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Do You Have the Bends?



I really enjoyed a recent Image webinar. For so long now I have had the bends….see sample 1 and 3 above. No I don’t go deep sea diving, I go picture taking of large buildings, tall buildings with condos, and I end up with the bends, until last night. I have all these software programs to drag horizontal and vertical lines to straighten my images, but it is too frustrating to stay with them to complete the task. I just want my walls straight….can it be soooooo difficult? Not anymore! Last night I heard the words “Shift N”. I pressed “Shift N” on my keyboard…nothing…nada. So I Googled it and voila! I downloaded the ShiftN program. Ten minutes later I had straightened the earth, straightened out my teenage son, the dog etc. Look at the difference in sample 2 and 4 and all done automatically. Thanks so much!

I have downloaded all the webinar episodes so far. What a wealth of information! I’ve gradually integrated it into my marketing; I did the 12 week SEO course in two hours and I will revisit each week again asap. And all this is free!

I Googled a local Broker, Barbara Kestel recently. I keep her Superlative web site updated with her listings and I do some virtual tours for her. Based on RTV’s SEO course she is listed on the first page 3 or 4 times, with a link to a virtual tour and my website, and I haven’t implemented all of your tips yet! I think this is awesome. I look forward so much now to the webinars, even though the timing isn’t great for me, I make it to most of them.

Again many thanks,

Jim Griffin
LaVelle Studios LLC

Know Where You Stand

It never hurts to refresh and repeat business information that bears repeating.  Your virtual tour company website is your window to the world and if you don’t know where you stand, then you don’t know if the world is seeing you.

There are three areas I’d like to discuss today  1) 2) Google 3) Google Analytics

These are not new to many of you since RTV provides extensive training in this area, but for newbies and for those in which ‘Life gets in the way’ and they aren’t cashing in their ‘roundtoits’ yet, it is a good time to review. is a rank checker. Look for rank checker. It is easy to set up and easy to use.  It reviews your ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You set it up according to the URL you wish to check against. For instance I put in and then I want to see where I rank if someone searches for    ‘San Antonio Virtual Tours’ or  ‘San Antonio Virtual Tour Provider’ or ‘San Antonio Virtual tour photographer’.  When you have these in place, you simply tell it to start and lo and behold, up comes the ranking for each of those search phrases. Why is this important? It’s incredibly important because if you are showing up more than 10, you have work to do. Anything much past 10 is pretty well lost as far as being seen by a serious viewer.

Google is a monitoring service.  This allows you to pick up on new content to the web.  I have put in my google alert: ‘San Antonio virtual Tours’. It is surprising what comes up under that phrase. How does that help me?  I go to those sites and see 1) what is my competition doing and how much 2) what kind of quality are they producing (and in most cases  not nearly the quality that produces) and then I have marketing ammunition 3) What some call virtual tours are really nothing. Keep it geographical as Jason has repeated, otherwise you’ll be inundated with superfluous junk.

Google Analytics is more than just a traffic counter and is crucial!! If you are not checking out how many hits you are getting and more importantly, where they are coming from, you are being a flamingo.  There are hit counters out there, but (unless I’m not informed), most do not have a map overlay that allows you to see where the hits are coming from, how long they visit, what they visit and if they are new or repeat  visits. 

Having said all of the above, if you are serious about Organic SEO and being in place on the search engines, you need to use the tools above. For instance, following the advice from Jason and company, blogs are critically important. Case in point: A week ago  was 168 on Google, not a very impressive showing. Now, the beginning of this week this was number two but today it is #78. However, I ask you all to do this for me, put in ‘San Antonio virtual tour provider’  in google and see that it comes up on page one and rank of number one or two out of over 500,000. To me that is important, but most important is the fact that I went from 168 to page 1 because I have been emailing my blog submissions to RTV and getting google juice pumped back to my site from the Virtual Tour Provider site and the new PanoramaJack Site. I also refreshed my featured tours to tours that are currently being searched, i.e. new tours that are out on facebook, etc. Links, links, links!!!!! Now I need to get back on the bankwagon and do some more blogging.

Ciao from   L’oeil L’esprit (mind’s eye)
James Hoback
Owner / Organizer
Alamo Area Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 210-325-2675

Have Camera Will Vacation

Well, a working vacation that is 🙂 . . .

Last year I took part in the RTV SEO workshop for Inner Circle marketing members. The boost in Google rank as a result of my training paid off in a big way this summer when a leading Gatlinburg TN cabin rental and real estate company called me for a quote on creating online marketing photography and virtual tours for some of their cabin owners. It’s unlikely they would have found my Middle Tennessee virtual tour company otherwise.

After some negotiations, my wife and I ended up staying four nights in a nice log cabin at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She got some much needed quiet time in a Jacuzzi and watching and reading the Twilight series, while I had the unique opportunity of photographing some awesome real estate. These properties are some of those places where I probably would never have visited were it not for being an RTV provider offering a great virtual tour marketing system.

Before the adventure was over, my wife had enough of solitude and she decided to assist me on the last couple of days of shooting. She now has a new respect for what it takes to create a good-looking virtual tour. I was also exhausted but exhilarated at the end of each day. Best of all we got to spend some time together.

In the “remember to always be prepared” department I have a story. One of the Gatlinburg cabins I photographed was basically at the highest point and farthest from the main highway as you could get on the resort. When we went in, somebody (I still say it wasn’t me!) left our vehicle’s ignition in the accessory position. You guessed it! The battery was completely dead when we started to leave. Of course we had no jumper cables, but what would we do with them if we had them?

Luckily there was life in the next cabin down the road and they called the resort security who responded quickly to our plight. I didn’t take any chances. I left the van running until we reached an auto parts store and had the battery checked out. It was of course dead, so there went some of our profits. Yes, we came home with cash even after staying four nights in a great mountain getaway and buying a new battery. That’s what I call a great business!

Since then I’ve been back to the mountains once by myself and once where we were able to bring along another couple and their kids because the cabins I was shooting were four-bedroom lodges. Talk about having a great time! Again, this great summer was brought to you by RTV.

Brett Weaver
Middle Tennessee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: (931) 201-WEAV (9328)

FORMULA 14 SEOverdrive

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The truth is that YOU can do this too! In fact, anyone can and that’s why we’re having another show on the subject. We’ll even make sure that we record it this time!

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See you there RTV!


Title: The FORMULA 14 | SEOverdrive

Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

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Alamo Tours On SEO

As a hopeful SEO candidate to get my website on the first page or even within the first 10 sites on a search, I have been working and studying how, what and when to make changes or not to make changes for that matter. The free RTV SEO course you gave me as a virtual tour provider made me aware of the need to be diligent and persevere in becoming noticed by the bot crawlers.

Having said that, I can say that within, what, five months, I am either on page two or three of google, yahoo, dogpile and bing. However and it is interesting that each engine seems to crawl at a different algorithm. On one engine, I am found under L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found as AlamoAreaVirtualTours, but not L’oeil L’esprit. On another I am found using the search ‘San Antonio Virtual Tours‘, which leads to my local virtual tour provider website.

On another it links to benefits: On that one I am number four on Google. I am also showing up with Active Rain as having a blog concerning ‘San Antonio Housing’. What am I saying? Not only that the search engines seem to have different systems, but that 1) If I can follow the RTV SEO guide, anybody can! and 2) Review and do searches for all the search engines to see where you are. I am a neophyte at this but I will continue as it is a challenge to me. I have a question of you all; Does it do any good to have more than one domain? If so would they all link or direct to the first domain or just link to the website? (Told you I’m a neophyte)

Thanks in advance for hints and or downright criticisms if need be. To check out more ideas and blogs go to Rem* Life’s a Complexity of Simplicities

James Hoback
San Antonio Virtual Tours