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Appraiser Gone Virtual

Hello. My name is Glenn Sarlitto. I’m a Wisconsin state certified
residential real estate appraiser servicing the Metro Milwaukee & SE
Wisconsin areas. I have been appraising real estate here in Wisconsin
for about 20 years. As owner of ValSpec Appraisal Services, a real
estate appraisal company located in Milwaukee, WI, I am proud to
announce that ValSpec Appraisal Services is officially changing its
name to ValSpec Appraisal & Marketing Services after a recent
partnering with RealTourVision, a worldwide leading provider of virtual
tours and internet marketing distribution.

With this partnership, ValSpec Appraisal & Marketing Services will be
providing products & solutions for both value determination and
marketing strategies for real estate properties & businesses in the
Metro Milwaukee & SE Wisconsin areas.

There is no doubt that my decision to expand my company’s services by
entering into the virtual tour industry & internet real estate
marketing with partnering with RealTourVision has been the right one.
After a rather lengthy and extensive search trying to find the right
company that not only provided a marketable product, but also provided
the needed support to operate a successful virtual tour company, I
found that RealTourVision was the one & only choice that could possibly
be made.

My first impression began with my initial contact with Jason LaVanture
to discuss what RealTourVision had to offer. Even before we ended that
phone conversation, I was receiving pertinent info via e-mail regarding
the virtual tour industry and how to be a successful virtual tour
provider. I had contacted a handful number of virtual tour providers
prior to RealTourVision. It took them from two to four weeks to return
my calls & e-mails and never received any form of communication from
one of them. Like I posted before, RealTourVision was simply the one &
only choice that could possibly be made.

Thanks RTV

Glenn Sarlitto
Valspec Appraisals & Marketing
Order a Virtual Tour: 414-962-5454

Bald Head’s Positive Swing

I am sure that the past year’s economic circumstances have undoubtedly tested you. For some folks, fear caused them to sit on the sidelines. Fortunately, I have been witness some incredible success stories despite the economy. The key to succeeding in a down market is to find the opportunity that everyone else overlooks!

Instead of focusing on the negative side of the news, I want to call your attention to the incredible reports that are becoming more frequent:

• In April existing home sales increased 2.9%
• In March Fannie Mae eased their restrictions on second homes and investment property from 4 to 10;
• In March, April and May, retailers have seen spending growth and observed better than expected sales; and in May, both Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan agreed that the economy is turning upward.
• In May consumer confidence hit an 8 month high and the NASDAQ posted a 30% rebound compared to the 2008 lows;
• On June 12th the DOW posted a year-to-date positive return;
• $8000 Tax Credit for first time home buyers has spurred the market into overdrive.
• Foreclosures are being gobbled up by savvy investors which is stabilizing the home buyer market nationally.
• Interest rates are still very attractive
• Home prices have come down and are very affordable to working Americans.
• Housing Starts up in 17% New home construction jumped by a better-than-expected 17 percent in May, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday, which would put the annual pace of housing starts at 532,000 units.

With news like this coming in, who can be disappointed? If you are looking for Franklin Real Estate please visit my website and let’s chat a bit. I use some of the most powerful property marketing tools when listing and selling homes such as RTV virtual tours.

Thanks and have a great day!

John Becker/Bald Head
Exit Smokey Mountain Realty
557 E. Main Street
Franklin, NC 28734
Office: (828)349-6118
Cell: (828)506-3719