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Real Estate Agents-Online Marketing is Key

Real Estate Agents are quickly learning that establishing an online reputation could make them or break them in today’s market. The days where families want to drive from house to house are long gone. With children schedules to coincide and gas prices quickly rising once again, shopping for houses online using virtual tours has become extremely commonplace.

When I first opened SLP Virtual Tours, my best friend was ecstatic. She told me that her and her husband wouldn’t even consider buying a home that didn’t have a tour. They spent a few hours a week online reviewing houses on the market that had virtual tours. They narrowed them down to their three favorites and then began calling real estate agents. From the three, they picked “The ONE!” and live in it still today. And what was the exact quote of my 32 year old best friend with a husband and four children? “If a real estate agent gets a listing and doesn’t think it’s worthy of a virtual tour, then why would it be worthy of my time to see in person and spend our money on?”

By using virtual tours on every tour, real estate agents are quickly seeing a rise in their client lists. Using a top leading virtual tour company such as Philadelphia’s SLP Virtual Tours-the real estate agent’s reputation gets catapulted into a “who to use” real estate agent status. The agent’s photograph is included on every tour as well as contact information and company logo. It’s a surefire bet for a real estate agent to “Brand” themselves in today’s ultra-competitive market. And the tours offer top notch conveniences for each viewer including music, crisp clear images that rotate 360 degrees, with a zoom in and out feature that allow viewers to zoom in and out on the fine architectural details of a property.

Not all virtual tour companies out there offer top quality tours. It’s a buyer beware market. In fact, the newest game on the net is companies claiming to be virtual tour companies when in fact, they only make up a slideshow of still photos. There is no 360 degree “spins” that modern technology gives us and that consumers demand. That is why trusting virtual tour providers in the Real Tour Vision Network is imperative for a real estate agent who understands the importance of online presence and reputation. The tours are uploaded quickly, the viewing window is large, and they are true to life. Virtual Tours will get an agent every listing that comes their way. Consumers want to be in the “now” of technology and expect their properties to be listed with the top marketing pros who will save them money in the long run. The tours help to sell the homes quickly and warrant to be placed in every marketing budget of every property.

Jennifer Stiefel
SLP Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Sell Homes — A Real Estate Agent’s Story

A Professional Realtor Knows that virtual tours do sell homes! I have a specific market area that I work as a professional Realtor and know my marketing area. I use several methods to locate homeowners that are looking to list their homes for sale. The high tech methods include a personal web site of No Stunts Realtor, mini CD’s advertising my services with old fashion techniques of direct mail, and networking to make personal contact. Real Tour Vision plays a role in the high tech and old fashion marketing methods that I use. Real Tour Vision virtual tour software and hosting allows me to show case my listings to potential clients selling their homes and the buyers looking for a home. Using sample and real tours on a CD that I hand out is a real plus setting me apart from other agents.

I became of full service provider for Real Tour Vision in order to service my clients at a lower cost in the long run from hiring someone else to make the tours. My background in photography, marketing and sales has made this an easy transition. I transformed my marketing company to a Real Tour Vision provider when I realized that offering virtual tours to the business community and other Realtors I work with would become a profit center while still working as a full time Realtor servicing my clients.

The current market for real estate has many doom and gloom prophets on the Internet, print media, and even within the real estate community. Let me share a story with you that show the power of professional marketing. Marketing is not selling, sales people do the selling, and marketing alerts prospects to the best of a product and entices them to contact the sales person.

I posted a tour on Real Tour Vision just prior to April 1, 2007 (the actual active listing date) and received 72 hits, 59 MLS hits and 8 fliers downloaded by April 27. Seven agents also visited Best Web Tour my Real Tour marketing website from the tour affiliate link. For a new home on the market this is a very good response as compared to what I see and hear in the local market. The marketing with the center point being a virtual tour brought in three times the amount of prospects to the open house and twice the number of agents showing the home, as compared to the normal market in the area.

You may have guessed it; the home is now in a pending sale status. Details of the pending sale cannot be given at this time, but further details when released can be found at 728 Clearview. I also have an additional site with a Real Tour Vision virtual tour at 7022 Flossmoor for your viewing pleasure and anyone looking for a home on a golf course.

When I hear agents say that virtual tours do not work, that they show things that should not be seen, and the dollars spent does not bring in prospects, I just have an internal laugh. My personal, professional and marketing experience tells me different! Homes on the market with a virtual tour will get additional traffic and it is up to the “sales” person to make the sale.

Stay tuned, as I will make additional posts of successful marketing using virtual tours in the current real estate market.

Contact Steve Knievel the “No Stunts Realtor” and owner of Best Web Tour

Real Estate Industry Stats

Here are some 2007 statistics that you might be interested in from the National Association of Realtors.

– 84% of Realtors have personal website or plan to have one
– 77.1% of all Realtors own a digital camera
– Home sales are expected to top 7.7 million in 2007
– 173,281 Realtors own virtual tour software
– 228,836 Realtors plan to purchase digital cameras this year

That ain’t no cotton-pickin’ virtual tour

When is a virtual tour actually a virtual tour? And why are some folks calling an assortment of few photos a virtual tour?

It’s no news that the real estate market has slowed a bit in many areas throughout the country. As a result, many Realtors have ramped up their marketing efforts in order to get their listing inventory sold in a timely fashion.

The savvy agents are adding professionally shot virtual tours to their arsenal of tools. But what is a virtual tour? I’ve seen a collection of six photos described as a virtual tour. I’m not kidding. I’ve clicked on one too many icons that say VIEW VIRTUAL TOUR HERE only to be greeted by a series of stills–what a disappointment. That ain’t no cotton-pickin’ virtual tour; that’s false advertising!

A series of six photos slowly fading in and out is not a virtual tour.

The virtual tour software used to create the tours by Real Tour Vision is on a level of its own. The sense of virtually being in the house and seeing the home from a buyer’s point of view, in all its crisp, professional, 360 ° glory is unsurpassed. Using the Real Tour Vision technology allows the viewer to see exactly how a home is laid out; the exclusive use of “hotspots” allows the potential buyer to envision the actual floor plan of the home. Hover over that hotspot and you know exactly what is behind that closed door. Click on that hotspot and you go to the room you want, when you want. You virtually walk through the house. You can’t get that from a 6-photo slide show parading as a virtual tour.

When choosing a virtual tour provider to use for your next listing, don’t fall for the pretenders. A slide show does not account for a virtual tour.!

Lanette Branch
My360Pix Virtual Tours

It’s a slide show, it’s a tour, it’s Real Tour Vision!

Over the years, real estate professionals have asked me whether we can create slide shows in place of a full Real Estate home tour which just don’t justify the cost of a full-on virtual tour. We’re excited to have been doing this successfully now for months, and its popularity is growing quickly in our market.

We’ve done hundreds of virtual tours at All About Virtual Tours and understand the logic which a viewer follows when looking at homes. The result is a means by which real estate professionals may show more than the allotted still photos on MLS, for a much reduced cost, while still using RTV’s crystal clear technology.

If you’re interested in seeing a sample, please click here.

Thank you,

Dawn Shaffer