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Team BlueLaVa Hits the Show

On Wednesday, May 7th team BlueLaVa packed up and hit the local Traverse City Board of Realtors trade show entitled Strawberries and Toast. This show is an annual event that typically brings several hundred Traverse City real estate agents and many vendors from in and around the Grand Traverse region. We were fortunate enough to be the only Traverse City virtual tour company to attend the show this year.

With Jim being what many would call a local living photography legend here in Traverse City, the people continuously flocked around our booth to see what new and exciting powerful property marketing tools were now available. For the most part people really loved the concept of our single property websites and our PanoRiders™. The next big hit of the show was our cute business card sized CD’s, Night Shots and our Blue Bird’s-Eye elevated shot. Most of the attendees found that our offerings were priced very affordably and loved the fact that we are fully insured and have our lock box certification allowing Jim to move freely in and out of the homes during his virtual tour shoots.

Shooting Traverse City virtual tours is one thing, but being able to offer a real estate agent an entire marketing program is another. When we meet with a new customer for the first time we sit down and lay out all of our offerings that leave a lasting impression on a home seller and a shopper. We let the real estate agents embed our virtual tours and marketing tools right into their marketing pitch thus giving them the upper hand when it comes to leaving that lasting impression during a listing presentation.

Our unique offerings and beautiful interactive virtual tours are winning over new customers every day. Thanks to Jim Blue photography, the RTV virtual tour system, our powerful marketing tools and a little creativity BlueLaVaMedia is heading into what will be a great and profitable summer.

Until the next local trade show! Good luck out there everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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Real Estate Listing Exposure

We were recently invited to a Tuesday morning Realtor’s meeting to discuss virtual tours. This Brokerage is pretty new to utilizing the internet. We covered some of the following points:

  1. All the realtors needed to have and use a working email account. Although it is understood that a phone call is only second to meeting a prospective buyer/seller in person, the email is the most commonly preferred and used form of communication of most internet users.
  2. The brokerage and possibly the individual agents should have a functional and easy to use website. The website should be able incorporate a virtual tour link for each property.
  3. ALL PRINT MEDIA that is utilized should state “See the Virtual Tour at”. At a minimum the website address should be listed. With the amount of properties listed these days, photos, virtual tours, and the internet are the best ways to generate interest not only for the property but the agnet and brokerage as a whole. For example, if the Real Estate Book is used, a virtual tour icon can be placed on the add, and the web site, email address, and phone number should be listed.
  4. We recommended photos from a good camera and/or the use of a professional photographer and virtual tour provider. Listings that have a poorly shot photo or no photo at all on sites like or the local real estate board, are generally passed right by. Listings with multiple photos and a virtual tour get the highest hit stats (number of viewings). Utilizing Postlets, Craigslist, and other internet sites only enhance the property and agent’s exposure.
  5. We lastly recommended using PanoRiders and single property websites to grab the drive-bys traffic and direct them online. Utilizing the street address on the PanoRider and single property websites make it easier remember. Even if the PanoRider isn’t used, the agent’s sign should have some form of contact information.

Gary Bolda
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Virtually unlimited tools with RTV

I continue to be impressed with the wide range of tools available to the Real Tour Vision providers and the flexible options that they present. RTV providers are not just in and out virtual tour photographers. We also offer online marketing solutions to real estate agents and businesses.

I feel confident that with a little bit of ingenuity and the RTV tools that I can come up with a solution to just about any challenge presented by my clients. The confidence resulting from having the tools shows through when making presentations with the excellent marketing tools provided by the RTV marketing team.

One challenge that I faced recently was from an assisted living facility. The marketing director of Country Cottage, based in Huntsville, AL wanted to make the most of the virtual tour and use it for three of their locations that had a similar floor plan. It was important to have the contact information from all three locations. The director also wanted to provide a map to each location. Maps and contact information are a standard item with the Real Tour Vision virtual tour window, but not for three locations. The solution revolved around using still images and hot spots. To avoid confusion the contact information was removed from the normal location at the top of the tour window. An image was created with the three addresses and added as a scene in the tour. Ok, that wasn’t so bad, but what about the three map links? Well, I remembered from the excellent training provided with the RTV package that hot spots could link to external web pages as well as other scenes in the tour. Check out the rest of the details on my virtual tour company blog.

Although RTV providers are a web marketing resource for their clients, I for one don’t usually answer yes when asked “Do you do websites?” I do have a couple of programmers that I refer business to, but frequently I talk to very small businesses who just want a brochure site. The next time I’m asked about a simple site I am going to suggest a virtual tour AS the site. Single property real estate sites are common, so why not use the same technique on business tours? The generous Spinfo text area would give a business plenty of space to present text to visitors. Don’t forget about audio either.

With all these options, it’s easy to be confident when selling virtual tours.

Thanks RTV!

Brett Weaver
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Learn the Power of Interactive Media

Since e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions started making 360 virtual tours with Real Tour Vision software, I have realized how addicted I have become to interactive media and how powerful it is on your senses when searching for a product or service. When you search the competition to see what they are using and, in most cases, what they are not using, it is real easy to come to the conclusion that most of these “other guys” are missing the real point of what consumers need. Interaction!

Powerful forms of rich media content will retain your visitors much longer, thus giving them the ability to retain more of the presentation put in front of them. Essentially what this amounts to is that a visitor that experiences an impressive presentation with lots of interaction is more likely to recall your products and services over all the other competition.

Through the power of Real Tour Vision, e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions, a virtual tour company in Sarasota, Florida, is able to provide its clients with the most comprehensive interactive media solutions available. Our 360 virtual tours are packed with more interaction than any other virtual tour product on the market. By combining several types of technologies, e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions is able to capture the senses of our client’s visitors the second they click on our 360 virtual tours. If you are still stuck on stills and simple forms of media, you are missing the technology boat.

Marketing your products and services on the internet is not an easy task. But e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions has made it simple. You can choose from a variety of high quality products and services without burning a whole in your pocket book. Some of the great products that we offer are 360 virtual tours, virtual tour audio solutions, interactive 2D/3D floor plans, PanoRider sign hangers, single property websites and interactive business card CD-Rom.

When it comes to marketing your business online, keep in mind that not everyone has the consumer in mind. As leaders in 360 virtual tour technology, Real Tour Vision has allowed e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions to utilize the best technologies at a fraction of traditional marketing. In turn, we are putting more punch in their online campaigns without the worries of spending thousands on fruitless efforts.

Lance Ziegler
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Virtual tours and FSBO listings

I was on my way back from visiting a friend’s house last night when I came to the entrance of their neighborhood. A man was there tapping a “for sale by owner” sign into the ground.

Being a Jacksonville virtual tour provider, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop and hand him one of my business cards. I asked about how they were currently marketing their home. He indicated that they were trying to be cost conscious since their home was now worth less in the current real estate market and so were doing it themselves.

They had created their own flyers, were putting out signs on the main road near their neighborhood (which had already been pulled up a few times by road crews) and were putting the house in the paper this next week and planned an open house. Sounds fairly basic and straightforward.

I am guessing that they already spent $200 since an ad in our local newspaper costs over $105 for ONLY a ONE WEEK run. Given that, in Florida, over 65% of buyers are from out of state, it is quite likely that most buyers may never even see or consider this home with the current marketing approach.

I definitely gave him something to think about when I explained that he could have gotten a virtual tour package and a PanoRider with single property website for that same price!! A virtual tour would be online for 2 YEARS for that price, be distributed to over 90 sites, be accessible to a GLOBAL market, and would be built with quality photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.

As Linda Sabiston of First Impression Virtual Tours notes in her blog, high quality photographs are the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. Our Panoriders with unique property addresses are also invaluable for FSBO homes. We also support our clients by providing a prep sheet to ensure their home looks its absolute best for the virtual tour shoot. Needless to say, he was going home to speak with his wife about their current sales approach. I expect I will be hearing back from him by end of week. Being cost conscious is not just about how much you spend, but how much value you get for your money.

Trish Edmonds
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