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Professional Virtual Tour Photographers Make a Difference

What does it say about a real estate agent when they show up to a client’s home and shoot one of those poorly lit slideshow type virtual tours or one of those nauseating quarter pan type virtual tours? It’s says, “Hi, I’m your agent and I’m too cheap to hire a real photographer and spend money to market your home”.

We see these every day in the industry since digital cameras are so inexpensive. Many real estate agents think they can save money by buying into one of those “do it yourself” virtual tour packages or they shoot images for the MLS with their $200 camera and lens they got at a drugstore. The end result is bad images in a bad slideshow that the agent tries to pass off as a virtual tour.

Ever notice how you see a photo of the front of a house that was taken from clear across the street and the house looks like a postage stamp in the image? This is because the use of those inexpensive cameras. A professional virtual tour photographer will use the right lens and take the shot in the front yard so the person searching for a home can see the house clearly. It never ceases to amaze me just how many agents will use such bad images in their marketing.

Two weeks ago after I uploaded a real 360 virtual tour for a client. We were searching her broker’s website for comps in the area to see what other agents were doing for marketing, and up pops a listing that had a DIY virtual tour. The agent had taken one of those “nauseating pans” from the landing of the stairs looking towards the foyer. The funny thing was, it was laid on it’s left side and panning back and forth, my agent looked at me and asked “What the heck is that?”, so I turned my laptop on it’s side and that’s when you could see it was a half pan from the ceiling to the floor. I couldn’t believe it and the agent busted up laughing and said “That’s my local competition?”

So real estate agents and brokers, in today’s tough marketplace it pays in the long run to hire a professional virtual tour photographer. It makes you look more professional and you’ll save time and money overall because you will sell more homes by using crisp clear images and a truly interactive virtual tour that can be posted on multiple websites. If you’re a homeowner, you need to make sure you choose an agent who is willing to hire a real professional to shoot your home’s virtual tour.

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PanoRiders for Realtors

If you are a Realtor®, you are probably always looking for that edge over your competition. But you are only interested in marketing that works. The PanoRider™ provided by your Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider is just such a marketing tool.

The PanoRider is a custom sign rider that hangs off your broker’s sign. It contains a property specific web address for the property along with a full color panoramic photograph of the property. The web address is the same as the property address so it is easy to remember for prospective buyers and neighbors.

The Statistics

• The top scoring source of information for buyers is now the Internet, mentioned by 77% of all Home Buyers.*

• In addition, 71% of all Home Buyers surveyed, mentioned the yard sign as an important source of information. *

*National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Survey 2006

A PanoRider combines the exposure of the Yard Sign with the power of the Internet. It drives prospective buyers to a 360 virtual tour of the property, even if no one is home to let them see the inside. The statistics support the need for every listing to have a PanoRider, regardless of market conditions. And the virtual tour contains your phone number, website and email, so you get the most exposure possible to secure an offer!

Property Specific Websites (

The web address on the PanoRider is for a property specific website for your listing. This website contains your full interactive 360 virtual tour with enhanced listing features including these options:

• Integrated Panoramic and Still Photos with Interactive Hot Spot Navigation

• Map, Satellite View and Driving Directions

• Mortgage Calculator

• Optional Music, Floor Plans & Brochure

• MLS Number and Property Information

• Scene descriptions

• Agent Photo, Email Link, Website Link and Phone Number

• Broker Logo and Address

• Secret Hot-Link to Traffic Statistics

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Virtual Tour Insurance

What a Nightmare:

You know it not a good day when you are rushing to get to your first virtual tour shoot and in your haste — you trip and fall on your client’s front porch stairs. In the process, you drop your tripod and camera. With that sinking feeling in your gut, you pick up your equipment and confirm that the camera is now smashed and one of the legs of the tripod is bent at an awkward angle.

Thoroughly rattled and upset, you put on your best smile when the client opens the door and invites you inside. Once inside the door and still frazzled, you unwittingly stand your tripod up in the foyer next to a very beautiful, and yes –very expensive—glass vase. As soon as you turn to your client—a sudden and incredibly loud crash occurs—telling you that the tripod has fallen and smashed the vase into a thousand pieces.

Hopefully, this scenario has not happened to anyone but the scary part of it is –it could happen – or something worse. It is not hard to imagine an incident involving grave personal injury to yourself or to your client.

The question that is raised is, “Are you covered by insurance?”

A lot of providers may think that their home owner’s policy will cover their camera, tripod, and any accidents at a job site. This is simply not true.

As a virtual tour provider you need to protect your business with insurance that covers personal injury, liability, and your mobile equipment (laptop, camera, tripod, etc). Today, most insurance companies offer a bundled insurance plan sometimes known as Business Owner’s Insurance Package. These packages are designed to provide insurance protection to you while on the job site.

All providers are encouraged to call their insurance companies and review with their agent the insurance needed to cover your business.

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FREE GOLF With Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours

Are you an avid golfer? Don’t want to pay the high greens fees at courses you’d like to play? Why not contact golf club managers and ask if they would be interested in a virtual tour?

Not only can you shoot the virtual tour of the golf course itself, but many clubs have a driving range, putting green, banquet facilities and clubhouse that can be included in a tour. Some managers won’t want to spend the money for a virtual tour, but are more than willing to barter for free golf!

I have produced Virtual Golf Course Tours for premier clubs in Las Vegas that have traded for free rounds of golf, plus received payment as well. It’s a win/win opportunity for all involved. The golf club gets to showcase their facilities online and you get to golf for free! The only thing you’ll have to spend is time…doing what you love!

Rob Lenthe

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New Virtual Tour Manager Delivers

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I am amazed at how easy the new virtual tour manager site works. I can publish a 360 tour now in under 20 minutes. The fact that virtual tour approvals is now an option that I can turn on or off means that us power users don’t have to wait an extra twenty or thirty minutes to get approval from Real Tour Vision. Let me tell you that is a great help!! In the beginning when I was getting started I liked having their input so I knew that I was not messing things up but once I got things down I did not want to have to wait any longer. Especially over the weekends. My clients rave about the fact that if we do a tour on Friday afternoon it gets posted that very day. I know that my virtual tour delivery time is much faster than that of the other national virtual tour companies like Circlepix and Obeo and at the end of the day that really makes me look great!

I especially like the fact that I can easily put all of the city and school information into the virtual tour as well as mapping to the directions to the listing. Putting slide shows together is also a breeze as well as adding audio to my virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very easy to use and to date I haven’t crashed a tour yet!

One other nice thing great thing that I have really come to love is the new partnership that Real Tour Vision made with Rock Pointe Marketing (A marketing company that offers its services exclusively to Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers.) I am an affiliate member of the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors and I was just nominated the Affiliate of the Month for July! I used the custom marketing materials from the Rock Pointe Marketing CD and let me tell you, my sales went nuts! All it took was for me to change a few words and put my company name on the flyer and it sold the agents that had still had doubts that virtual tours sell homes faster. Shortly after getting a new client on board with a virtual tour they ended up representing both the buyer and the seller. The month of August has been my best month so far and being that this is my first year as a virtual tour provider I am sure that it will continue to get better and better each year.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision I am having the time of my life. I enjoy making a living, who would of ever thought working could be so much fun.

Dave Kondracki
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