to receive leads and tour track jobs from their national accounts that come up in your local area. This means they provide to you the account you shoot it and send it to RTV who will then pay you for the virtual tour. Outside of that, you are your own real estate photography business and everything is 110% your brand. The RTV support/learning center will keep you up to date on all things from A to RTV!

Most virtual tour companies offering 360 virtual tours are not necessarily doing 360 degrees spherical /celling/floor virtual tours, this is where RTV and the others differ in their technology and approach to this market.  RTV offers full motion video, cylindrical panorama, spherical panorama, and of course still image tours.  It’s amazing!

Being a photographer, you most likely have most of the equipment needed. What you may not have are wide angle or fisheye lenses. For example; 8mm lens wide angle lens, 8-15mm zoom lens or 15mm fisheye lens.

Lastly, you will have to have a Virtual Tour Company website. Going through RTV,
 I got a special deal on a fantastic web site. See my website I can make all the changes and additions to suite my taste. Very cool.  Good luck to you all looking to startup a virtual tour business and I hope you choose the best virtual tour software company like I did!

See you out there!

Jack Dimaio
Order a virtual tour: 940-455-2617

Following my Passion

Photography, IS MY PASSION!

I never had enough time for my passion because of my real job, “Tire Expert”; Yes, I said Tires, ROUND & BLACK with a HOLE in the middle. I had been doing this since the early 70’s.

Short Bio: Schooled in Engineering and photographed Weddings for several years. With that background, I qualified for Michelin’s technical department as a photographer in the Product Liability Department. I had my own lab, studio, several Nikons.  There was a radiology section as part of my studio also. Michelin gave me the title of Forensic Photographer. 

I traveled around the country photographing car crash sites, damaged vehicles in the junkyard and analyzed the tire damage. Putting together all the information I gathered gave the company a clearer picture of what led up to the accident.

Okay, back to my passion.  I left the tire business and decided to pursue virtual tours and real estate photography. A friend mentioned ‘real estate photography’; that is when I did some research and analyzed my options.  RTV virtual tour software company was the one I chose because I felt it offered the best A to Z training in areas other than photography, social media packages, and access to assistance. 

RTV, hands down has the best virtual tour system in the industry.  They schooled us on the virtual tour business side being just as important as the photography. I joined RTV September 2013, with one tour track shoot completed the following week I underwent surgery for a total knee replacement.  I plan to be out another 3-4 weeks then look forward to getting back to business as usual.

This is the short form of following my passion. I’ll be setting up my next blog to speak more about ROI and my Dallas virtual tour company. Should you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Jack DiMaio
Dallas Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 940.725.0331

Thanks Goodness for RTV!

Dear RTV,

I was getting ready to do a fairly big job for my first real estate virtual tour sale. This broker had ten homes at one location and called me in to do my virtual tour sales pitch. I went in with confidence thinking that this would be a very easy sell with the new Fusion virtual tour software product we provide.

Soon into the meeting I sat down with the guy.  I was nervous a bit being that this was my first sales presentation. I told him that he was going to like what he was about to see.  At that point I brought up a demo of my 360 Interactive Virtual Tours. He began to watch and things were silent for a moment or two. The virtual tour presentation did not even play half-way through when he said, “you can turn it off”.  Oh oh!! Did I do something wrong I thought.  Suddenly to my relief and excitement a twinkle began in his eyes and a smile started to form on his face and he said, “I want it!”

What an easy sell. Boy, I sure made the right choice in joining the RTV family! Thanks for such an amazing virtual tour production and line of amazing property marketing tools to use. He will be using QR codes as well as YouTube to start.  I’m sure that I will go back later with more!

I love having something so powerful to offer to businesses and realtors! I can offer it at such a reasonable cost compared to print media advertising! Thanks again for RTV and all the great people that come along with it!!!!


Cyndi Hamby

Aspire Media Solutions LLC
St Louis Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 636-887-5115

An Amazing Virtual Tour Company!

Having been an advertising photographer for over 40 years, I think I’ve worked with most every kind of company imaginable and their employees all over the country and beyond. I have to say I have never, and I mean never, seen a virtual tour company …no COMPANY…such as this.

Constantly working diligently to improve their system and what they offer, always innovative, improving constantly. If that is not enough, they are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Watching business shoot itself in the foot most every day, it is extremely refreshing, and rewarding, to watch this company become all they can and then some, and experience a group that also genuinely desires to do the best possible for their customers and beyond.  Thanks RTV!


Mike Willet
St Petersburg Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 815-758-1171