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Social Realty 14 – Marketing With Charlotte Snyder Webinar Now In RockPointe Marketing

Photography Marketing Webinar


Who better to learn from than someone who is in the trenches every day and has a proven track record of success?

Charlotte Snyder of 406 Productions is just that person.

In Social Realty 14, Charlotte joined Jay to discuss how she has become a very successful virtual tour provider while at the same time being able to charge the highest prices her in her small market. Charlotte’s combination of social media expertise, photography prowess, and marketing instincts has allowed her to offer services and value that set her apart from the competition. She opens up her book of tricks and shares many of her techniques to help other photographers grow their businesses and gain market share.

If you have ever wondered exactly how you should be using Facebook, what good is email marketing, or what other services you could be offering this webinar is for you. Social Realty 14 is now live and available to all RockPointe Marketing paid subscribers.

RockPointe Marketing is a great resource of information on the latest photography gadgets, marketing techniques, customizable marketing materials and much more. If you are just starting your photography business, have experienced a plateau, or simply want to grow your virtual tour business a Rockpointe Marketing membership is for you.

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Social Realty 4 – Google Local

Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. If you check out any of these new format pages, you’ll notice they are considerably more user-friendly,dynamic, and easier to interact with than pre-existing Google Place pages. I’ve heard many experts describe Local+ pages as more attractive and easier-to-use Facebook brand pages and I wouldn’t completely disagree. There are certainly similarities.

Regardless of how you look at them, your Local+ page is your new Google business profile for your virtual tour company, housing all important virtual tour business information.The pages also make use of Google’s acquisition of Zagat from last year, replacing star ratings with more complete 30-point Zagat scores and recommendations to give users a better way to evaluate and select local businesses.

The pages are designed to give business owners a much more social way to interact with consumers, in away that Place pages simply did not allow. Merging your Google+ Business page with your Google Local+ page provides a one-stop Google portal for your business on the Web.

Join us on October 23rd. at 7:00 PM to learn how to setup/optimize your Google Local page and merge it with your new Google+ account.  Register now in your

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The Inappropriate Status Update

Hey everyone out there it’s your Nova Scotia virtual tour provider with a little Facebook rant.

Sometimes when writing blogs about my virtual tour company, I get the opportunity to store up all the bitterness I collect day-to-day and spew it forth under the guise of ‘Opinion’. Today is one of those days so get ready! There are few things I find more pathetic and distasteful than people who misuse Facebook by posting inappropriate status updates or using Facebook as a weapon to hurt people.

Status updates are great (they’re probably my favorite thing about the social networking site), but sometimes they offer serious TMI. FACEBOOK is the 2nd most popular word that starts with an F and ends with a K.

You’ve all seen this type of update “i’m sorry our love/hate relationship has turned into a hate/please die motherf%^ *#r relationship”  Come on! It sucks you two broke up – but, keep it to yourself and get over it already. Do you really think the object of your aggression is going to read what you’ve written, sensibly digest and modify their behavior accordingly? I think not. Hostility breeds hostility.

Facebook is a great way to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. You can update everyone on your life and you can do it all at once in a status update. Status updates are normally a very positive feature on Facebook. However, they can get you in trouble.

I finally had to block all of a “friend’s” status updates because I realized, over the course of a couple of weeks, that she was one of the most consistently negative people. Her status updates were a litany of how difficult her life as a stay at home mom is, how unappreciative her husband and children are of her many sacrifices, and so on. No one’s life is a bed of roses, but when Facebook status updates are your outlet, and that’s how you’re choosing to express yourself to the immediate world, then something’s wrong.

Ultimately, it’s up for you to decide where social boundaries exist in the digital world.  I really like this article of the 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook etiquette.

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Your Nova Scotia virtual tour provider on the latest social network – Unthink.

There’s a lot of noise out there about social media. Unthink is the latest social network, and was supposed to rival Facebook.  Should you sign up? Where do you find the time for (yet) another social network. Have a read, I may be able to save you some time so you can all get back to focusing on building up your virtual tour business.

Yesterday I became an “Unthinker”. After nearly four years in secret development, feisty is the newest social network on the block. Their goal is to kick Facebook and Google+ out of the social media realm. Unthink promises to be the start of a social revolution, but hardly delivers.

Their anti-Facebook videos say  “It’s FU time” Check out the YouTube video  

The key difference is about data and security. You have full control over how much you show various groups of people. Unthink have made all the default options restricted, so you need to ‘enable’ your data to be shared.  Unthink has given your URL a “Deed” agreement stating that this is your property and they will not interfere, force changes to your setup, spy on you or collect data to sell to advertisers about you. You will be allowed to use a Pseudonym name on Unthink. There will be an identifier to let others know you are not using your real name but your confidentiality is protected.

You must create four separate profiles:
•    Basic – The fields here remind me of those on a dating site. Very personal, but never shown.
•    Social – For your family and friends
•    Professional – To be sure to present yourself appropriately to your work connections
•    Lifestyle – How you connect with brands
You can post status updates for each individual profile, and only followers of that specific profile ie-professional can see it in their stream. Very similar to creating friends lists on Facebook and targeting your updates to those lists – but more cumbersome.

Unthink  has a long way to go to become a Facebook killer. A friend called it a “grown up version of MySpace and equally as slow”.

Start-up pains are to be expected and Unthink had  database issues from the get-go: after I (finally) received my invitation with the activation code I got a password error message. I requested my password to be sent via email, it never arrived. Other friends had the same issue.

But the biggest problem – it is overly complicated without an intuitive interface. This is a very big deal and will deter most users. It is not user friendly, with many (too many) tabs and navigating. It took several minutes to find the invite tab. This is not a site for an inexperienced user. The help menu only reveals two promotional videos, no help at all. I like the idea of Unthink, but what I don’t like is how much I have to THINK about how to use their platform.

Top right hand corner (prime real estate) goes to the Brand that you choose to endorse you. Should you not choose to have a brand endorse you, users must pay $2 annually. #fail Social networkers will not pay for services they are already getting for free.

When I asked Carole Nickerson (a Facebook friend) what she thought of Unthink she said, “It’s not usable by today’s standards. They are trying to repackage the delivery of content and interaction with a structure that is now obsolete. We process data online much faster than we did 10 years ago. Heavy graphical design does not promote interaction. This looks like a generic cms script basically just tweaked a little.” And “I don’t even dare invite my Facebook friends. Way too much”.

The Lifestyle tree is an interesting idea. Designed to organize the brands you’re interested in. By adding a company’s leaf to your virtual tree, you choose the information that interest you, and the frequency per channel. It is completely anonymous. Some brands offer rewards for every message you read..

Unthink has two main types of pages, Suite and Stage. Suite is for Personal pages and Stage is for Businesses.

Although I’m not jumping up and down (like I was with Google+) at the user experience, I am looking forward to the business experience on Unthink.  Stage Pages seem well thought out.  Imagine a Business page that acts like a Fan page but where you can offer (all on one page) discounts, coupons, rewards, job listings, B2B communications events.

Expect mobile apps in a few months.

While there is definitely demand for more privacy and control within social networking sites, and the concept of owning your virtual space online instead of just building your presence to make someone else’s “digital property” more powerful, the start-up has a long road ahead.

Check out our Guide to Unthink .

Well there you have it fellow RTV providers, here’s a social network that (in my opinion) isn’t worth more time than it took to read this blog.

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Are we following each other on Twitter?

Marketing Facebook | Quick Tips From KM360 Tours

There are now over 132 million users on Facebook in the US, climbing to almost 1/2 the population! This is incredible. Inbound Marketing such as SEO & Social; Media are allowing for cheaper and more effective marketing potential than ever before.

Common Questions

 1. Should I Have Two Profiles? One for Business, One for Personal?
You don’t need to have a separate account for your business. Many of us already have a personal profile and by creating a whole new profile for your business, you are risking Facebook shutting your account down. The complications involved in handling two separate profiles will also add to the confusion, making your life one step crazier than it already is. Facebook does not want to complicate things for you. Yes, there are a few steps and account settings you will need to make so your Friends aren’t seeing your advertisements and your Boss isn’t reading about changing baby diapers… Which brings us to our next Do-Do.

 2. So How Do I Get My Virtual Tour Business on Facebook?
Create a Page within your Profile. Don’t fear, anything you can do with a profile can also be done with a page. Keep this simple reminder: Profiles are meant for people, and pages are meant for business. Profiles require “accept”ance and businesses can get “liked” by anyone. The [business] Page(s) also come with analytics so you can evaluate marketing effectiveness.

 3. I Don’t Want Negative Comments, Should I Restrict Access to My Wall Postings?
Absolutely not. This is your chance to fix something and make it right. The whole point of the page is to interact with your community and allow comments. The good news is that this is happening on your turf, so you have the chance to respond and uphold a reputation worth standing up for. Chances are the good will outweigh the bad. Every time someone leaves a comment, whether good or bad, that interaction is spread between both your network and theirs. Everyone has heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad press.”

The Best Way To Build Customers
1. Put an easy to find “Like” link towards the top of your website or blog
2. Create engaging, sharable, and current content; it may show up in newsfeeds
3. Use the Wall to interact and connect, NOT to promote
4. Fans are looking for an ‘insider’ feeling from Facebook:
•    Offer tips about your industry that apply to buyers
•    Offer discounts, promos, special deals of the day
•    sweepstakes, games, contests
5. People become fans because:
•    They liked your website
•    They saw an ad that caught their attention
•    A friend (or current fan) recommended them

When To Post
Studies have shown posting on the weekend and in the mornings is optimum for getting a lot more engagement for your page. Facebook is very much the kind of thing you do after you get home from work and during the weekend when you have more free time. According to the study, optimal posting frequency is about once every other day.  This way you are keeping a consistency with your audience without inundating them too much.

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