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Virtual Tour Provider Testimonial

Dear RTV,

I talked to you a couple of weeks ago on how to do my first virtual tour software presentation for a manufactured home sales company here in Florida. ( I took your advice and added in a couple of my ideas and managed to make it through the presentation. I had printed up a handout and paper clipped a business card to it and passed those out before the presentation started and then basically played one of the virtual tours I had done for them explaining all the amazing virtual tour software features as I went along .  I would like to think that it was my presentation that went over so well but it was the Fusion virtual tour system that got the applause at the end of the show.

As a result of the presentation the company is redesigning their webpage to accept virtual tours and also has me photographing all the communities that they sell homes in so they can have a slideshow running on the front of the newly designed website. They are also encouraging all their sales agents to use me by paying for half of the tours that I am starting to do for them.

I just wanted to say thanks for the help and thanks for having a great product , it makes my job easy !

Michael Murphy                                                                                                                                      MCMVirtual tours
Order a virtual tour: 386-717-1491

RoboTour Works For Us

RoboTour is a Huge time-saver for me! The crew always does their best and my scenes are stitched just the way I like them, with NO stitching errors! Everyone at RTV is great to work with and they always let me know if they have any questions about any particular 360 panorama.

While I don’t use RoboTour all the time, I do find that it is extremely helpful when I have a large order or a very busy week and just don’t have the time to stitch everything together.  RoboTour is like having a virtual assistant there ready to go all of the time!

How does it work? It’s simple. I just upload the virtual tour photos and they take it from there. It leaves me free to do my invoicing, photo editing, and schedule more photography appointments. If you haven’t used RoboTour yet, you should definitely give a try!  Thanks RTV.


Michelle L. Duffy,

Cathal & Michelle Duffy
Order a Palm Coast Virtual Tour Now: 904-688-0372
Florida’s Leading Virtual Tour Provider

Chicago Virtual Tours – XL Visions Story

Photography has been my passion since my teenage years. Over the years it has become my hobby, my job, my profession. During my college years I
have spend many hours lost in the darkness of photo lab’s darkroom…
From developing film to printing, from black and white to color…
eventually the transition came from film to digital.

photo taken with Nikon N60, kodak tri-x film, fall 2000
the years I photographed people, events, buildings and locations for
work related purposes and my own satisfaction. Although, I have to admit
that I always enjoyed photographing architecture and landscapes more
than photographing events and people (nothing against people). I did not
realize it until few years ago, it was when I came upon an idea to
offer my own professional photography services. XL Visions
was born – Exceptional Solutions for Real Estate and Business demands
with Professional Photography, Fusion Virtual Tours and Innovative
photo taken with Nikon N60, kodak tri-x film, fall 2000
I am very dedicated and passionate about my work, my photography,
about the quality of the images. Maybe sometimes even too much. When
one would think that smaller project, a less expensive, with less value
in it would be treated and photographed as one. I still pay same amount
of attention to detail, photograph it just like I would photograph a
“castle” because I have respect and hold to the fact that something with
no value to one could be a treasure to another. 
photo taken with Nikon D300, RAW format, fall 2013

I am passionate about virtual tour photography and I believe in my skills, but I
needed something to complete and support my services, my business. This
is why I found and chose RTV – The Leaders in Virtual Tour Software, National Photography Services and amazing training services. RTV are the real deal!! Their support is simply phenomenal. A few years ago, when RTV released their new virtual tour system called Fusion I knew this was the tool, the missing link that I was looking for. 

main screen of Fusion Virtual Tour

A Fusion Virtual Tour
is more than just a virtual tour. It’s been build on over a decade of
RTV’s industry expertise. It is an amazing media presentation
of HD photographs, panoramas, video and audio with many powerful and
innovative marketing and sharing options. Together with the Fusion virtual tour software package and my photography services I bring you
everything a real estate agent or business owner could ask for when it
comes to marketing their listings and properties.

I feel very proud and confident to be able to offer endless
possibilities to help promote your real estate listing, property, hotel,
country club, restaurant, school…
I think you get the picture now.

Tomasz Worek
XL Visions
Chicago Virtual Tours

New Year Resolutions!

As we end 2013 and make for the New, 2014, many of us will
start thinking of New Year resolutions. 
If it is in virtual tour business or personal life, we reflect on the pass and want
to come into the New Year with changes. 
Did you know only that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Why do so many people
fail at goal setting?  One reason is that
we make large lists of things we want to improve on and attempt extreme
makeovers, whether it is in your personal life or business.  One becomes so over-whelmed that we give up
during the course of the year.

Since I have been a part of RTV, less than a year, I have made it a point to set goals for what
I want Accents Virtual Tours, a Peachtree City virtual tour company to
accomplish daily, monthly, and yearly. 
Starting out as a virtual tour provider, you can find overwhelming information.  It takes time and you must make time to
gather all the information, learn the material and put it into practice and get
some virtual tour business rolling.  

When I am not providing a
tour, I spend 4 hours of my day learning something or planning a way to capture
new clients.  It is a slow process
starting a new business but I am seeing results as 2013 is coming to a close. I have met some wonderful people this year through my
journey and there is a lot of tools and information out there.  I would like to share a book that I highly
recommend and put in effect to your virtual tour business and personal
life.  The author is Gary Keller, chairman
of the board and co-founder of Keller Williams Realty.  The book is called “The One Thing”, The Surprisingly Truth Behind Extraordinary

In this book, you will learn about goal setting, cut through
clutter, achieve better results in less time, build momentum toward your goal,
dial down stress, overcome that overwhelmed feeling, revive your energy, stay
on track, and master what matters to you.  
As you set your 2014 goals, set small attainable goals
throughout the year.  Be specific, write
it down, measure it, and celebrate it. If you are looking for a good read, short chapters, awesome
information for any area of your life whether it is your virtual tour business,
personal, family and/or spiritual, this is a great recommendation.  
Every day you should wake up and ask yourself, what is the One Thing you can do right now that
will help you achieve what matters to you most?
RTV had been a
great experience.  I appreciate the whole
staff at RTV virtual tour company for all
their hard work to make virtual tours look the best.   Best
wishes to everyone for 2014, where all of us can get a step closer to the
business and people that we want to be.

Brenda Stewart
Accents Virtual
Peachtree City/Atlanta, GA

Home Tours with Floor Plans!

Floor Plans SoftwareI have been a real estate agent in Northern, NJ since 1996 where I have seen many changes in
technology. I remember our office sharing one computer which aged back to Windows 3.1. I
was one of the first agents in the area who bought and utilized a digital camera, when others
were still running to Fotomat to have prints made. Technology has been a blessing for many,
while being problematic for others.

About a year ago, I came across an app in the Apple Store known as Magic Plan and I was immediately hooked. To start, I find a great deal of joy in the “techie” aspects of marketing real estate, which is why I focus my business on representing sellers and their homes. I have produced floor plans in the past, however the time it would take utilizing CAD software was very consuming. Not to mention, laser measuring devices of past were not as accurate, so I relied on the good old tape

While apps like Magic Plan still require calibration, they make the process much easier and fun at the same time. Soon after playing with Magic Plan, I discovered that they had affiliations with other software developers, so I decided to dive in and check out them as well. One is 3D Floorplaner, which allows you to take your 2D floor plans from Magic Plan and transform them into a complete 3D model. Like the latest versions of Magic Plan, 3D Floorplanner also allows you to add in furniture, utilities, colors, carpets, etc. Soon after, I explored their affiliation with RTV Virtual Home Tours. I was immediately impressed with the integration and ease of use, giving real estate agents the ability to produce their own home tours.

Magic Plan, 3D Floor planner and RTV Tours work together to make the life of a Real Estate
Agent easier and more productive. The development of these software products gives agents
the ability to offer services to clients that would in the past, cost substantial amounts of money,
not to mention, time. When it comes to pricing, all three are very reasonable, which allows an
agent to do more.

I have received positive reviews from sellers and buyers alike, who find the floor plans and interactive virtual tours very helpful. Integrating them into your home tours takes your marketing to a new level. I would highly suggest to any agent to give these services a try for yourself and see just how easy and fun it is to provide these marketing tools to your clients and listings.

Scott Breyer