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6 Helpful Services for the Digital Media Marketer

I have to admit, as a small virtual tour business serving other small businesses in Roseville CA, life can get pretty hectic without the right tools to manage it. My job, as a multimedia internet marketing company, is to continually find ways to become more efficient with increasingly less time.

These helpful tools are either free or have free versions:

Social Media Organization  – Proper use of social media will keep an exciting air about your company.  Too much and you’ll find you should have been working the phones harder. Find the balance. – combines all your social media profiles into 1 convenient dashboard. It allows you to schedule a message and (very simply) send it to either just Twitter, or to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You will find the website easy to navigate and user friendly. – similar to HootSuite in about every way, the differences are subtle and you will have to decide for yourself which one fits you best.

Social Bookmarking – there’s a lot of confusion about social bookmarking and controversy over auto-syndication sites like OnlyWire. I say if you have the few extra dollars to shell out, and the patience to setup 30+ accounts, then it may be worth your time. It is especially useful for generating a little extra traffic and article exposure.

No Need for Photoshop

Although I use Photoshop on a daily basis, I have found there are several alternatives to resizing a picture or adding rounded corners in split record time. – enough said, create rounded corners, choose which corners, how much “roundness” and even resize it. I have not found anything quicker than this for manipulating 1 picture on the fly.

desktop image resizer – found here – resize several pictures at once without opening software. I probably use this almost as much as Photoshop, but it’s great for those taking Hi-Res pictures that would like to have “web” versions of them as well for sharing and faster upload times.

Invoicing – mind the name, a pay as you go online invoicing service that is great for small businesses and people who think Quickbooks is just a little too intense for trying to sell a few candles.

If you’ve got a cool tool, do share!


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Social Media Training – The Training Play

The Training Play, what can we say…WOW. If you missed the last RTV webinar, all we can say is WOW you missed a great show. Go download it now in your BRC and watch it right away. Social Media Teaching and Social Ignition courses. What a great way to broaden your property marketing offerings to your current customers as well as establish many new customers as well. Yes we are talking about you teaching your real estate agents,brokers, and other clients how to use and dominate social media.

How you ask? Well just with the basic knowledge you have already been taught from Real Tour Vision virtual tours, you have become very versed. Taking these teachings, and some acquiring some new knowledge as well, you can capitalize and create a little or a ton of extra income for your business. By offering social media courses to your clients you can add between $600-$15000 a year.

The amount of time you spend teaching is completely up to you, teach 1 class or 20. 360 Image Media the leading Wisconsin Virtual Tour Company is also helping you achieve the goal of becoming a master of the social media teaching. We have taken the original Social Ignition, and updated it to reflect the current conditions. As a special limited time offer for all RTV providers, we are offering this to you for $5 THATS RIGHT ONLY $5. If you have taken the original social ignition you know how valuable this is. The NEW Social Ignition is delivered to you in a complete package outlining a 10 week E-Course, or you can use it as a in person class outline.

Just like the original Social Ignition course, this course is great to offer for your current clients and also to get the new ones. Everyone including Real Estate Agents, Small Business Owners, and other Professionals want to know how to use Social Media. Why not be the one that teaches them and get paid for sharing what you already know. So if you missed the show, go download it RIGHT NOW. Then go to 360 Image Media’s Social page and on the bottom of the page you can purchase the NEW Social Ignition. It will be delivered right to your inbox after checkout is complete.

Thanks and Teach, Teach, Teach

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P.S. If you were on the show, send us your questions and feedback.

Social Bookmarking has Changed!

I received a call today from Dave Hall from Dave had some questions about whether or not you were actually building back links by using social bookmarking. In this little snippet I talk about the correct procedure you should go through to build back links using follow sites. Check it out! (Yes, I’m sitting on a body ball.)

If you’re already an RTV provider who has taken our Social Ignition program in the past you need to know that it has DRASTICALLY changed. You can retake the course by logging into your RTV marketing account at and sign up for that again. No membership is required and it’s 100% FREE…just for being an RTV virtual tour provider. We love ya!

-“Stay Social”

Jason LaVanture

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The FORMULA 19 | Become a Social Bookmarking Expert

Welcome FORMULA fans and Happy Holidays to you all. Are you ready for The FORMULA 19?

If you’re out there screaming “Teach Me Teach Me!” then let’s kick off 2010 and learn a little something about the power of social bookmarking sites. Please join myself, Jason LaVanture on Tuesday Jan 5th 2010 at 7:00 Eastern for an hour of social bookmarking excitement.

For those of you who are wondering how the little Traverse City virtual tour company, BlueLaVaMedia has been able to make their virtual tour videos, blog submissions, and virtual tours rank so well in the search engines, you need to attend this next show. I will be discussing how you can setup 20-30 of your social bookmarking sites and finally fully automate the entire social bookmarking process down to three minutes per tour once you have all of your accounts setup and in place!! Yes that’s right…3 minutes!

BlueLaVaMedia customers have come to love the fact that they can key in their property addresses and INSTANTLY find their listings on PAGE 1 of the search engine results page. Moreover 97% of all BlueLaVaMedia customers can type in their name (Agent Name real estate) and see the impressive work that we’ve done to get them MORE 1st page impressions.

To fully prepare for this webinar please be sure that you’re already taking our Social Ignition course by sending an email to

See you Jan 5th on the show!

Happy New Year!


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Traverse City Social Networking Training

Traverse Area Association of Realtors (TAAR) is very pleased to offer a free Social Networking, Blogging, and SEO 101 seminar. On Wednesday August 19th Jason LaVanture of BlueLaVaMedia virtual tours and creator of the Social Ignition System will be offering up some very valuable tips on how to increase traffic and build powerful back links to your website. The free seminar will be held from 9-10 at the TAAR office and all members are welcome to attend. If you have an interest in these topics it’s recommended that you start out by taking BlueLaVaMedia’s free online course found here:

Go BlueLaVa!