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The Complete Marketing Plan

In this economy of intense competition, it is easy to get stressed out at the thought of learning new techniques to getting real estate listings and virtual tours out in the public eye. But, there is no need to completely abandon traditional marketing strategies. The best advertising and marketing strategy is to diversify your marketing to reach a larger target audience. In order to do this properly, you must use all available means of marketing to draw potential buyers and sellers to one central place; most favorably, your website.

DIVERSIFY: The efforts of the agent or broker can seem like a monumental chore to undertake, but the benefits far outweigh the effort required in the long run. By diversifying your marketing efforts and funneling leads you can ensure that you are not left without steady business. Using a combination of traditional as well as modern advertising and marketing efforts can pay off for the savvy real estate agent.

LOCAL MEDIA: Many agents who use virtual tours also take out ads in the local paper and include the URL to the virtual tour web site. By using traditional media in the local real estate market area, the realtor can drive targeted traffic to the virtual tour web site, which will feature a variety of homes to choose from as well as virtual tours of the properties. Outlets such as news papers, magazines, local trade publications and free discount magazines are excellent methods of advertising the agent’s active virtual tour web site to the world. Once visitors arrive at the agent’s site, they can choose from various types of homes and locations to view online and view an interactive virtual tour.

MAKE IT EASY TO REACH YOU: Be sure to include SEVERAL means of contact, regardless of advertising medium. After looking at the virtual tour some users might opt to call the realtor directly for a personal showing. So be sure to leave your phone number in an easily accessible and prominent area on your online AND print media advertisement.

DISTRIBUTE FLYERS: Print-out fliers and brochures that advertise your single property website, your business and the online virtual tour. These fliers and signs can be printed and distributed locally.

USE UNIQUE ATTENTION GETTING MARKETING: Using unique marketing tools such as RTV’s PanoRider(tm), emailable HitStats(tm), or even just using a professional photographer service for those dramatic night-time shots can help you stand apart from the crowd. Using these marketing tools not only makes your properties stand apart from the rest, but also says incredible things about your marketing strategy to prospective sellers.

TV and RADIO: The local effort to drive traffic to the realtor’s site should include any manner of traditional advertising the realtor can afford to incorporate into his or her ongoing advertising and marketing strategy, even radio and television if the prospective URL isn’t too difficult to remember.

OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE: Once the virtual tour and the supporting web presence have been established and advertised locally, it is important to concentrate on web site marketing and optimization online. Optimizing your website, your blog and even your virtual tours maximizes your overall traffic and potential leads by allowing search engines to properly index your website and listings. RTV offers free SEO, Blogging, Social Networking, Social Back Linking training by way of our Social Ignition Course too all providers of our technology.

SOCIAL NETWORK: Getting the word out about your website and your virtual tours may seem like a daunting task, but if taken step-by-step, will prove to be quite easy. The trick is to get your network set-up and to get yourself into a routine that is easy for you.

Need help setting up your social network? Check out our 12 week workshop as announced in our last RTV Newsletter. Simply log into your TMS and click on the Social Ignition Course to sign up. Free to ALL RTV providers. A Sure-Fire Way to Beat the Economy!

Savvy RTV Provider Offers Social Training

Earlier today, Skeeter Harris of Mac Village Productions was interviewed on News 8 news by Brian Neudorff on his upcoming educational seminar on Social Media called Social Networks Work! The event features local businesses (Kodak, News 8, Techrigy) speaking about how to best to use social media technologies such as facebook and twitter among others. News 8 Social Networks Work! Interview
To see the interview click here

Social Virtual Tours & RTV

Dear RTV,

I want to thank you all for your continued time and effort that you put in at RTV to provide us virtual tour providers with the powerful marketing tools they need to be successful. Anyone can sell you just a piece of virtual tour software, pocket the money and send you on your way. One of the surprises that came wrapped in my virtual tour software package was a support staff that goes above and beyond for their providers. Having never read a blog before I started your course, I can say that my learning has become exponential since joining RTV.

I have a new relationship with social media and my associations through Linked-in and active rain have been very beneficial. I have met some great people and my web has grown. I have recently completed a one day seminar in Salida, CO on social media and will be attending one on Linked-in on May 30th. All of this is an outgrowth of the 12 week blogging course. I would
recommend anyone new to RTV or interested in expanding their social media horizons do the 12 week course. Thanks for opening new doorways. Avril

Avril Anjers
Guffey Virtual Tours
Vortex Media Productions
Order a virtual tour: 719-689-2766

Social Networks Work

Sponsored by Mac Village Productions

By attending this Educational Seminar you will:
? Get a clear understanding of Social Media and why you should be using each outlet,
? Gain a detailed “how to” walk through for getting started with facebook, Linkedin, Other Media Tools, and Twitter,
? Understand secrets for what to message out to expand your reach,
? Learn tips and tricks for how to build your personal and business brand,
? Get easy industry insider tips for building followings / friends… people interested in what you have to say,
? Hear from local Rochester, NY businesses on how they are using these technologies to enhance their brand and measure results
? Learn how these social media networks are working for you…. Analytics.

Social Media isn’t just growing. its exploding!

Don’t get left out of critical online conversations that allow you to spread the word and market your products! Delve into four of the most popular social media outlets…. Brand yourself, Build Your Business, Demonstrate your Leveraging of these Tools to Connect for Results!

May 20, 2009
8:00 am – 4:00 pp
Brio Mediterranean Bistro
Pittsford, NY 14618
Register Now

For more information about this exciting educational seminar Click There!

With Guest Speakers:

Mike Mayfield
Interactive Marketing Manager
Branding and Content

Aaron Newman

Brian Neudorff
Meteorologist for WROC-TV News 8
Now at Sunrise

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Traverse City Social Networking

Final Call to all TAAR and TC Business Owners:

Hey it’s been a great run in the last month watching so many interested parties sign up for our Traverse City Social Networking webinar on Tuesday April 28th at 7:00 PM. Honestly I did not think we would have over 100 but here we are now at 130 registered. Simply amazing!! For those of you that have not yet signed up for webinar you can still do so over the next couple of days.

This is the first of many more FREE webinars to come from team BlueLaVaMedia as we get TC on the map for social networking, strong link building, basic SEO tips and of course BLOGGING which is the foundation.

If you’re not signed up for this and would like to learn more about Blogging, search engine optimization and social networking, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss! Sign up now and learn from the Guru.

Jason LaVanture
Traverse City Blogging Course
Join our Social Ignition Program Today! 231-946-1360