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The FORMULA 90 – Automated Sales & Marketing Strategies | Sell While You Sleep

How to sell virtual toursHappy New Year RTV Nation! To help jumpstart 2021 and make sure everyone gets off to a great start, we decided to hold a sales and marketing training event as our first show of the year.

Please join us tomorrow (Tuesday, January 5th) at 7:00 PM Eastern for a one-hour sales and marketing training event. I’ll be joined on the show by RTV Rockstar, Jonathan Leuthe.  Over the last ten years, Jonathan has crushed the competition and dominated his market using the RTV virtual tour software and photo delivery system. 

Read more and register HERE.

During the show we’ll be discussing some of our top sales and marketing tips and tricks. These are all strategies that will help you literally “Sell While You Sleep.” We’ll also be round-table discussing powerful sales and marketing strategies that will help you keep selling and beating out the competition.

These unique and easy-to-implement strategies will help you:

• Harness the power of WOM
• Make sure your real estate photo productions are working to get you new business, 24/7.
• Find and sell to new clients
• Snag clients from the competition
• Foster stronger, more loyal relationships with your current clients
• Make yourself nearly bulletproof to losing a client

During the show, we’ll also be talking about our recent technology updates and showing you how you can access the new Fusion system from your existing virtual tour software account.

Enjoy the updates, and we’ll see you on the show!



Jason & Team RTV

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How to Add Property Lines and Call-Outs to Aerial Drone Footage

The FORMULA 87 – Call Outs, Property Lines & Droppers For Drone

Attention real estate photographers and drone pilots alike:  If you’re looking for a way to make your drone videos pop and stand out among the others in your area, you won’t want to miss this RTV exclusive webinar event. Join us for this live broadcast on August 11th at 8:00 PM Eastern and learn from one of BlueLaVa’s best.  We will be sitting in with Shawn Bradford from BlueLaVaMedia, LLC ( a northern Michigan drone service) as he goes through the process of adding in Call Outs, Enhanced Property Lines & Droppers to aerial drone video footage.  This is a MUST-DO for your aerial drone, real estate photography, and virtual tour business if you want to differentiate yourself and make your productions genuinely pop. During the show, Shawn will show you the programs, procedures, flight capture techniques, and video editing steps required to add these captivating features to your aerial drone footage. 

Sign up now via your virtual tour manager –  Click Webinars on the left to register for the event.

Shawn has a commercial helicopter license and has flown unmanned aerial vehicles as a contractor for the Naval Air division of our armed services. He has numerous hours of aerial photography in several areas ranging from real estate, commercial construction, boats, and vehicles. Shawn has also been actively involved in commercial video production and surveillance. 

Register for this show now and claim your seat.  We are limited to 500 guests, so be sure to register now and get ready to separate yourself from the pack. Learn how to do this and see why over 80% of the drone orders at BlueLaVaMedia include our property line package! 

See you there RTV!

Jason & Team RTV

Zillow Certified Photographer II – New Enhanced Videos!

RTV virtual tour software company is calling upon all of our best real estate virtual tour photographers to join us in an up and coming live event to take place on April 25th 2017 at 7:00 PM Eastern. During the show we will be interviewing Zillow’s Business Development Manager once again to create part two of our Zillow Certified Photographer webinar series. If you’re looking to add a PUNCH and ZING to your business this year, look no further. Over at BlueLaVaMedia (a Traverse City Drone & Virtual Tour Company) they’ve been adding several Zillow Video Walkthroughs to their virtual tour and professional photography packages every month. The Zillow Video Walkthrough is certainly going to be a big seller for many RTV virtual tour providers here in 2017.

In part two of our RTV / Zillow webinar series, Steve will be sharing some of the secrets of the TOP Zillow Video Walkthrough producers thus giving RTV virtual tour providers insight as to how you can get more agents to buy into the Zillow Video Walkthrough product. Steve will also be sharing with us a brand new Zillow Video Walkthrough product called the “Enhanced Video”. Zillow’s new Enhanced allows you to create a more professional looking video that’s up to ten minutes in length, includes branding and sounds and can be edited by you prior to upload! Zillow is currently charging agents a fee to publish these new “Enhanced” videos, however those of you that attend this show will have a unique opportunity to publish these videos on behalf of your real estate agent customers FREE OF CHARGE!

If you’ve been looking for an exciting add on to your virtual tour business, this is it. Please make sure you mark your calendars for April 25th at 7:00 PM Eastern and get ready to offer something that your competitors are not!  Register now in your RTV Tour Manager!

See you there team!


Team RTV

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Are you working efficiently in Fusion?

Learning Fusion Webinar Reminder
Please take a moment and register for our up and coming show
this evening.  Tonight’s live webinar event
will kick off at 7:00 PM Eastern and will run for approximately one hour.  Register for tonight’s show here:
On the show tonight we’ll be showing you the basics of
building a Fusion tour from start to finish and taking advantage of some of RTV’s
most impressive virtual tour software features.  How
are RTV’s top providers creating nearly 300 productions a month?  We’ll show you tonight on the show. 
Register now and we’ll see you this evening!
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The IMAGE 45 – Lights, Camera, Action! – DSLR Video Settings

The IMAGE photography talkshowLights, Camera, Action!  Video is a powerful tool.  It touches the sense of sight in an exciting way by showing movement rather than insinuating it.  Full Motion Video is a great way to experience things in motion such as waterfalls, waves, Gates opening, interviews, Realtor introductions, and the list goes on.  So let’s delve into the world of Video. 

Many of you have DSLR cameras that have video capability.  In this virtual tour webinar we are going to discuss how to configure your camera settings for shooting great video.

We will talk about some basics if imaging, from the virtual tour photography perspective that you’re used to, and show how those apply to video.  Then we will discuss camera settings for capturing great quality video.  If we have time we will also touch on some equipment that will help you keep your camera stabilized when you are capturing video while walking around.

Join me June 18, 2013 at 7pm Eastern to learn how to create some of your on movie magic with an introductory course on shooting Video and the settings to use on your DSLR.
Register now in your TMS!

See you there!

Ben Knorr
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