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All Shook Up About PanoRiders

I am sooooo excited about the new RTV Single Property Websites and PanoRiders! Of course, I had been waiting on pins and needles for these to finally arrive and become available! Not only for the absolutely gorgeous panoramic photos that can be displayed prominently on the riders themselves, but almost more so for the incredibly easy way to CRUSH the competition with the website url!! Combining the two is the BOMB! Seriously! What better way for a Realtor or anybody for that matter to promote their business and that particular listing itself! Why would anyone not want to take advantage of this?!
I have to admit that I had a few concerns with my first “trial” order. It was the PanoRider sign size. In reality, it just wasn’t going to work with our signs. I tried to talk to my husband and to figure out a way that we could rig it to work with the existing signs, maybe even make some sort of contraption to attach to the sign to hold the rider on top…. but he convinced me that it would look bad. I had to get with Real Tour Vision to custom make my PanoRider which was absolutely NO PROBLEM! I tell you, these guys are great and will go the extra mile, no questions asked! I sent them the dimensions and they made the rider. It was that easy! Unfortunately I had second guessed myself and instead of going off the actual dimensions of the sign rider I have sitting in my living room office, I went off the dimensions of the generic ones that we can order online. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was just a smidge too big. My husband modified it gently with the power saw with not so perfect results. Although it didn’t look bad, it wasn’t perfect. When we put it in the sign itself, it did cover up the imperfections, but still cut off the top of the lettering…. But even still, this is something that nobody else offers!! A cut above the competition and a way cool bonus to the sellers!!
My second order is absolutely PERFECT (pictured above)! I am so excited about it and am LOVING everything about it! I don’t know yet if everyone else is as excited as I am about this new revolution in marketing, but I think it’s just GREAT! In the meantime, who has time to blog?! Thanks to the recommendation of this Realtor I’m currently working closely with, I’ve just received an order for 17 full blown virtual tours from another builder on all his current homes for sale!


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Single Property Websites

The new Real Tour Vision PanoRider and PanoRider single property website service allows all Real Tour Vision providers both In-House and Full Service to provide an address specific domain name for every virtual tour listing. Single property websites or individual property websites are a very useful tool when marketing a home online. The unique domain name when typed into a web browser instantly pulls up that specific virtual tour with photos, agent’s information, printable brochure, listing data, music or voice-overs and so much more. This amazing tool allows one to place that domain name in the newspaper, magazine or on the rider sign where many subscribers and or passer buyers will easily jot down the domain name for pulling up on internet at a later time.

Now anyone from anywhere in the United States can utilize the Real Tour Vision single property website and PanoRider by simply contacting Real Tour Vision today. This is not a subscription based service!

By calling the phone number below Real Tour Vision will connect you with the closest virtual tour provider in your area and get you setup with a professional virtual tour photographer and the worlds BEST single property website / rider sign service ever imagined!

Learn more about the Real Tour Vision PanoRider services and single property website domain forwarding at

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Real Tour Vision PanoRider ULEASHED!

71% of Home Buyers say Yard Sign is Important Source of Information. Second only to the Internet, the YARD SIGN is stated as being the largest source of information for home buyers according to the National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Survey 2006

71% of all home buyers surveyed, mentioned the yard sign as an important source of information. The top scoring source of information is now the Internet, mentioned by 77% of all Buyers.

The PanoRiders are now ready for purchase and are available only to Real Tour Vision providers and their clients nationwide. The Real Tour Vision PanoRiders are signs that hang below or above the real estate broker’s sign that display a FULL COLOR panoramic scene from inside the property and are assigned a unique web address for the property. ( EX:

These signs are made with PVC and UV protected inks so they will last well beyond the sale of the home. It’s a great product to stimulate new interest in your service as well as set you apart from ALL of your local competitors. This product has been tested for nearly a year and is proven to be an AMAZING listing tool that NO other virtual tour company offers at this time.

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PanoRider Testimonial:

“I am pleased as punch that the house you did a virtual tour and PanoRider of is under contract, and awfully glad that the buyer found it on her own. The house is under contract, the buyers found the house themselves, they loved the PanoRider- that is what caught their eye and ultimately sold the property! I understand they had been looking unsuccessfully for months. My seller had given me a deadline until the end of the September to secure an offer so thank you for your expertise!”

Best regards,
Teresita Vignale
Long & Foster Realtor
Licensed in Virginia & Washington, DC

Real Tour Vision also offers single property websites or individual property sites to their provider network as well.
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