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How to Setup a Virtual Tour Feed

As an RTV provider one of our main goals is to keep up with our website’s content, but as we all know, we seldom make updates to its content unless we change or add a promotional item. Two days ago our company,Virtual Vista, made major structural and content changes. During this conversion, we decided to make the commitment to keep its content fresh, thus increasing traffic and improving search engine ranking.

As a result of this commitment we decided to use the Real Tour Vision’s Blogs to keep it fresh. While researching the best way to incorporate this feature into our website, we stumbled up on this web page (; this article is all about RSS Specifications.

The article explains the different ways and technologies we can use to accomplish this task. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use JavaScript, but this option would defeat our purpose. Why? Because search engines DO NOT actually “see” the content of the RSS Feed, thus the content of the feed within our website would not be indexed (bummer).

Another option was to use a PHP to display the RSS Feeds. The beauty of this option is that the content will be displayed as HTML and thus Search-Engine-Friendly! This is what we were looking for! But wait a minute; we really are not comfortable with PHP Scripting, so we kept on reading.

Finally, an ASP solution, just like the PHP one, but using ASP Scripting! Please don’t take us wrong, PHP is great, but we are ASP people since ASP was conceived.

We proceeded to download the FREE code from the website and after learning how it works, we decided to make some adjustments to suit our needs.

We made some small changes and converted the code to work as a function; this function accepts parameters and can restrict the output to display a specific number of blogs and whether we want to display just the titles or the entire content.

We just wanted to share this with you all, you can see a working sample by clicking the following links: (this shows the title feeds) (Shows the full feed)

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Shore Builders Take on a New Virtual Tour Girl

Cathy Williams, owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours , is now a member of the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey.

“I applied for membership because Jersey Girl Virtual Tours and the Shore Builders could mutually benefit from the relationship” states Williams. “I was happy to hear that the Shore Builders Association felt the same way and granted membership this July.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours is a division of Virtual Access Tours. “We have been in business for 5 years. We started off photographing homes and then expanded our services, offering virtual tour marketing for a wide variety of industries” said Cathy Williams partner and owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours. Cathy handles the sales and marketing for both companies. “We are excited about joining the Shore Builders Association . We hope to bring a new non-traditional form of marketing to the builder’s industry. We are looking forward to working with the builders, assisting them with increasing web exposure, reducing sales cycle times and ultimately bringing them in more revenue.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours creates virtual tour marketing programs for various industries, ultimately increasing their exposure, driving more traffic to their businesses. They have been commissioned for a wide range of projects and have custom-tailored their tours to fit within the tight budget constraints that exist in many of today’s organizations. Their goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive virtual tour marketing program that exposes all of the exiting benefits and features found within their businesses.

A few of the industries we currently serve (click on any of the following for an example of our work): Wedding Halls, YMCA Centers, Senior Care Facilities, Bed & Breakfast, Towns, Builders, Restaurants and Retail Shops to name a few.

To learn more please visit Jersey Girl Virtual Tours.