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Bozeman Virtual Tour Provider on Board

I recently signed up with RTV virtual tours and can’t be more excited about the opportunity. The new Tour Builder 4 virtual tour software is amazing to say the least. It is quick and easy to build the HD virtual tour once you have produced all the images with the photo stitching software.

I researched lots of virtual tour companies and RTV offers the most comprehensive training, virtual tour business startup, and has the best looking online virtual tours. From the training to the everyday help in getting started, I couldn’t be happier…I just wish there was more time in the day to get everything done.

For marketing, the materials included will work well for helping to get the word out about my new 360 tour business. Luckily I’m already involved with Realtor’s and already sending out the tours I have made as examples of how they can feature their properties.

I’m looking forward to seeing this business grow and all the options it has. With a good team / tour company behind the product, you can’t go wrong.

Jim R Harris
Bozeman, Montana

ps…I’m working on building my site for the Bozeman virtual tours

Jim R Harris
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Baton Rouge Photographer Shouts Out

The new virtual tour software, Tour Builder 4.0 online from RTV is truly awesome! You guys must have worked very hard on it and I truly hope it gives many future customers the opportunity for a free trial. I’ve testified many times to how happy I am with your virtual tour product, updates, company, and will continue to do so, but nothing beats a free trial and an opportunity to put your money where our mouth is! The new online version can prove what we have all be talking about.

I’ve been a full service RTV Tour Builder for 4 years now and this Baton Rouge photographer is happy to take advantage of any of the virtual tour software updates, especially when it come to speeding up my tour building time. Not only did you deliver speed and ease but, woo wee, the HD virtual tour with high resolution photography and Full Screen capability makes me fall in love with your product all over again. I’m going back to re-upload previous clients with virtual tours to the update because it’s really no trouble at all with new virtual tour builder software.

Keep up the great work RTV!
Carolyn Morton

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Wisconsin Virtual Tour Provider Rings in New Year

2011 is finally here and 360 Image Media, your Wisconsin Virtual Tour Provider could not be happier. With 2011 came a chance to make our virtual tours and real estate photography even better. Along side of our technology partners over at RTV, we launched our all NEW High Definition Slideshows, and all we can say is WOW.  RTV also just launched their new virtual tour software, Tour Builder 4 Online.

What does this do for me you say? Well two fold for all the RTV providers out there, this will streamline the time needed to create and go live with a new Virtual Tour. For the customers of Wisconsin Virtual Tours , this means we can turn around our finished product even quicker than our already industry leading turnaround times. We have built 3 tours with the new Tour Builder 4 since the launch on Monday and it is amazing, fast, and just plain easy. It should easily save us fifteen to twenty minutes per virtual tour!

Also since everything 360 Image Media does is Apple based, the new online builder allows freedom from our last remaining ties to Windows, Goodbye Microsoft you won’t be missed. So whether you’re a real estate agent, business owner, or RTV provider, Tour Builder 4 allows you to dominate the competition, and provide unbeatable quality, speed, and all around superb products for your customers. 

We are also excited to launch a new local real estate blog Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale. It will have local Listings and informational posts for local real estate professionals, from other real estate professionals. We plan to optimize this new blog and drive massive amounts of traffic here from potential home buyers as well as local real estate professionals.

If you are a real estate professional and have a good article or blog story send it to us at Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale.  We are excited and ready to make 2011 even bigger and better than 2010. Our team here at 360 Image Media looks forward to all the amazing virtual tours and customers we will get to work with in the coming year.  Don’t miss your chance to board the Technology Bullet Train, its steaming straight through your neighborhood, and were the engineers.

To see how 360 Image Media can help you photograph, market, and execute a amazing plan in 2011 give us a call today.

Robin Duran & The 360 Image Media Team
Wisconsin Virtual Tours
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Virtual Tour Testimonial

I have been with Real Tour Vision virtual tour software digital marketing company for almost two years. Prior to joining RTV I looked at other virtual tour companies and took great care in deciding who to join as a partner. Every other virtual tour company out there had just enough difference that making a final decision was not easy.

I’m here to say that my decision with which network and company to partner with for my technology has turned out to be correct. RTV is constantly helping my virtual tour business grow and is continually providing training and virtual tour software updates us providers.

I have studied photography for over 30 years and thought a refresher class would be a bit of a bore. Well I was wrong! It’s great that they cover parts of photography that becomes natural, I’ve been doing the same thing for years. One virtual tour webinar that RTV just held reminded me of a depth of field function that I had not used in years. Great stuff!

I’m very pleased that they bring new software products to the webinars. I wouldn’t have known about Photomatix until much later. The fact that they find products that are free like FastStone has been a huge help to me, not to mention free. The support is by far the best in the industry and the costs are very fair. I couldn’t have found a better virtual tour company to have partnered with.

RTV is about to release their new tour builder software 4.awesome and it is all online! It looks and functions great. This update will keep RTV at the top of Virtual Tour companies.

I love providing virtual tours to the various Real Estate offices as well as the business that have an understanding what a virtual tour can do for their website and bringing in new clients. Here is a before and after shot that would not have been possible without being part of the RTV provider group.

My photography has improved since I joined RTV and I’m confident that is shows in my work.

Ben Knorr

Real Tour Vision
Virtual Tour Software

Stop PAYING for traffic tickets! Save Money for Marketing

Everybody wants and NEEDS to know what marketing techniques are working for their virtual tour company. As a budding Central Coast Virtual Tour Provider I’ve learned, there is no wrong or right way. The only right way is the way that works best. I’ve been told it is best to experiment with high-cost, low-cast, popular, and even odd forms of marketing. From donation work to billboards, the range for marketing is HUGE, and I have yet to scrape the surface.

Yesterday when asking the predictable yet powerful question “how’d you hear about us?” I was told by my new virtual tour customer that they saw my website posted on my truck. After all the door-to-door, phone calling, emailing, poster-making, flier handing, search engine optimizing marketing, the lead came from either the card door magnet or the vinyl lettering decal on my truck rear window. Amazing!

 The vinyl lettering cost $30. And thanks to a suggestion from a recent virtual tour webinar put on by RTV virtual tour software company, I was led to a website where I purchased FOUR (4) full-color car door magnets for $49 including tax/shipping (I am a bottom-liner).This is only one of the many useful tactics I’ve put to use thanks to what I’ve learned from RTV.  They’ve been quite amazing at helping me get my virtual tour business off the ground and start making money right away.

What a great deal! If you are willing to tattoo your vehicle. I was. The vinyl lettering has survived just fine so far and the car door magnets are high-powered enough to not blow off while hi-speeding on the freeway… which honestly I had never thought about when making the purchase.

We see advertising every day, but something about seeing the company car and the person behind the wheel (or the business owner) gives it a bit of a personal touch. I am ALWAYS looking at decals on company cars and judging the business based on the upkeep of the vehicle and their driving courtesy.

So if you have a knack for annoying other drivers and/or like the dirt from last week’s mudboggin competition left on the windows, this form of advertisement may not be for you. I must say it has improved my driving record from 4 tickets in 2009 to a whopping ZERO in 2010.  Good luck out there!

Kyle Murphy
KM360 Virtual Tours
Pismo Beach Virtual Tours
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